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Classes & Workshops

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The Staunton Recreation Administration Offices are located in Montgomery Hall Park.

Summer 2016 Classes and Programs


Camp Staunton: Spark Creativity
June 13-August 5
We take great care in the hiring process by only interviewing qualified and mature staff. The majority of our employees have been with Staunton Parks and Recreation for over 10 years. Our Park Setting makes us unique from some of our counterparts who use institutional settings. We have acres of green space, state-of-the-art playgrounds, woods to hike, outdoor sport courts and fishing lakes. We value creativity and have researched the many ways play in the outdoors enhances creativity in children. The Enrichment and activities we provide are exceptional. Choices and Interests: Your child will chose from many activities like archery, creative writing, flag football, hiking, disc golf and cooking. We take Field Trips to various fun and exciting places, such as Boxerwood Gardens and Museums. Does your child need Exercise? Whether it is organized or unorganized play, there is no way around it. We play numerous recreational activities each day. Age Matters! It’s all about the age and appropriate activities for each age group which includes field trips. We separate our three camps according to age. The Staunton Parks and Recreation Summer Playground program has been in operation for over 30 years. Our reputation precedes us, just ask any previous summer playground parent or camper about our summer playground program. Register for the entire 8 week program, or pre-register for certain weeks. Program Fees: $620 pre-paid for 8 weeks, OR $90 weekly. Registration begins Monday, February 29 at 8am at the Irene Givens Administration Building in Montgomery Hall Park


HEART: Healthy Environmental Afterschool Recreation Time
The HEART afterschool program is a latchkey program that provides a home away from home to children of working parents. Concerns about safety and being home alone or under-supervised is a good reason to enroll your child in this program. We have little staff turnover from year to year giving us confidence that your child’s caregiver is both qualified and trustworthy. We have known each member of our child care staff for at least five years and they have extensive training and experience. They understand that parents want their children to be kept safe and feel acceptance and belonging. Most of our staff are parents and grandparents themselves, which can be very reassuring given staff maturity is the common denominator when establishing security and trust in a caregiver relationship. The HEART program has quite a tradition with its roots beginning 30 years ago with the first pilot program at McSwain Elementary School. We have since branched out to each elementary school in Staunton and have developed a credible and professional reputation. This year we are continuing with our enrichment to enhance what is already provided by the Staunton City Schools bookmobile activities, contracted creation artist Sandra Carter and our favorite animated storytellers Brenda and Diana from the Staunton Public Library. Registration is now being taken. Afternoon HEART is $126 per month. Morning HEART is $27 per month, both together are $140 per month. For any questions regarding the HEART program, please contact Claire Richardson at or (540) 332-3945.


The Explorers Club
Parents, are you ready for new activities and adventures with your kiddos? Join us once a month as we explore new places in and around Staunton, such as the hiking trails at Montgomery Hall Park, visiting the Staunton Fire Station and local farms. Information can be found on our Staunton Parks and Recreation Facebook page. Parent/guardian must remain present with children. Ages 5 and under. Trips held 10amnoon on the third Friday of the month. Price: $10 membership fee (includes an Explorers Club t-shirt). There may be an additional fee per trip estimated at $5, however most trips will not have an extra cost. For more information, please call the Parks and Recreation office at (540) 332-3945.

Sensory Play DIY
This class is designed for 3-6 year olds and their parents to create some easy sensory play activities that can be recreated at home! Example projects include scented play dough, cloud dough, and bubbles. Let’s involve all 5 senses in this playtime experience! Parents will receive recipes to take home and recreate! (All scented projects will use essential oils). Instructor: Nicole Dodge of Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic. #5600 MHPA 1011am, July 23. Price: $12.50. Register by: July 15

Mommy and Me Handprint Plates
Create lasting memories and enjoy creating art at the same time. Join us in making different themed ceramic dinner plates using your child’s hands and/or feet. Everything is non-toxic and washable. Class for parent and child. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox Cville. MHP 10-11am or 4-5pm, please indicate which time slot you would like when registering. Third Wednesday of the month May-August. Price: $34. #5601 You Are My Sunshine: May 18. Register by: ASAP #5602 One Fish, Two Fish: June 15. Register by: June10 #5603 Flag and Fireworks: July 20. Register by: July 15 #5604 Safari Fun: August 17. Register by: August 12

