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Classes & Workshops

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                                Ways to Register:
ONLINE: (2 step process)

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The Staunton Recreation Administration Offices are located in Montgomery Hall Park.



Beginners Fencing for All Ages
Our family beginners fencing program brings the historic sport of fencing (the sport of swordplay) to the Valley area. Fencing is a wonderful way to develop bot h the mind and the body while participating in an individual sport with a team feel. Fencing is often called Physical Chess and for good reason. Discipline, intelligence and tactics are as much a part of the game as strength and speed. Come join us in this ancient martial art turned Olympic Sport ! Ages 8+ (6 and up if parent is also taking class).
Instructor: Charlottesville Fencing Alliance. GHPGC 6-7:30pm, eight Tuesdays starting January 14 *option to continue.
Price: $175 per quarter (January-April) (includes all equipment and instruction). Next 8 week session will begin April 1.
Register by: ASAP

13th Annual New Year’s Qigong
This a Qigong form created by Jennifer S. Hensley after 9-11 to help us let go of the past, cleanse detrimental energy and welcome the joyful energy of the New Year. No experience necessary! Everyone welcome, free and open to the public! Bring holiday leftovers for a brunch immediately following New Year’s Qigong.
Qigong Leader: Sifu Jennifer S. Hensley of Trayfoot Mountain Studio.
10am-Noon on Saturday January 4 at the Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Good-ness Sake!
Harvard Health Publication called Tai Chi “moving meditation” and wrote of the “myriad health issues it has been proven to help with.” Tai Chi and/or Qigong can boost immune function by 50%, increase brain size, reduce depression and anxiety, and reduce stress by providing powerful stress management tools. These arts also improve respiratory function, reduce or eliminate chronic pain issues, dramatically improve balance and dexterity, prevent colds and flu, and much, much more. It is used in hospitals, business, prisons, schools and other health aware institutions. Our classes encompass all levels and we specialize in working with those with health issues, improving overall health and recovering health! Tai Chi and Qigong is a wonderful natural health/healing platform!

Class Option 1: Attend class one time per week.
Price: $48 for 4 weeks.
Class Option 2: Attend class twice per week.
Price: $58 for 4 weeks.
Class Option 3: Drop-in Mondays at 1pm or Wednesdays at 6pm.
Drop-in Price: $15 per class payable at time of class

Tai Chi Qigong Weekly Class Dates:
Mondays: 1pm-2pm (can be at tended as a drop-in class)
Wednesdays: 6pm-7pm (can be attended as a drop-in class)
Advanced Tai Chi Qigong Classes: Mondays: 2pm-3pm, Wednesdays: 9am-10am

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2014
“One World…One Breath” Join us at Gypsy Hill Park for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day the last Saturday in April. We will be joining 1000s from over 80 nations who will begin performing Tai Chi and Qigong simultaneously at 10am. After group Tai Chi and Qigong, we will have demonstrations, talks and “sit-down” time with Sifu Jennifer S. Hensley. Follow the signs for this outdoor event. Event will be held at the Garden Center at Gypsy Hill Park. Everyone welcome!

Tai Chi for Pain and Stress Relief
This workshop will introduce specific techniques unique to tai chi and qigong that have been proven to be helpful to many with neck, shoulder, hip, knee, foot and back pain. Easy to learn and practice stress relief techniques will also be included. Learn standing, sitting and moving principles to change the way you approach and relieve your pain and stress. Instructor:  Sifu Jennifer S. Hensley.
#4000 GHPGC 2pm-4pm January 18
Price: $35
Register by: January 13

Vinyasa Yoga
A flowing style yoga class linking yoga poses together to bring balance and harmony to our bodies as we move our bodies with our breath. This type of Yoga flow features cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength and relaxation. Leave feeling relaxed and with an overall feeling of well-being. Multi-level class, please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat & water. Instructor: Zoe Berg.
MHPA 6pm-7pm, eight Mondays starting January 13. *option to continue.
Price: $38 per 8 weeks
Register by: ASAP

Small Group Strength Training
Talk about a great workout! You’ll improve your core strength, flexibility, range of motion, and cardiovascular endurance. This class is a great addition to any workout routine if you’re looking to add variety. This class gets you where it counts! (You do not have to have a group in order to register.) Instructor: Rachel O’Neill.
#4001 MHPA 9am-10am four Wednesdays starting January 15, February 12, March 12, April 9. *option to continue.
Price: $60 per 4 weeks
Register by: ASAP

Hatha Flow Yoga
A fun mix of traditional & modern styles of Yoga, with a variety of approaches to the postures and breath. Focusing on peace of mind is emphasized, while stretching and holding poses within your comfort level. All levels are welcome. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat if possible; some props are provided. Start any time! Instructor: Elle D’Orado.
MHPA 6pm-7:15pm, eight Wednesdays starting January 15 *option to continue.
Price: $38 per 8 weeks Drop-in fee: $7
Register by: ASAP

