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City Council

City Council 2014

Staunton City Council

Members of the Staunton City Council are elected by city voters to lead the city.  The Council is empowered by the City Charter and the Code of Virginia with responsibility for establishing laws within the city, setting tax levels to fund maintenance of the city infrastructure, schools, public safety and other functions.

City Council employs a City Manager who handles day-to-day city operations and serves at the pleasure of Council.  Indeed,
Staunton created the Council Manager form of government in 1908, a form of government now a standard across the United States and throughout much of the Free World.

Members of Staunton Council serve four-year terms and have alternating terms so that three members are elected one year and four two years later.

City Council has adopted a Vision Statement to guide its actions in the decade ahead.

Council regularly meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm.

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