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Water Quality Report

Water Treatment Plant

Please find attached the City of Staunton's Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2015. For the first time in 12 years, the Water Treatment Plant achieved the Silver award in the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Office of Drinking Water Virginia Optimization Program. This program encourages waterworks to provide quality water that exceeds minimum regulatory standards and to operate water systems in an exemplary manner.

While the topic of lead in public drinking water systems has received extensive attention in the media as a result of the water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, the City of Staunton is in full compliance with drinking water standards for lead. Lead in drinking water is closely regulated by both VDH and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

VDH has established regulations governing lead levels in drinking water, consistent with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and the EPA's Lead & Copper Rules. They carefully monitor all water quality testing and ensure compliance for Staunton. Elevated lead levels in drinking water are typically associated with certain building materials and plumbing fixtures used in service lines and homes, particularly in older homes. If lead levels in the public drinking water exceed the EPA action level of 15 parts per billion, then corrective action would be taken to reduce the levels of lead. A part per billion is equivalent to a single penny in $10,000,000. 

Our staff works tirelessly to ensure the safety of our drinking water, and I am pleased to present this favorable report confirming that our drinking water meets all water quality standards.

Should you have any questions about your water, its source, or how it is treated, please contact Mr. Daniel G. Campbell, Water Plant Chief Operator at 332-3961.




Director, Public Works

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