Felted Creatures—Yikes!!!!
Use the wool from sheep to make an incredible creature straight out of your imagination. The fibers of wool are combined with soap and water and lots of rubbing to make it stick together like fabric. It’s so much fun and we get to make a mess without getting in trouble! Children of all ages welcome (parent assist with ages 5 and below). Classes held at Artful Gifts, LLC at 6 Byers St., Historic Wharf District. Price: $18

#5605 May 28, 4-6 pm. Register by: May 20
#5606 June 18, 2-4 pm. Register by: June 10
#5607 July 30, 10am-noon. Register by: July 22
#5608 Aug 20, 12-2 pm. Register by: August 12

RC6 Camp
This week-long innovative STEM camp provides participants with the tools, products (w/complete electronic package), instructions and coaching to enable participants to build their very own Remote Controlled (RC) aircraft. Learn the basic function of each part and how they team up to influence the flight. Practice your takeoffs and landings on the classroom flight simulator to get ready to “safely” pilot your new aircraft. This Monday through Friday 15-hour camp provides a unique hands-on experience of “how to” build, fly and maintain your very own creation that will certainly make an impact on your summer and beyond. #5609 MHP 1-4pm, July 11-15. Price: $225. Register by: June 24

Fun with Fish of the Shenandoah Valley
Prepare to be splashed and slimed as you learn about the fish that live in your local rivers. Jason Hallacher, Assistant Aquatic Biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, will talk about his role with VDGIF, how they manage game fish in Virginia and provide a show, touch, and tell of real live fish caught that day! This presentation will take place directly after the youth fishing derby. Lake Tams 11am, May 7. Price: Free.

Finding the ‘Paw’fect Dog for You
Hey Kids…are you looking to get a new best friend that’s a dog? Then take this class to help you decide which dog is right for you! This class is designed for 6-12 year olds. Learn about different breeds, doggy stats such as height, weight, and things they like, as well as what type of care they need. Receive a special surprise for your new best friend. Instructors: Izaiah Reed and Makeba Robinson #5610 GHPGC 1-2pm, August 20. Price: $9. Register by: August 17

(SAQ) Speed, Agility, and Quickness- Athletic Training for Youth
In this 6 week off-season strength and conditioning program, youth athletes will perform fun drills designed to discretely train and improve performance. This program is ideal for football players in preparation for the upcoming season. Participants will utilize multi-joint exercises, plyometrics, and field drills focusing on speed, agility, and quickness which helps to improve balance, coordination, and muscular endurance. Desired outcomes also include an improved neuromuscular system which creates quicker response times, as well as efficient movements aiming to reduce potential injuries. Instructor: Certified Personal Trainer Christopher Wright. MHP lower field, six Mondays and Tuesdays beginning June 13 and ending July 26. There will be a break for the week of July 4. Price: $135. Register by: June 6
#5611 6-7 yr. olds 12-1pm
#5612 8-13 yr. olds 10:15-11:45am
#5613 14-18yr. olds 8:30-10am   

Beginning Cheerleading
The Stretch-n-Grow cheerleading program is designed to teach the fundamental skills needed for cheerleading routines. In this beginner’s class, learn cheerleading skills like arm motions, jumps, and fun cheers. We will also emphasize the importance of regular exercise as a lifetime habit, and teach stretching and exercises to increase flexibility. Each child will receive a set of pom-poms and a routine booklet during the first class. Children should be dressed appropriately for exercise. Instructor: Stephanie Taylor. GHPGC six Tuesdays beginning August 16. Price: $50. Register by: August 10
#5614 Part A 5:30-6pm, for ages 3.5 to 4
#5615 Part B 6:15-6:45pm, for ages 5 to 9

Cheerleading 2
This cheer class is aimed towards girls who have had a brief introduction to cheer, and some previous experience with cheer moves. However, this will still be geared towards overall beginners. We will have a brief review of basic cheer components and then focus on learning a couple of cheers, as well as 1-2 cheer dances to go along with music. Pom-poms and booklets will be provided. Please dress appropriately for activity. Ages 8-12. Instructor: Stephanie Taylor. #5616 GHPGC 7-7:30pm six Tuesdays beginning August 16. Price: $50. Register by: August 10


