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Downloadable Maps Photos

The City of Staunton Engineering Department is offering downloadable copies of the city's recent aerial photos, topographic maps including contours, the Tax Map, utility files and other maps of interest.  These files are offered through a special FTP site and are free of charge.

FTP files map be downloaded by using standard FTP procedures. Simply use the [COPY] command on the files you want and the [PASTE] command on your computer.  Please note that all files are in AUTOCAD or MrSid format and can only be opened in programs using those formats.

Those wanting a detailed look at the map, zoning, aerial photo and other characteristics of a specific property in Staunton are urged to access the city's online GIS feature, then zoom in on the property of interest - selecting the map or photo layers they want to see at the left.

If you are having problems opening the FTP site in Microsoft Internet Explorer, please ensure you have the following setting configured in Internet Explorer:

  • Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> uncheck Use Passive FTP

This will resolve most issues accessing the Engineering FTP site.


Files on the  FTP site include:


  1. Staunton_Index_Map.dwg – This file shows the city street map with a grid that divides the city into sections. From this map you may decide which of the smaller maps you need for a particular area in the city.
  2. Taxmap.dwg – This is a file that has the property lines and numbers for each lot in the city. It is also the main map that can be opened and all other files referenced into.
  3. Sewer_Lines.dwg – This is a map of the entire city sanitary sewer system.
  4. Water_Lines.dwg – This is a map of the entire city water system.
  5. Storm_Sewer_Lines.dwg – This is a map of the entire city storm sewer system.
  6. Zoning.dwg – This is copy of the city’s official zoning map.
  7. Flood_Zone – This is a map that shows the areas in the city that are within the flood zone.
  8. Historic_District - This is a map that shows where the city’s historic districts are located.
  9. Numbered Map Sections – These are individual topographic maps of the city.


  1. Numbered Map Sections – These are individual aerial photos that were taken of the city in March of 2011. They are Mr.Sid files which can be viewed using many ESRI products or within AutoCAD by using the Insert Image command.


Contact Information:
City of Staunton
Engineering Department
Nickie Mills – City Engineer
(540) 332-3858

Technical Problems:
Patrick Wilkins

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