Morning Warm-ups with Jolene
This on-going class is great for seniors with tired muscles and as a follow-up for physical therapy. Bring hand weights, exercise mats and resistant bands. Healthy eating and diet tips are also shared. Men and women invited! 50+
Instructor: Jolene Dewey
GHPG 9am-10am on Tuesdays & Thursdays
Price: $32 per 12 classes
Ongoing class. Register ASAP

Intro to Scottish Country Dance
Please join the dance! Scottish country dancing, that is. Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of the social dancing of Scotland. It’s the most fun you can have on 2 feet! No partner or previous dance experience necessary. Soft-soled, flexible shoes recommended. Instructor: Karen Becker. GHPGC 7pm-9pm, 6 Mondays starting April 21. *option to continue.
Price: $30 for 6 weeks
Register by: April 14

Ticknor’s English Country Dance
Learn dances from the 17th & 18th centuries. All experience levels are welcome to attend! Wear low heel shoes. For details, call coordinator Becky McGovern at 886-9729. GHPGC 7:30pm-9pm, 2nd/4th Fridays.
Price: $2 per class

Bimbi Line Dancers
Partners are not needed to join this informal, social and friendly dance group for adults 55 and wiser!
Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent
11am-12pm, Mondays at GHPGC
Price: $10 per brochure

Advanced Bimbi
Take those next steps! Class geared for those 45 and wiser! Some line dance experience necessary. Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent 11am-12pm, Thursdays at GHPGC.
Price: $10 per brochure


Sweet Treats: Gourmet Desserts
Learn how to make fun, unique desserts that are simple enough to be made at home. Every month we’ll learn a new type of treat. Class is demonstration-based and samples will be enjoyed. Instructor: Aleks Schmidt
#4002 January: Salted Caramel Bars
#4003 February: Flourless Cocoa Ancho Cake
#4004 March: Dark Chocolate Cabernet Cupcakes
#4005 April: Earl Grey Berry Tarts
MHPA 6pm-7pm, 1st Wednesday of each month, except January class is on January 8.
Price: $22 per class. Register 1 week prior to class date

Creating European-style Tarts with Giancarlo Gnali
Learn classic technique from French, Swiss and Italian methods, consisting of baked, fruit and custard varieties. Giancarlo will share some of his pastry chemistry. You will create your own ‘tart for two’. Bring a medium sized rolling pin. Look forward to a hands on, fun filled experience. Instructor: Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, Giancarlo Gnali,
Please choose between the following two class options:
#4006 MHPA 6:30pm-8:30pm on January 28
Register by: January 22
#4007 MHPA 6:30pm-8:30pm on February 4
Register by: January 28
Price: $50

Pies and Pastries
Learn how to create some classic yummy treats such as pies, Danishes and cream puffs. Types of pastries and basic recipes for various different uses will be covered. Mix and make pie/tart crust, talk about the ingredients and what they do, mixing techniques and why, rolling and shaping and much more! From scratch is always better than store bought! Instructor: Dee Dee Stroup
#4008 MHPA 6pm-8:30pm on February 18
Price: $24
Register by: February 11


Household Chemicals: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
Have you ever chosen a product based on its smell? Would you let your family use products that aren’t labeled accurately? Would you knowingly ingest antifreeze? Get the facts on household cleaners and body products. Learn little known concepts on the effects of chemicals and how to find safe and effective alternatives. Practical advice from a science teacher who “walks the talk”.
Instructor: Anne King
#4009 MHPC 6:30pm-8:30pm on March 24 & 26
Price: $39
Register by: March 17

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
Are you suffering from the seemingly unending symptoms of any of these syndromes? Your lifestyle habits may unknowingly be contributing to the severity of these illnesses. Learn about simple changes you can make that could significantly decrease the severity of your symptoms.
Instructor: Dr. Susanna B. Wetsel, DC, CCN, DACBN and Don E. Wetsel, MA, LAc, NCTMB.
#4010 Staunton Public Library 7pm to 8:30pm on January 23. Price: Free, but please call Staunton Parks and Recreation Department to let us know you are coming (540) 332-3945.

Amazing Thyroid
Learn about the Thyroid’s link to: weight gain or loss, fatigue, stress, depression, lack of energy, and more! Thyroid dysfunction can be a hidden cause of neck pain and other aches and pains. Learn natural ways to help restore healthy thyroid and endocrine function. Instructor: Dr. Susanna B. Wetsel, DC, CCN, DACBN and Don E. Wetsel, MA, LAc, NCTMB.
#4011 Staunton Public Library 7pm to 8:30pm on February 25.
Price: Free, but register online or reserve your spot by calling (540) 332-3945.