Gypsy Hill Walking Club
Sponsored by Staunton Parks and Recreation and Subway on North Augusta Street
Did you know that one lap around Gypsy Hill Park equals 1.3 miles and takes around 25-30 minutes to complete? The American Heart Association recommends that adults get 150 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity each week. That means five laps per week around Gypsy Hill Park will help you meet that recommendation. That’s easy! As a walking club member your miles are recorded weekly and can be viewed online at the Gypsy Hill Walking Club webpage on the Staunton City website. For 2016 our sponsor, Subway on North Augusta Street, has provided us with weekly $10 gift cards to help us stay energized and eat fresh! Club members who reach the weekly lap goal are entered into the drawing for that week’s $10 gift card. All ages welcome. #5617 Price: $10 annual club membership. Membership includes walking club shirt. Club currently meets Friday mornings at 9am in Gypsy Hill Park at the bandstand. No obligation to come Friday mornings, however it can be more fun to walk and burn calories with a friend. Recorded miles do not have to take place in Gypsy Hill Park. If you would like to establish an evening/weekend “group walk” please email Steven Taetzsch at

Walk with a Doc
Augusta Health operates this program

This free walking program is for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. What better way to start your weekend than on your feet making strides to help your heart and improving your general health to live longer! Join us on the first Saturday of each month this summer at 8:30am in Gypsy Hill Park for an hour-long walk led by a local physician. Kick-off date is April 2 at the Bandstand. Participants will receive a free pedometer and t-shirt!

Morning Warm-ups with Jolene

This class is great for seniors with tired muscles and as a follow-up for physical therapy. Bring hand weights, exercise mats, and resistance bands. Learn chair exercises, healthy eating, and diet tips. Men and women invited! Jolene has been offering her classes with our department for more than 25 years! Ages 50+. Instructor: Jolene Dewey. GHPG May and August, Bessie Weller Elementary School gymnasium June and July 9-10am, Tuesdays & Thursdays. Price: $32 per 12 classes. Ongoing class.

Full Body Fitness
Are you looking for a workout that is exciting and fun? Want to meet new people with similar fitness goals and challenge yourself to become a better you? Full Body Fitness offers that and more. Get started on a new journey! Learn breathing techniques and how to properly work each muscle in order to see faster results. Optional: bring 3, 5, 10 lb weights and a weight mat for floor exercises. Instructor: Shunda Smith. GHPGC May and August, Bessie Weller Elementary School gymnasium June and July. 1011am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ongoing class. Price: $30 for 6 classes. Drop-in Price: $7.

Tired of exercising and not seeing results? If you need a change, Booty Barre may be just what you need. With dedication to the practice and the workout, one may see a more toned, strengthened, lengthened, and balanced body. If you want to work your booty and body in a new way, come to the barre to see what you have been missing. Instructor: Sheree Kiser. Classes are held at Be Well Fitness behind Terry Court. Ages 15+. #5618, 6-7pm Wednesday evenings, and 9-10am M/W/F and 9:3010:30am Saturday mornings. Price: $60 for 6 punches. Please register with Staunton Parks and Recreation.

Aikido is the gentle martial art of harmonious movement. Learn to redirect aggression through circular movements designed to destabilize an attacker or restrict an attacker’s movements in a way that protects the defender as well as the aggressor. Increase mental and physical flexibility through a series of partner exercises designed more than 80 years ago by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. His students brought the art to America and passed it on to many students in Aikido dojo (martial arts studios). Aikido will increase range of motion in the joints, improve hand eye coordination, and increase wellbeing through breathing exercises. Instructor James Jacenich has studied the art for more than 30 years. Age: 7+. GHPGC 8-9am on Mondays and 6:30-7:30pm on Thursdays. Ongoing class.
Class option 1: Attend class one time per week. Price: $48/month
Class option 2: Attend class twice per week. Price: $58/month

Vinyasa Yoga
A flowing style yoga class, linking yoga poses together to bring balance and harmony as we move our bodies with our breath. This type of yoga flow features cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Leave with an overall feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. Multi-level class, please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat & water. Start any time! Instructor: Tarenne Robertson. MHPA 6-7pm, Mondays. Ongoing class. Price: $40 per 8 weeks. Dropin Price: $8. *Drop-ins please call ahead to make sure the session is taking place that day.

Hatha Yoga Basics and Beyond
Explore yoga fundamentals in this safe, welcoming class. Suited for individuals new to yoga as well as those with existing practices who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding or simply move at a more moderate pace. Bring your own mat, blanket or large towel, and wear clothes you can move freely in. Instructor: Tarenne Robertson. MHPA 6-7pm, Wednesdays. Ongoing class. Price: $40 per 8 weeks. Drop-in price: $8. *Drop-ins please call ahead to make sure the session is taking place that day.

