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Entrance Corridor Overlay District

Section 18.83 of the Staunton City Code  and the Design Guidelines developed for the Entrance Corridor Overlay District work together to help conserve the City of Staunton's natural, scenic, architectural, and cultural resources.  The design standards and guidelines promote general welfare of the community by creating attractive, human-scaled environments, increasing commerce, improving property values, and increasing public awareness of the City's natural, scenic, architectural, and cultural resources outside the Historic Preservation Districts.

Section 18.83 Entrance Corridor Overlay District  of the Staunton City Code provides design standards that are laws within the district including the height of signs, minimum width of planting beds, and placement of on-site utilities underground.   

The Design Guidelines are not laws, they are recommendations, developed through a public process and formally adopted by City Council.   Each of the thirteen designated entrance corridors has unique resources and challenges.  Each set of Design Guidelines is based on identifying and amplifying the unique strengths of each corridor, focusing on encouraging development that perpetuates, rather than erases, the existing character of each corridor. 

Each set of Design Guidelines refer to the following Center for Watershed Protection manuals:

Urban Watershed Retrofit Practices, Version 1.0

Urban Watershed Retrofit Practices, Appendices

If you have questions about the Entrance Corridor Overlay District please contact:  the Department of Planning and Inspections 540-332-3862

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