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Post Conviction - Local Probation


Blue Ridge Court Services, under the authority of Va. Code 9.1-173, provides an array of local probation services to the District and Circuit Courts of Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta and Highland Counties.  These services include local probation supervision, community service monitoring, drug and alcohol screening, referral for drug and alcohol treatment and referral for employment counseling.  Typically, offenders placed into the local probation program by the court are required to make restitution, pay court costs, perform community service and be subject to random urine and breathalyzer screens.

Legislative Authority 

Va. Code 19.2-303.3 allows courts to take cases under advisement or to use an administrative probation order and suspend any active jail sentence conditioned upon completion of an alternative sentencing program.

Court Placement

Typically, offenders placed under probation supervision to Blue Ridge Court Services have their cases taken under advisement or are found guilty, have a sentenced imposed and then suspended conditioned upon successfully completing a period (usually one year) of supervised probation.  Judges have Blue Ridge Court Services monitor payment of court costs, payment of restitution, completion of community service or participation in treatment.  Blue Ridge Court Services also has the ability to screen offenders for drug and alcohol use while under active supervision

Cases eligible to be referred to BRCS for probation are usually adult misdemeanors:

  • petty larceny, shoplifting – to monitor payment of restitution and/or community service
  • trespassing, vandalism - to monitor payment of restitution and/or community service
  • worthless checks – to monitor payment of restitution
  • assault and battery – to monitor treatment, that no further contact with victim takes place and restitution
  • underage possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana – to assess for substance abuse treatment
  • traffic offenses – to monitor completion of driving school and community service


Contact Information: 

Dave Pastors, Director
Blue Ridge Court Services
White Star Mill Building

125 South New Street
Staunton, VA  24401

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