Paint w/Diane “For the Birds”
Join Diane for a fun day of learning how to paint “For the Birds,” a Brenda Harris design. Two birdhouses surrounded by beautiful flowering shrubs in a garden on an 11 x 14 canvas using water based oils and sea sponges to tap in shrubs. For beginners or the fun at heart. All supplies included. Instructor: Diane Ricketson of Paint4FUN®™. Age: 18+. #5629 GHPGC 9:30am-3:30pm (bring lunch and drink), June 11. Price $54. Register by: June 1

Paint w/Diane “Ocean Dusk”

Join Diane for a fun day of learning how to paint “Ocean Dusk”, a Wilson Bickford design. Using water based oils on an 11 x 14 canvas; students will create this beautiful ocean scene. This painting class is for beginners or the fun at heart. All supplies included. Instructor: Diane Ricketson of Paint4FUN®™. Age: 14+ #5630 MHPA 9:30am-3:30pm (bring lunch and drink), July 9. Price $54. Register by: June 29

Project Re-Design!
Bring your favorite sweat shirt and we will re-design it into a jacket and make a striking signature piece. This will be the most comfortable and most eye-catching piece in your wardrobe. Using the dry method of felting, we will use a specialized barbed needle to embellish your “new” jacket that will be just right as the sun goes down this summer! (You provide the sweatshirt and we’ll provide button(s) and a wonderful assortment of colored embellishments). Classes held at Artful Gifts, LLC at 6 Byers St., Historic Wharf District. Price: $55
#5631 May 19, 5-8pm. Register by: May 13
#5632 June 9, 5-8pm. Register by: June 3
#5633 July 21, 5-8pm. Register by: July 15
#5634 Aug 11, 5-8pm. Register by: August 5

Intro to Machine Sewing/ Learning How to Sew
This is a 4 week class that will get you well on your way to starting your new sewing hobby. Learn how to use your machine for your own basic sewing projects. The first class will focus on tackling the sewing machine itself, class 2 you will cover hemming, class 3 will include sewing from a pattern, and then the last class will be hand stitching. All ages welcome (children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult for no additional charge). Instructor: Angela Brady of ‘Craftations by Angela Brady’. MHPA 6:30-7:30pm. Price: $85. #5635 Four Tuesdays beginning May 10. Register by: ASAP #5636 Four Tuesdays beginning June 7. Register by: June 1

Distressing and Antiquing Furniture
Do you have that great piece of furniture in need of a makeover? Would you like it to have that highly fashionable “distressed” or “antiqued” look? If so come join us to learn the many techniques for giving your old furniture a new look! Ages: 18+. Instructor: Angela Brady of Craftations. 9am-noon. Price: $105
#5637 MHPA May 14. Register by: ASAP
#5638 GHPGC June 18. Register by: June 10

Creating Primitive Décor
Do you LOVE primitive décor but don’t want to pay outrageous prices for it? Check this class out! We will learn how to create grunge candles, lighted rag garland, silicone bulbs, aging techniques, and much more. No self-pinterest fails here! Ages 18+. Intstructor: Angela Brady of ‘Craftations by Angela Brady’. MHPA 6:30-8pm. Price: $85
#5639 Four Thursdays beginning June 9. Register by: June 1
#5640 Four Thursdays beginning July 14. Register by: July 8

Getting Your Camera Out Of Automatic Mode
This camera workshop will teach you all about camera settings and how to use them to create beautiful photos. You will also discover how to adjust your camera’s settings in different lighting situations. Students will need to bring their own camera, DSLR preferred, but not necessary. Point and shoot cameras can be used. Instructor: #5641 MHPA 1-4pm, July 23. Price: $59. Register by: July 15

Creative Writing
A fun and collaborative course for teens, adults, and seniors to experiment with different types of creative writing! Meet other aspiring writers, get feedback on your work, and try new things in a supportive environment. All students should plan to bring two printed copies of the week’s challenge to each class. Instructor: Erika Zipser. #5642 MHPC 7-8:30pm, Five Wednesdays beginning July 27. Price: $42. Register by: July 20 

Beginning Wheel/Intermediate Pottery

Students will work closely with instructor on elements of throwing pots, such as centering, pulling, and trimming on the wheel. When not using the wheel, more advanced hand-building will be available. This is high fired stoneware with a selection of glazes. Instructor: Mary Tuttle. #5643 MHP 6-8pm, four Mondays beginning August 8. Price: $49. Register by: July 29

