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Find the 2015 Summer Bandstand Entertainment Lineup HERE.

Mission Statement:

To provide a variety of quality of leisure opportunities to the diverse population of Staunton for the purpose of improving Stauntonian’s quality of life via well maintained historic parks housing superior facilities paired with innovative recreation programs, athletic leagues, trips, and outstanding child-minding programs.

Nature Play Area
Staunton Parks & Recreation has been researching the
idea of creating a natural play area within one of our
existing parks. What is a natural play area? One that uses
natural environmental elements to create designated play
structures, which elicit creativity and imagination while
simultaneously promoting physical activity. As defined
by recent guidelines established by the National Wildlife
Federation and the Nature Learning Initiative, nature play
is a “designated, managed area in an existing or modified
outdoor environment where children of all ages and abilities
play and learn by engaging with and manipulating diverse
natural elements, materials, organisms, and habitats,
through sensory, fine motor and gross motor experiences”
(Moore, 2014). We all have fond childhood memories of
playing outside for hours at a time- climbing trees, hiking in
the woods, wading in the creek or just exploring our own
Spending time in nature has also been proven to correlate
directly with environmental stewardship. Building a
connection with nature, especially through nature play at a
young age plays an important piece in understanding
the necessity of environmental preservation and
Play in nature promotes socio-dramatic play which is how
executive functioning develops in the brain. Executive
functioning are things like focus, self-control, critical thinking
& problem solving.

In fall 2014, we conducted a community survey
to assess the need for a nature play area in
Staunton. We want to highlight a few of these

Do You See a Natural Play Area as a Beneficial Amenity to Staunton’s Existing Parks?
99.22% YES
.78% NO

Do You See a Natural Play Area as a Tourist/Visitor Draw?
91.02% YES
8.98% NO

How Likely Would You be to Visit and Utilize a Natural Play Area?
18.36% LIKELY

*Please stay tuned as new developments occur in regard to the Nature Play Area.



Summer 2015 Brochure
Now Available:




2 Step Process

We are overwrought with excitement about our new on-line registration. STEP 1: Fill out this form, and be sure to enter the corresponding activity number listed at the end of the program/trip description. The number looks like this: #4001. Once you hit submit on the first form, you'll be taken to a second screen. STEP 2: Select programs to add to your shopping cart. Once payment is submitted, your registration will be complete. *This is a new system, so please bear with us as we work out unknown kinks. We hope you enjoy this new convenient feature!

(*NOTE: If you encounter an issue opening a pdf, please try making this simple change to your Adobe. Open your Adobe and select "Edit" from the tool bar > then select "Preferences" > then select "Internet" and "uncheck" Display PDF in browser.)



Maps of Gypsy Hill Park and Montgomery Hall Park!

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Staunton Parks & Recreation Department
PO Box 58
Staunton, VA 24402-0058
Phone: (540) 332-3945
Fax: (540) 332-3983

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