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Stormwater Management Program

Our Stormwater Management Program is our community's effort to provide water quality and quantity protection to our streams, tributaries, and the Chesapeake Bay. The City of Staunton's Stormwater Management Program is a city-wide effort depending on the cooperation of nearly all city departments.

Like most Virginia cities, Staunton faces growing issues in the control of stormwater runoff (rain or snow melt flowing from land into the City's storm drain system, streams, and tributaries).  Growth means more roofs, more driveways and roads, and more parking lots.  Runoff from such impervious areas can be pollutant loaded, very rapid, and can damage area streams and tributaries.


The City in continuing efforts to minimize the impact of stormwater runoff has implemented and manages a Stormwater Management Program to:

  • Provide protection to homeowners and private business properties,
  • Provide funding to maintain and repair existing stormwater infrastructure,
  • Minimize flooding potential and damages,
  • Establish, enhance, and protect riparian buffers along the streams and wetlands of the City
  • Implement projects to improve water quality within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
  • Provide information to help the public recognize and understand stormwater and pollution issues.


In order to prevent runoff issues and to better water quality the City generally requires all proposed development and redevelopment projects to comply with the Stormwater Ordinance including the following:

  • Provide adequate treatment for stormwater quality and quantity management
  • Obtain approval of a stormwater concept plan, prior to submission of a development plan, if applicable
  • Obtain approval of a comprehensive drainage plan along with a site development plan
  • Obtain approval of a riparian buffer management plan, if applicable
  • Submit record drawings and a Stormwater Management Inspection & Maintenance Agreement
  • Provide An Engineer's certification for all stormwater management facilities on the plans

The complete requirements and specifications can be found in Title 13 of the City code.


The Stormwater Management program consists of multiple programs and ordinances put into place to help achieve the goals above such as:

If you have questions, concerns, or to report a Stormwater/E&S issue please email us at:

Or Call us on our Stormwater/E&S Hotline at:(540) 213-6517

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