Music and Glass Ceramic Painting in Gypsy Hill Park

Enjoy TWO relaxing past times in the beautiful outdoors, tunes and art in the park! The Crafty Fox will be offering ceramic or glass painting on alternating months and alternating bandstand music throughout the summer. Whatever your choice, ceramic or glass painting, all supplies will be included and every completed project is food safe and completely useful. All you need to bring is your creativity! Ages: 18+. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox Cville. GHP Bandstand.
#5644 Glass 7:30-9pm, June 13. Price: $20
#5645 Ceramics 6:30- 8pm, July 12. Price: $26 or $34 depending on piece you select.
#5646 Glass 6:30-8pm, July 27. Price: $20
#5647 Ceramics 6:30-8pm, August 11. Price: $26 or $34 depending on piece you select.

Pottery for Beginners
Explore your own creativity in 3D! Each person will make several high-fired, functional pieces that can be used or just enjoyed as art. The basic properties of clay will be covered as well as the historical uses and significance of pottery. Hand built technique will be used. Beware: once you start pottery you may not be able to stop! Families, singles, pairs, all welcome. Instructor: Mary Tuttle whose jewelry can be purchased at the Smith center and Virginia Made. Age 14+. #5648 MHP 6–8pm, four Mondays beginning June 6. Price: $35. Register by: May 27


Let’s Make Feta Cheese
Have you ever wanted to make your own Feta Cheese? Feta is a soft cheese that has been soaked in a brine for several days to several weeks. It can also be stored in oil and herbs. Take the fear factor out of making Feta by attending one of our classes. We will guide you through this beautiful cheese in a two hour, hands-on class. Supply kit fee of $25 includes the molds and trays needed to make the Feta. If multiple members from a family then you can pay for one supply kit only. #5649 MHPK 10:30am-12:30pm, June 25. Price: $35 (does not include supply kit fee). Register by: June 17

Mediterranean Cooking with Flair
Do you love Mediterranean inspired foods? “Soupa” is the word and we are going to be making Chicken with Egg & Lemon. We will serve the soup with “Spanikopita” or Spinach Pie. These two pair perfectly with each other and we will use aged feta in the recipe. #5650 MHPK 1-3pm, June 25. Price: $40. Register by: June 17 

Edible Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation Workshop
In this workshop discover easy, low-cost methods for growing delicious gourmet mushrooms such as shiitake, garden giant, and oyster. Learn how to inoculate logs and wood chip beds so that you can harvest mushrooms right from your garden year after year! Rain or shine! Class held at AMI Urban Farm on the campus of Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind. 113 New Hope Rd. Staunton, VA. Instructor: Charlie Aller. #5651 10am-1pm, May 21. Price: $15. Register by: ASAP

Fermentation Made Easy: Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles, and more!
Join us for an inspiring workshop on how to become a fermentation artist at home! Emilie Tweardy will lead a discussion on the history, culture, and health benefits of lactic acid fermentation. The class will focus on the practical application of vegetable fermentation techniques including the skills needed to turn your garden’s bounty into sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles. Class attendees will have the opportunity to make sauerkraut to take home and will leave with the knowledge of how to experiment further in a home kitchen. Please bring a vessel of some kind to put your ferment in. Ideal containers: wide mouth quart size mason jars, perfect picklers, crocks, wide mouth pint size mason jars. Class held at AMI Urban Farm on the campus of Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind. 113 New Hope Rd. Staunton, VA. #5652 6-8pm, July 21. Price: $10


First Fridays Open Music Session at Montgomery Hall
Grab your instrument and join us at Montgomery Hall Park on the first Friday of the month. Play with others in the community in this non-threatening, informal setting. This is designed for folks who often find themselves playing at home, alone, or those who have not had the confidence to play in front of or with others. If you like to play but have not picked up your instrument in a while, are rusty, or still learning (as we all are) then come to First Fridays at Montgomery Hall. Bring your own instrument. Acoustic instruments only. Facilitator: Dianne Byrer. 7-8:30pm, first Friday of the month. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Guitar for Beginners
Learn to play your favorite songs on guitar! In this beginner’s course, you will acquire the techniques needed to be rocking out in no time! All that’s required is a guitar and a love for music. Learn tuning, how to hold the guitar properly, picking and strumming techniques, chords and chord structures, beginner scales, basic beginner insights of music theory. Group class. Instructor: James Spitler. Ages: Youth and Adult. #5653 MHPA 6:30-7:30pm, four Tuesdays beginning July 5. Price: $24. Register by: June 24

