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The City of Staunton
Frontier Trail Plan:
Creating Connections

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The City of Staunton is seeing remarkable growth and change.  In the midst of these changes, the city wants to retain is high quality of life and historic / natural atmosphere.  Reflecting that interest was this preparation of a plan for a greenway through the city, a multi-use trail connecting major city areas and enhancing life in many ways.  As a Staunton resident or interested party, you are invited to review this plan and offer your comments at public meetings to be held in late 2006, or through email.


NOTE: The materials on this website reflect the original documents.  However, due to limitations of the Internet, the extensive footnotes and references are not given outside the reference page.  To see footnotes etc. please check the Adobe PDF files available for download.

  Prepared for:     

The City of Staunton
Departments Of
     Recreation & Parks
    Economic Development

Originally planned by:   

Livingston Lewis (2005)
Virginia Commonwealth University - L. Douglas Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs - Master of Urban & Regional Planning Program
Special Thanks To:    

Central Shenandoah Planning
    District Commission
City of Staunton
Richmond Regional Planning
    District Commission
Toole Design Group



May 10, 2005 at Virginia Commonwealth University by Livingston Lewis

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