Broken Brain…OR… Bright Brain?
Are you or one of your loved ones among the millions of people each day who hide, fake it and drag themselves through each day? The difficulties to remember, focus and concentrate are rampant in today’s society as well as disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s disease. These “broken brains” are depriving our children of their future, our elderly of their past and our adults of their present. You should and can feel alert, focused, happy energetic, unstressed and mentally sharp—if you know how to care for your brain and are willing to take charge and commit to positive action. Discover the root causes of broken brains and what is needed to transform your brain to the healthy, bright brain you deserve. Instructor: Dr. Susanna B. Wetsel, DC, DACBN and Don E. Wetsel, MA, LAc.
#4012 Staunton Public Library, 7pm March 12
Price: Free, but register online or reserve your spot by calling: (540) 332-3945.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?
Do the numbers on your scale continue to remain too high despite significant efforts to lose weight by reducing your food intake or exercising? Lessons learned from exploring these myths will give you practical tools to change habits and behaviors that undermine your weight loss efforts and health goals. Learn effective ways of losing weight and increasing your vitality and energy even in difficult cases. For more information: Instructor: Dr. Susanna B. Wetsel, DC, CCN, DACBN and Don E. Wetsel, MA, LAc, NCTMB.
#4013 Staunton Public Library 7pm to 8:30pm on April 3
Price: Free, but register online or reserve your spot by calling (540) 332-3945 us know you are coming (540) 332-3945.


Not Your Average...Jewelry Making
At last! An opportunity to make jewelry no one else can. This introduction to wire wrapped jewelry, will give your artistic soul a voice! Not only will you be introduced to wire wrapping, you’ll also make your own beads from cloth, paper and high fired stoneware clay. Start your jewelry journey today! Instructor: Mary Tuttle, whose jewelry can be purchased at the Smith Center and Virginia Made.
#4014 NSTC 6pm-8pm, four Mondays starting February 3
Price: $34
Register by: January 27

Coil Basket Weaving
Introduction to the Navajo method of coiled basket weaving, easy, versatile and adaptable to a wide range of materials. Cost includes enough material to complete a small basket, plus instruction on how to start, adapt to desired shape and finish basket. Instructor: DeDe Stroup.
#4015 MHPA 6pm-8pm, April 8
Price: $29
Register by: April 1

Vintage Book Paper Rosette Wreath
Don’t know what to do with those old books that no one reads anymore and are taking up space on the bookshelf that could be put to better use? Turn the book pages into easy-to-make rosettes which can be attached to a round form to create a stylish all-season wreath. Bring your own books or use ours. Instructor: Sandra Carter.
#4016 MHPC 6pm-8pm, March 26
Price: $23
Register by: March 18

Creative Art Exercises
Do you need to unwind after all the holiday activities? Or maybe you are just looking for something to do while you wait out the cold weather until Spring arrives. Consider joining us for a time of relaxation and fun as we engage is some creative art exercises. No artistic ability necessary, and all materials provided. Our instructor, Sandra Carter, worked as an art therapist for 25 years in the hospital’s behavior health unit. She has also worked with adult and adolescent substance abusers and maintained a private art therapy practice.
#4017 MHPA, 6pm-8pm, on March 6
Price: $19
Register by: February 27

Slate House Number
Using a variety of ceramic, glass, and stone pieces, we will use your house number to create a mosaic of your own design on a piece of slate suitable for hanging once it is completed. A great DIY home craft and perfect for a housewarming gift! Instructor: Sandra Carter.
#4018 MHPA 5:30-8:30pm on April 29
Price: $29 (includes materials and instruction)
Register by: April 22


Storytelling for Parents and Grandparents and Other Interested Folks
Do you read to children? Would you like to add another dimension by using storytelling? Reading is wonderful; no need to give that up, but why not add something different to stir their imaginations? Storytelling can be sharing folktales from your childhood or tales about your life as you grew up, or a story about a relative in the family. Learn how to organize your story, how to give it color and plot or how to use voices. Children will draw their own images as you share stories with them. Come and explore storytelling with us and be home in time to tell a bedtime story. Instructors: Joan and Mack Swift, Tales in Tandem, Professional storytellers.
#4019 MHPC 6pm-8pm, February 4, 11, 18
Price: $45
Register by: January 28

Black Raven Paranormal and Ghosts of Staunton Workshop
Learn more about the paranormal field and ghost hunting often referred to as paranormal investigating. Black Raven Paranormal offers advice on how to start your own paranormal group, equipment needed, techniques used in the field involving recording audio, video and photographs. Learn metaphysical tips how to combine t hem with scientific documentation. Black Raven Paranormal is an experienced paranormal group in Staunton that researches, documents and studies paranormal activity in an ethical and professional manner, come hear their most memorable experiences. Founded in 2005, the group has investigated over 100 locations across the United States. Tour guides from our ever popular Ghosts of Staunton Walking Ghost Tours will be on hand to discuss the haunted history of Montgomery Hal l and numerous accounts of paranormal activity that has occurred and continues to this day. Topics to be covered: Interest in Ghost Hunting, the media and the paranormal, rules to remember, starting your own group, research, equipment, techniques & fining locations. Instructors: Black Raven Paranormal & Ghosts Of Staunton Staff: Marty Seibel, Dawn Rogers, Michael Hoover, Michael Hottle, Shawn McLain and Matt Willis
#4020 MHPA 6pm-10:30pm, February 7
Price: $35
Register by: January 31

