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City of Staunton, Virginia, Comprehensive Plan 2010 - 2030

City of Staunton, Virginia Comprehensive Plan, 2010 - 2030

City of Staunton, Virginia Comprehensive Plan 2010 - 2030 may be reviewed using the following links.  In addition, hard copies are available on the third floor of City Hall in the Planning Department and at the Staunton Public Library. 

*NOTE: If you encounter an issue opening a pdf, please try making this simple change to your Adobe. Open your Adobe and select "Edit" from the tool bar > then select "Preferences" > then select "Internet" and "uncheck" Display PDF in browser.


History and Process

The General Assembly has determined every municipality in the Commonwealth shall prepare a Comprehensive Plan and review the plan’s content every five years.  The Code of Virginia, Title 15.2 outlines the intentions of the comprehensive plan process.  The Code indicates the Plan shall:

  • Be general in nature
  • Serve as a guide to development
  • Survey both the locality’s assets and challenges
  • Prepare the community for future changes in population size, employment base, environmental quality, and the demand for public services and utilities
  • Identify citizen concerns, needs, and aspirations
  • Establish clear goals for the future
  • Outline strategies or recommendations for accomplishing future goals

In September of 2008, eleven Staunton citizens met to form the Citizen Advisory Committee for the update of the Comprehensive Plan.   The Citizen Advisory Committee met for 24 months to review, discuss, and assemble an updated draft of the Comprehensive Plan: 

  • The Committee reviewed all sections of the Comprehensive Plan and received presentations on key topic areas.  All background materials were updated to reflect current conditions.
  • The Committee added “Traditional Neighborhood” as a Land Use Category to the Land Use Development Guide.  "Traditional Neighborhood" is intended to support a mix of land uses within a single zoning district, while reflecting the scale and physical patterning of our existing, often historic, neighborhoods.  Provisions included within this land use category promote the efficient use of land and infrastructure, promote development patterns consistent with existing neighborhoods, and encourage the preservation of steep slopes, floodplains, historic structures, and unique geologic formations. 
  • The Committee held public hearings on May 4, 2009 and November 9, 2009.
  • After receiving input from the public hearings, the Committee analyzed the Priority Initiatives.  They incorporated public comments into the Plan; adding initiatives and sub-initiatives when necessary.
  • After completion of the Draft Comprehensive Plan by the Update Committee, the Plan was submitted to the Planning Commission for review.
  • The Planning Commission recommended some minor changes to the Priority Initiatives which were changed to reflect their recommendations.
  • The Planning Commission also amended the Plan’s recommended land use to support the continued presence of long term, legally non-conforming residential use on West Beverley Street, Richmond Avenue, Springhill Road, North Augusta Street, and Englewood Drive.  Included in these recommendations is the recognition of the historic African-American neighborhood Uniontown, adjacent to and immediately north of the Richmond Avenue Corridor.
  • The Planning Commission created a new land use category: “Planned Farm Development”, recommending that Staunton's farm land remain farm land into the future by allowing for the establishment of zoning that formally recognizes farming as a valuable land use within the City.  Annexed in the 1980's, within a climate of economic, development, and land use standards that have changed over time, this recommendation is intended to facilitate a broader discussion about supporting farming as a land use within the City.

On February 9, 2012, City Council held a Public Hearing to gather public comments in response to the Draft City of Staunton, Virginia Comprehensive Plan 2010-2030.  Eight citizens spoke during the public hearing; all were in favor of adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, with comments, recommendations, and cautions for how to put components of the plan into action.  

On February 23, 2012, City Council voted unanimously to adopt City of Staunton, Virginia Comprehensive Plan, 2010-2030.   

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