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Open Burning Regulations


The purpose of this page is to inform the public about how we protect public health, safety, and welfare by regulating open burning with the city of Staunton to achieve and maintain, to the greatest extent practicable, a level of air quality that will provide comfort and convenience while promoting economic and social development.

City Code dealing with Open Burning:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I burn brush with in the City limits? 
Yes, but it requires a burn permit.
How do I obtain a burn permit?
Just stop by one of the fire stations to pick up an application or contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 540-332-3720 to have an application emailed to you. 
Is there a fee?
Yes. There is a $25 fee for residential burning and $100 fee for commercial burning. See the City Code for a description of each type of burning. If you are still unsure, contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 540-332-3720 for guidance. 
Do I need a burn permit for my fire pit or barbecue?
No, unless you are burning yard debris for other purposes other than recreational use. See the City Code for a definition of recreational use. However, be aware that the maximum width of a fire pit is 3 feet.
Can I burn once I submit my application?
No. Once the application is submitted and the fee paid, a representative from the Fire Marshal's Office will visit the burn site to evaluate it and make suggestions if needed. Then the application will be approved or disapproved. If approved, you may burn once you receive the actual burn permit.
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