Dream Study Introduction
The study of your dreams can bring divine guidance and protection into your life. Cultures for thousands of years have valued this personal connection and source of wisdom. It seems only in modern times that dreams have been labeled “residual mind junk” from our day or solely manifestations of our repressed desires. They are so much more! Dreams can shed light on your past, present and future helping you to solve the riddle of the little self and of the eternal nature of the Divine. You can learn to remember and interpret your dreams sifting out the gem of truth within. Applied to your life it will help you to “walk in balance and harmony”. If it is in your heart to become a conscious dreamer and live a more abundant and happy life this could be your trailhead. Instructor: Del Hall IV, ‘Dream Study Retreat’ ( of the Nature Awareness School.
Please choose between these two date options:
#4021 MHPC 6pm-8pm, three Wednesdays starting February 12. Register by: February 5.
#4022 MHPC 6pm-8pm, three Thursdays starting April 3. Register by: March 31. Price: $45

Body, Mind & Sole: Intro to Reflexology
Reflexology is a process of stimulating the reflexive points primarily in the feet that releases tension and stress, improves circulation, releases nerve impulses, helps balance the entire body, improves lymphatic drainage and restores energy flow. We have approximately 7,200 nerve endings on our feet, which when worked stimulate these changes. You will learn this simple yet effective ancient method that can help ease everything from constipation to side effects of serious illness. Instructor: Margot Hawk.
#4023 MHPA 1pm-6pm, March 15
Price: $26
Register by: March 7

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
Write down what you think frequently. Take five minutes and write down your thoughts. How many of them are positive? How many of them are negative? Now spend five minutes thinking only happy positive things. Write down your experience. No one else will read it unless you ask them to. Share what you felt or experienced. Look in the mirror and say: I love you. You are amazing, powerful, beautiful, capable, loving, and have worth. What does self-esteem mean to you? What have you always wanted to do or be? Write down what you feel and let’s explore it.
Instructor: Margot Hawk
#4024 MHPA 6pm-8pm on March 25 & 27
Price: $25
Register by: March 18

Ducks in a Row: Prepare Your Estate
The best gift you can leave your loved ones is an organized estate at your journey’s end. Learn how to address important matters that can save you and your family lots of time, money and extra work. Prior planning can also save family from discord and disagreements. Discussions include options for preparing a will, organizing family memorabilia, burial/cremation preferences, distribution of belongings, financial planning and much more! Price includes book, planner and instruction. Instructor: Mary Ann Stripling. #4025 MHPC 6pm-8:30pm, three Wednesdays starting April 16
Price: $40
Register by: April 9


The HEART Afterschool Program
The HEART (Healthy Environmental Afterschool Recreation Time) Afterschool Program is over 30 years old. We have perfected the art of afterschool programming by fine tuning our staff selection, the program schedule, staff training, and snack provision to create the ultimate balance. Providing for the needs of the children includes a healthy dose of gross motor, self-selected play to compensate for the sedentary inactive school day. On top of that - our afterschool snacks rock! They include fresh fruits and vegetables, organic Greek yogurt, and many other whole and natural choices. Our most valuable asset and what sets us apart from our competition is our top notch staff. Because of staff consistency, HEART staff have the time to develop relationships with parents and children; a trusting and respectful atmosphere is created. Fee: $126/month

Home School Fencing League
Our home school fencing program brings the historic sport of fencing (the sport of swordplay) to the Valley area. Fencing is a wonderful way to develop both the mind and the body while participating in an individual sport with a team feel. Fencing is often called Physical Chess and for good reason. Discipline, intelligence and tactics are as much a part of the game as strength and speed. Come join us in this ancient martial art turned Olympic Sport! Price includes all equipment needed and instruction. Ages 8+.
Instructors: Charlottesville Fencing Alliance.
GHPGC 2:30-5pm, every Tuesday starting February 4 *option to continue.
Price: $150 per quarter (February-May), $125 per additional family member.
Register by: ASAP

Camp Staunton 2014: Around the world in 40 days
We take great care in the hiring process by only interviewing qualified adult staff, keeping our camps at a 12 to 1 child to staff ratio. The majority of our staff have been with Staunton Recreation over 8 years. Our Park Setting makes us unique from some of our counterparts who use institutional settings. We have acres of green space, state-of-the-art playgrounds, woods to hike, outdoor sport courts and fishing lakes. We value creativity and have researched the many ways play in the outdoors enhances creativity in children. The Enrichment we provide is exceptional. We hire experts in their respective fields to teach your children while our counselors interact and assist your child. Choices and Interests: Your child will chose from many activities like archery, creative writing, flag football, hiking, disc golf and cooking. Field Trips are a weekly occurrence as we go somewhere special almost every day. Does your child need exercise? Whether it is organized or unorganized play, there is no way around it. We play numerous recreational activities each day. Age Matters! It’s all about the age and appropriate activities for each age group which includes field trips. We separate our three camps according to age. The Staunton Parks and Recreation Summer Playground program is in 30+ years of operation. Our reputation precedes us; just ask any previous summer playground/ Camp Staunton parent or camper about our 8 week summer camp program.
Program Fees: $540 pre-paid or $80 weekly.
Registration begins March 3 at 8am, Montgomery Hall Park Administration offices.