Just a Swingin’- East Coast Single Swing (jitterbug)
This beginner class will get you Swingin’ and havin’ fun this summer! Beginner class will give you confidence to get out on the floor and dance. New song each week, thirty minute instruction with ten minutes for questions. Instructor: Donald Dollins. #5654 6:30-7:15pm, six Tuesdays beginning June 7. Price: $44. Register by: May 30

American Style Foxtrot
Learn the dance that made Fred and Ginger famous! This beginner class will teach you a ballroom favorite. The foxtrot is a smooth dance that will have you gliding across the floor. Thirty minute instruction with 10 minutes for questions. Instructor: Donald Dollins. #5655 GHPGC 7:30-8:15pm, six Tuesdays beginning June 7. Price: $44. Register by: May 30


Map and Compass/Backcountry Navigation Clinic
Hunters, Mountain Bikers, Day Hikers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts... dial in your navigation, map, compass, and orienteering skills so your honey doesn’t have to worry the next time you are out on an adventure. We will head out to the woods for a fun and educational afternoon. Wear long pants and comfortable hiking clothes because we will be heading OFF the trail. #5656 Depart GHPG parking lot at 1pm; return around 5:30pm, July 9. Price: $28. Register by: June 27

Virginia Game & Inland Fisheries Hunter Education Course
Virginia now requires all first time hunters and hunters who are between 12 and 15 years of age to complete this FREE 12 hour course. Course will cover: firearm safety, archery, modern and black powder firearms, tree stand safety, outdoor survival, map and compass use, basic first aid, turkey and waterfowl hunting, ethics and more. GHPGC 8:30am-4:30pm, August 13. Price: Free, but pre-registration required by visiting

Navigate Social Security
It is imperative for consumers to get the facts in order to maximize Social Security benefits, now more than ever! Have your questions answered about this critical element of your retirement income. We will address questions such as: will Social Security be there for me? How does the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 apply to me and my social security benefits? Will social security be enough to live on in retirement? How much can I expect to receive? What is the best time to claim my benefits? Instructor: David Cunningham, ChFC, Sherpa Financial. This is a free class but please call 332-3945 to let us know that you are coming.
#5657 1-2pm, May 18
#5658 6-7pm, May 24
#5659 11-noon, June 25

Party Bridge Club
For experienced bridge players who are interested in socialization as well as brushing up on their game. Party on! Not an instructional club. MHPC, 1-4pm on Thursdays. Price: $10 per brochure.

Toxin-Free Cleaning
Discover many common household toxins that you may not even realize are in your home and how to replace them with plant-based products for easy, safe DIY cleaning options! Participants will learn to make their own reusable dryer sheets and surface spray with common household ingredients and essential oils! Ages: Adults. Instructor: Nicole Dodge of Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic. #5660 MHPA 7-8:30pm, May 26. Price: $12.50. Register By: May 20

Money Management with Sarah Fowler
Have you taken a new job or new to the workforce? Would you like to learn more about how to manage your money when payday comes around? This free class is designed to cover everything from bank accounts, building credit, lending basics, and budgeting to wealth management and retirement options. This basic overview will help give you a better understanding of how to manage your money for life. Instructors: Sarah Fowler of Edward Jones and Steven Taetzsch. #5661 MHPC 6:30-8pm May 23. This is a free class but please call 332-3945 to let us know that you are coming.

Chemical-Free Makeover: Replacing Women’s Beauty-Care Items with All-Natural DIYs
Join us as we take a look at ingredients in beauty products and how you can make safer versions at home! A great class for a girls’ night or mom/daughter’s night out! Ages: Adults and teens. Instructor: Nicole Dodge of Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic. #5662 MHPA 7-8:30pm, May 19. Price: $12.50. Register By: May 16.

