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Library Efforts

The library, due to its nature, is perfect for many other recycling programs:

All paper receipt cores, paper tubes from toilet paper and paper towels are converted into craft projects for the children's youth programs.

Register Tubes 1Paper Tubes 1

Plastic bags are collected from patrons and reused as "book bags" when checking out books.

Plastic Bags

Staff member Berni Depa hands hands Patron LLoyd Pollitt his checked out books in a recycled plastic bag.

Foam core displays are recovered and reused.

Old magazines and publishers catalogs are recycled through Sunoco Recycling.

Books no longer worthy of the libraries shelves are turned over to the Friends of the Library for "book sales" to generate additional funding for the library. Books not sold at the book sales are turned in for recycling.


Used Books

  A stack of used books headed for recycling!


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