Baby/Toddler Play Dates
Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Caregivers! We’re providing an open indoor space for your baby and/or toddler to play and socialize! Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday starting in January (7th) going through April from 9am-11am, the activity room at Montgomery Hall Park is available for these play dates. BYOT (bring your own toys)! Please call to let us know you are coming: 332-3945. $5 per visit.
Creative Hands: Art Workshop
Students will develop unique art, and grow into their own artistic style while developing their fine motor skills, and having fun! For ages 4-7. Instructor: Hollie Hendrickson. #4026 NSTC 10am-10:30am, four Saturdays starting February 1 *option to continue
Price: $19
Register by: January 24

Creative Minds: Writing Workshop
Students will discover their creative way of expressing themselves through words on paper. They will also compare ideas with the others in the group, as their audience to develop their “voice”. Materials needed: writing journal and a pencil. For ages 9+. Instructor: Hollie Hendrickson. #4027 NSTC 10:30am-11am, four Saturdays starting February 1 *option to continue
Price: $19
Register by: January 24

Creative Movers: Dance Workshop
Students will learn the contemporary dance style, while listening to their favorite current music. Eventually, choreography that the students have worked on will be shown at the end of the period recital. Dress Code: Comfortable clothing, preferably spandex or knit that is easy to move around in, (no jeans!). Instructor: Hollie Hendrickson.
Beginners: #4028 NSTC 11am-11:30pm, four Saturdays starting February 1 *option to continue.
Intermediate: #4029 NSTC 11:30am-12pm, four Saturdays starting February 1 *option to continue. Price: $19. Register by: January 24

Education Through Music: Saturday Morning Sing, Song & Move
Education Through Music activities build the imaging and symbolization process through the synergy of language, song, movement and interactive play. Sharing the rich traditions of folk songs we will explore the foundations of language acquisition, developing skills of attention and social interaction. Ages 4-6. Instructor: Rebecca Allison an Educational Kinesiologist, classroom educators and other developmental specialists.
MHPA, 10am-11am, three Saturdays starting February 1
Price: $8 per class (use code #4030), or $21 for all three classes (use code #4031).
Register a week prior to class start, or call to let us know you are coming (540) 332-3945.

Education Through Music: Playground Wednesdays
Together we ground the foundations of creating lifelong learners. Through sound, expression, social interaction and movement the integration of auditory, visual, vocal and kinesthetic sensory dynamics emerge through the neurological state of play. Join early childhood specialists for a morning of heartwarming song. Ages 5 months to 3 years with accompanying adult.
MHPA 10am-11am, five Wednesdays starting January 15. Instructors: Rebecca Allison an Educational Kinesiologist, classroom educators and other developmental specialists.
Price: $5 per class (use code #4032) or $20 for all five classes (use code #4033)
Register a week prior to class start, or call to let us know you are coming (540) 332-3945.


This section was created to promote and encourage participation in local businesses that community members may not have ever experienced. Come with us to support these fantastic local opportunities in your hometown! Drive yourself or call Parks and Rec for transportation, information or for directions (540) 332-3945.

Black Swan Books and Music
About: Black Swan Books and Music buys and sells used, rare and unusual books and records. They have a diverse stock catering to a variety of interests with particular emphasis in Virginia, Civil War, Literature, Poetry, Music, Art and Architecture. Additionally, they offer a selection of new and used records focusing on rock and jazz. They are a family run business that started in Richmond in 1997 and now in Downtown Staunton! Performance/Reading: Michael Trocchia will be reading from his newly published work “The Fatherlands”, a series of 33 prose poems and short fictions on Sunday, March 16 at 2pm. Free, but please call to let us know you are coming (540)332-3945.

Groove Cat Improv Comedy Acting Class for Stage and Television
About: The Groove Lounge is downtown Staunton’s grooviest venue for theater and live music. Filled with antique couches and original artwork, it is also home to Staunton’s only live improv comedy troupe, Groove Cat Comedy. Class: Students will learn Improv Comedy from a master who has sold out over 2000 shows. The class is taught by Emmy award winner, David Webster and Assistants. David has over 25 years’ experience in stage, television and film...If you want to be in a comedy troupe which performs live and on television... or if you just want to join the fun... this is the right joint for you! No Experience necessary. Ages 18+.
6pm-8pm on Tuesday, February 4
Location: 314 N Central Ave
Price: $10
Register with Staunton Parks & Recreation by January 30

Creating European-Style Tarts with Giancarlo Gnali
Learn classic technique from French, Swiss and Italian methods, consisting of baked, fruit and custard varieties. Giancarlo will share some of his pastry chemistry. You will create your own ‘tart for two’. Bring a medium sized rolling pin. Look forward to a hands on, fun filled experience. Instructor: Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, Giancarlo Gnali,
Please choose between the following two class options:
#4006 MHPA 6:30pm-8:30pm on January 28. Register by: January 20
#4007 MHPA 6:30pm-8:30pm on February 4. Register by: January 28
Price: $50

