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Planning & Inspections Forms
Title Description Size
Alley and Street Vacation Application Alley and Street Vacation Application 27.5 kB
Amusement Device Application Amusement Device Application 35.3 kB
Appeal Application, Entrance Corridor Overlay District Application for Appeal of the Design Guideline Recommendations Provided Per SCC 18.83.030 (3) Applicability 74.2 kB
Building Permit Application Building Permit Application 21.7 kB
Certificate of Appropriateness Certificate of Appropriateness Application 94.8 kB
Chicken Permit Application Application to Keep Backyard Hens in the City of Staunton 331.7 kB
Conditional Zoning Application Conditional Zoning Application 35.4 kB
Electrical-Mechanical-Plumbing Application Electrical-Mechanical-Plumbing Application 22.6 kB
Home Occupation Application Home Occupation Application 29.7 kB
Minor Sub Plat Application Minor Sub Plat Application 35.1 kB
Modification Application Modification Application 35.0 kB
Rezoning Application Rezoning Application 34.0 kB
Sign Permit Application Sign Permit Application 20.8 kB
Special Use Application Special Use Application 35.3 kB
Subdivision Plat Application Subdivision Plat Application 37.4 kB
Zoning Text Change Application Application for proposed change in the zoning ordinance 48.0 kB
Zoning Verification Letter Request Zoning Verification Letter Request 50.2 kB
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