From Overwhelm to Calm
Learn some of the most effective simple and quick techniques that can be used anytime, anyplace without special equipment to support transforming the stress of difficult situations into productivity with greater calmness. Don Wetsel, MA, LAc, BCTMB has been teaching Brain Gym® and other innovative techniques for over 25 years and brings a wealth of experience to support clients of all ages in achieving their goals. Learn how to be calmer, more productive and more efficient. Don is a classically trained Acupuncturist; a Master Clinician in Nutrition Response TestingSM, a board certified bodywork practitioner and a member of the Brain Gym International Faculty. #5663 MHPC 7-9pm, June 28. Price: $15. Register by: June 20

My Get Up and Go … Got up and Went

Are you finding less enjoyment in life? Do you feel tired most of the time? Is it harder to get through your day? Are you unhappy with how you look and feel? Are you experiencing increased aches and pains, weight gain or increased stress from trying to get everything done? Discover common causes associated with these concerns and simple changes you can make to improve your health and recapture your joy in life. Instructor: Don Wetsel, MA, LAc, BCTMB. #5664 MHPC 7-8:30pm, July 26. This is a free class but please call 332-3945 to let us know that you are coming.

First Time Homebuyers
Join us for an hour long seminar providing tips and insight into navigating the home buying process. This class is designed for those who have never bought a home or have not purchased in quite some time. Alan Stamp an experienced local realtor and Michelle Fix, local mortgage consultant, will educate participants on how to find the right home and prepare for the purchase. Knowing what to expect and what the terms, fees, and costs mean allow buyers to feel confident when they begin this process. #5665 MHPC 6-7pm, August 23. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Dawg Pound Y'all

Savvy Sniffers Scent Detection School
The nose knows! Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack Dog Training will help develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities through fun and games. By practicing basic search dog skills, the class builds confidence, burns off physical and mental energy, and enhances the bond between owner and dog. No obedience required! Learn at your own pace. Age 18+. #5666 6-7pm, five Sundays beginning May 15. Price: $114. Register by: ASAP

Good Dog Manners School
Your dog CAN be a good dog! Training makes dogs happy, and will prevent or solve most every behavior problem. You’ll learn to solve problems such as jumping, pulling on leash, housetraining, destructive chewing, etc... Let’s improve your dog’s communication skills using obedience commands for loose leash walking, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, drop it, and more. Training location provided upon registration. Instructor: Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack Dog Training. All ages, all breeds. Price: $125/6 class session Please choose from one of the following class dates:
#5667 6:30-7:30pm, six Tuesdays beginning May 3. Register by: ASAP
#5668 6:30-7:30pm, six Wednesdays beginning June 1. Register by: May 23
#5669 6-7pm, six Tuesdays beginning July 5. Register by: June 27
#5670 6:30-7:30pm, six Mondays beginning August 1. Register by: July 25

“Awesome Dog” Canine Good Citizen School
Advance your dog’s training skills and learn how to use them around the high level distractions of real life. This course practices known obedience & attention behaviors around distractions without the use of treats and other training aids, with the goal of earning the Canine Good Citizen title for your dog. This course requires you to have already been through Dog Obedience and Manners with your dog. Training location provided upon registration. Instructor: Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack Training. #5671 7:30-8:30pm, six Mondays beginning August 1. Price: $125. Register by: July 25



Nelson Street Teen Center
Boys & Girls Club, (540) 213-6559

Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Sunday: B-Division Volleyball Open Gym (18+) 6:30-9:30pm
Dates and times are subject to change when recreation leagues and school sports begin. Other times are subject to change by request and reservation. Gym hours may also be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Booker T. Washington

Boys & Girls Club, (540) 213-6559

Yarn, Hook, Thimble Circle
Do you want to learn how to sew, knit, or crochet? Discover new techniques and materials or practice your craft in this laid back environment. Free, No Registration Required. 12:30pm-3pm, Tuesdays at BTWCC. For more information: (540) 332-3945

Panther Wrestling
6:15pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays at BTWCC.
For information, call Coach Jessie West at (540) 849-9017

Montgomery Hall

Party Bridge Club
For experienced bridge players who are interested in
socialization as well as brushing up on their game. Party
on! Not an instructional club. MHPA, 1-4pm on Thursdays.
Price: $10 per brochure.



James Corbett -  



MHP- Montgomery Hall Park
Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room
Montgomery Hall Park Activity Room
Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center
Nelson Street Teen Center
Booker T. Washington Community Center

Would you like to teach a class or see a certain program offered?

Staunton Parks & Recreation is always looking for responsible new program instructors with innovative and creative ideas.

To submit a Program Proposal, go HERE.

For more information, or to discuss an idea, please contact Steve Taetzsch at or (540)332-3945

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