Crossfit Staunton
About: Strength. Skill. Fitness. CFS is a supportive community where everyone is an athlete led by patient coaches in a safe, welcoming environment. Come ready to sweat and we take care of the rest. Jump into hour long classes throughout the day learning functional movements, develop strength and conditioning capacity, and build lasting friendships. Each session CFS coaches lead athletes through warm up, work out of the day, and finish with core stabilization or skill work. Join #thebestgyminstaunton @CFStaunton today.
Register through Staunton Parks and Recreation for any Friday session during the month of February for the rate of $9 a class! (540) 332-3945

Who is the SDDA? Staunton Downtown Development Association Meet ‘N Greet
Heard of the SDDA but not sure what it is? Come hear our history, learn about and see how we’ve changed over the years as well as what we have to offer Downtown Staunton! 6pm, Wednesday, February 12 at ZABB’s Beach Day Café, 107 W. Beverley Street. Free! But please call Parks & Recreation to let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945


Dog Obedience and Manners
Your dog CAN be a good dog! Make your best friend even better! Training can prevent or solve most common behavior problems. You’ll learn basic problem solving skills for jumping, housetraining, puppy nipping/chewing and obedience commands such as loose leash walking, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, drop it and several tricks. Training location provided upon registration.
Instructor: Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack Dog Training. #4051 MHPC 3pm-4pm, six Sundays starting on January 5
Price: $115
Register by: ASAP

Canine Good Citizen
Advance your dog’s training skills and learn how to use them around the high level distractions of real life. This course practices known obedience & attention behaviors around distractions without the use of treats and other training aids, with the goal of earning the Canine Good Citizen title for your dog. This course requires you have already been through Dog Obedience and Manners with your dog. Training location provided upon registration.
Instructor: Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack Dog Training. #4052 MHPC 2pm-3pm, six Sundays starting on March 23
Price: $115
Register by: March 17


Stop the Financial Insanity – How Income Investing can Beat Growth Strategies
Learn what the pros know. This authoritative, behind-the-scenes look at Wall Street shows how to build a market-proven income generating portfolio that can minimize risk and beat growth-oriented investment strategies. This is a must attend financial survival course for every investor over 50 years of age. This class will open your eyes to a world of financial tools geared toward protecting your money and reliably generate the income you need to enjoy a pleasant, stress-free retirement. Includes a copy of “Stop the Financial Insanity” based on the groundbreaking new book by David Scranton, and an accompanying workbook.
Instructor: Patrick Peason.
#4039 MHPC 6pm-8:30pm on January 9, 16, 23. Price: $17
Register by: January 7

Computer Basics
Ever wish someone would show you how to navigate those changes in Windows? Become familiar with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and let go of your frustrations. Wish there were some things you could do to speed up your PC? Improve your computer’s performance with built-in tools. You won’t leave an expert, but leave with a better understanding of the PC world. Instructor: Brandon McNeely.
#4040 MHPC 10am-12pm, February 1 and 8
Price: $22
Register by: January 24

Starting a Small Business
If you had to pitch your business idea in 30 seconds to win over an important customer, could you do it? If you went in to apply for your business license, would they tell you to go back a few steps first? Are you ready to turn your awesome idea into a successful business? SCCF’s Director of Business Development, Tracey Coltrain, will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do all of this and more…and have fun in the process!
#4041 MHPC 6pm-7:30pm, February 3
Register by: January 27
Free, but please call to let us know you are coming (540) 332-3945

Getting Your Business Funded
We will cover not only traditional business loans, but other exciting funding options, including - Virginia Individual Development Accounts, which offer a matched-savings program for up to $6,000; - crowdfunding, via platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, which allows you to raise money online from friends, families, and the community at large, - and more!! Instructor: Staunton Creative Community Fund. #4042 MHPC 6pm-7pm, March 10
Register by: March 3
Free, but please call to let us know you are coming (540) 332-3945

First Time Homebuyers
An hour long seminar providing tips and insight into navigating the home buying process. This class is designed for those who have never owned a home or have not purchased in quite some time. Pat Biggs an experienced local realtor and Steven Taetzsch an area mortgage consultant (NMSLR 982368) will educate participants on how to find the right home and prepare for the purchase. There are many steps involved in the home buying process and knowing what to expect and what the terms, fees, and costs mean allow buyers to be confident.
Please choose from one of the following date options:
#4043 MHPC 6pm-7pm, March 17. Register by: March 10
#4044 MHPC 6pm-7pm, April 8. Register by: April 1
Price: FREE


Soups & Stews for Cold Winter Nights
3 great recipes, and time-saving ways to get dinner on the table quick. Sure to please and easier than you thought, soups & stews are versatile, nutritious and delicious, plus easy ways to address special dietary needs, even gluten free! We will sample what we prepare. Instructor: DeDe Stroup
#4045 MHPA 6pm-8pm, January 14
Price: $24
Register by: January 10

Use that Pressure Cooker
Pressure cookers have been around for a long time, but a whole new generation is discovering their time saving, energy saving, and innovative uses. Learn to prepare meals, in many cases faster than a microwave. Save time, money, and enjoy good food. We will make an entrée and dessert in about 30 minutes using the pressure cooker. Instructor: DeDe Stroup
#4046 MHPA 6pm-8pm, February 13
Price: $24
Register by: February 6

Composting 101 w/ Black Bear Composting
Interested in composting at home, but not sure where to start? Learn what is compostable and how easy it is to divert these materials into your own compost bin to create a nutrient rich soil amendment for your garden or lawn. This class will include building a cost-effective bin and everything you need to know to become a backyard composter. Instructor: Eric Walters with Black Bear Composting.
Visit them at
#4047 MHPA 2pm-3pm, February 15
Price: $10
Register by: February 7

Diaper Your Child for Less Than You Ever Thought Possible
Learn how to sew your own cloth diapers for a fraction of the cost of ready-made,, plus how to cloth diaper, and launder properly. You CAN diaper your child for much less than you ever imagined, and without spending lots of time doing laundry. Instructor: DeDe Stroup
#4048 MHPA 6pm-8pm, March 4
Price: $21
Register by: February 25

Make Your Own Convenience Foods (Even Gluten Free!) Recipes, tips & techniques to create pantry items and frequently used staples, even for special dietetic needs. Avoid additives & preservatives and save money while eating well. Demo & tasting, with recipes. Instructor: DeDe Stroup. #4049 MHPA 6pm-8pm, March 18
Price: $21
Register by: March 11

Repair Your Mountain Bike Trailside and Finish the Ride
Don’t let a minor mechanical breakdown put an end to your ride, learn to make repairs yourself and pedal on! You will learn that most common breakdowns can be repaired trailside with a bare minimum of tools and mechanical skill. Why walk your bike out of the woods? You came here to RIDE. Instructor: James Huddleston.
#4050 MHPA 7pm-8pm, four Thursdays starting March 27
Price: $25
Register by: March 20

Gardening Contest
Our purpose is to promote home food production on any scale and to get folks fired up about vegetable gardening. Growing vegetables and other foods at home is the number one hobby in America. Besides the great nutrition and bragging rights about your fabulous produce, gardening saves money, reduces stress, provides great exercise, helps teach kids, and improves their diets, and makes your community stronger and more resilient. Did you know front yard gardening is LEGAL? There are six categories in which you can enter:
1) Front yard
2) Kids: by and for (under 18)
3) Edible landscaping
4) Standard
5) Community or Business
6) Container
More information to come in the Summer 2014 brochure, visit:

(h)OUR Economy

What is the (h)OUR Economy?
hOUR Economy is a local economy of friends — t hose we’ve met and those we haven’t yet. Instead of money, we exchange time.
Our online timebank allows members to share their talents with others in the community, and thereby earn “hOURs” that are recorded in the online timebank. In exchange, they can use their hOURs to purchase gardening assistance, cooking classes, business services, wellness and medical care, pet sitting, bicycle repair, and many other local services.
In hOUR Economy, everyone’s hOURs are treated equally, and everyone’s contribution is valued. In this section, in lieu of cash payment for the class, you would sign up as a timebank member here: and pay your instructor directly, in hOURs. This could be your starting point and introduction into the timebank process, and how it works. *Upon registering as a new participant of the timebank, you will receive a complimentary 3 hours to get you started. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll be recommending this system to all your friends. Come on, give it a shot.
The h(OUR) Economy was initially catalyzed by the Staunton Creative Community Fund, a group of local volunteers have now taken the reigns. These classes are a collaboration between the h(OUR) Economy and Staunton Parks & Recreation.
For class information, please call Claire at (540) 332-3945. For more information on the (h)OUR Economy and the timebank, please call the Staunton Creative Community Fund at (540) 241-0333.

hOUR Economy 101
What is h(OUR) Economy? How does it work? Come join us for this information session where we will go over everything from signing up to using your hOURs to pay for classes and much more! h(OUR) Economy is working to build a community where we make the most of the richest resources around - each other! Join us and start earning and spending your hours right away!
Speakers: Staunton Creative Community Fund and Claire Richardson of Parks & Rec #4034 MHPC 6pm-7pm, January 30. Free! But please call Parks & Recreation to let us know you are coming: (540)332-3945

Yoga & Breath of Life Workshop
Deepen your breath, deepen your Yoga practice, deepen your life. This workshop will focus on bringing breath-awareness into the asanas (physical postures) of Yoga, then lead into an extended pranayama (breath exercises) practice. The Breath of Life practice is a series of seven pranayama techniques that will energize your subtle nerve channels, cleanse the body & mind, and can facilitate opening the Crown Chakra. All levels welcome. Dress for movement, bring water and a mat if available. Instructor: Elle d’Orado.
#4035 MHPA 6pm-8pm, February 8.
Price: $25 or 2 hOURs through the hOUR Economy
Register by: January 31

Iodine and Robust Health
Iodine is usually associated with sterilizing wounds. But it plays an integral part in the functioning of every single cell of the body, especially the thyroid! If we don’t get enough, things fall apart... Come learn why iodized salt is not enough, how a scientific scandal stole iodine away as a powerful medicine and how to supplement with iodine safely. Instructor: Anne Buzzelli of Buzz Nutrition.
#4036 MHPC 6pm-8pm on January 27.
Price: $15 or 2 hOURs through the hOUR Economy
Register by: January 20

The Heart is not a Pump!
What is the heart for? You’ll be surprised the answer is NOT “to pump blood ”. Really! So, then what does pump our blood? And what’s does the heart actually do? This intriguing true tale of the heart will include implications for heart health, nutrition and even spirituality.
Instructor: Anne Buzzelli of Buzz Nutrition.
#4037 MHPC 6pm-8pm on February 17
Price: $15 or 2 hOURS through the hOUR Economy
Register by: February 10

How to make Shrub
What is Shrub? An acidulated beverage, once a standard way of preserving fruit before refrigeration has been regaining popularity among foodies in the past couple of years as a cocktail ingredient or an addition to sparkling water. Find out what al l the fuss is about (and how easy shrubs are to make!) Instructor: Courtney Cranor.
MHPA 6pm-7:30pm on April 24
Price: 1.5 hOURS through the hOUR Economy
Register by: April 17

For just pennies, you can learn how to make this health tonic yourself at home. Kombucha, believed to have originated in China long ago, is known for being a nutritious, energizing, and refreshing fermented tonic as well as having many health benefits. We’ll touch on the health benefits of culturing veggies and sprouting from seeds too. Participants will receive a Kombucha starter, seed sprouting kit and complete instructions to take home. Pay instructor supply fee of $15 at time of class. Class location provided upon registration. Instructor: Gerri Carrillo.
Please choose from one of the following date options:
5:30pm, January 8, February 5, March 5, April 2
Price: $17 or 1 hour through the hOUR Economy
If paying with hOURs, please call Staunton Parks & Rec to let us know you are coming to the class (540) 332-3945.

Vermicomposting (Worm Farming)
Don’t throw it away! Turn those kitchen scraps, (and some other surprising things) into a nutritious soil amendment for growing healthier plants. A byproduct of worm compost is the tea or “Black Gold ”, a natural fertilizer filled with nutrition and other “live” goodness. Worm Farming is an accelerated composting process that is fun, easy to do and a great way to up-cycle items that might otherwise be thrown away. In this class, you’ll learn how to start and maintain a worm farm at home using simple items from around the house or by using a commercial wormery. Class location provided upon registration. Instructor: Gerri Carrillo.
Please choose from one of the following date options:
11am, January 11, February 8, March 8. Price: $17 or 1 hOUR through the hOUR Economy
If paying with hOURs, please call Staunton Parks & Rec to let us know you are coming to the class (540) 332-3945.

Rain Barrels, How to Convert a Barrel into a Rain Barrel You’ve been thinking about doing it for years, right? But commercial rain barrels can be expensive or maybe you just want to do it yourself. Collecting your own rain water saves you money, conserves water and is gr eat for plants because it’s rich in the nitrogen they need to grow healthy. In this class you’ll learn what tools you’ll need as well as which fixtures are best for the application. If you have a food grade or better barrel you’d like to convert you are welcome to bring it to convert during class. If bringing your own barrel, pay instructor supply fee of $23 at t ime of class. Class location provided upon registration. Instructor: Gerri Carrillo.
Please choose from one of the following date options:
11am, February 22 or March 22. Price: $17 or 1 hOUR through the hOUR Economy
If paying with hOURs, please call Staunton Parks & Rec to let us know you are coming to the class (540) 332-3945.


                      Nelson Street Teen Center
Boys & Girls Club, (540) 213-6559

                      Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Monday: Women’s Open Gym 6:30pm-8:30pm;
Monday through Thursday: After School Open Gym 4pm-6pm; Friday & Saturday: When posted or available; Sunday: B-Division Volleyball Open Gym (18+) 6:30pm-9:30pm. Dates and times are subject to change when recreation leagues and school sports begin. Other times are subject to change by request and reservation. Gym hours may also be cancelled due to inclement weather.

                       Booker T. Washington
African American Heritage Festival Committee
Interested in being a part of the committee that brings the AAHF to Staunton every year? Have new ideas, or just like to help? Join us on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month at 3:30pm, Booker T. Washington Community Center.

Yarn, Hook, Thimble Circle
12:30-3pm, Tuesdays at BTWCC. Do you want to learn how to sew, knit, or crochet? Are you interested in finding out about different materials and new techniques? Or are you just looking for a laid back place to practice your craft? Then this is the perfect group for you! Free, No Registration Required For more information, please call (540) 332-3991

Rhythm and Blues from 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s
5:30pm-6:30pm, 1st Tuesdays of the Month at BTWCC. Join us for this monthly class where we listen to oldie records as well as discuss artists, record labels, and the history of Rhythm & Blues from early to mid-1900’s. Instructor: Al Leichter. Free- No Registration Required For more information: (540) 332-3991

7th Annual All Girl Conference
Saturday, April 19 at Booker T. Washington Community Center.Saturday, April 19 at Booker T. Washington Community Center. Middle and High School girls are invited to join us for this all day event designed to connect girls with community resources. Event includes keynotes speakers, interactive informational booths, workshops, food, fun, giveaways, and much more! Registration begins on March 1. “Like” our Facebook page for Conference registration, updates, and contests! Need More Info? Call: (540) 332-3991









MHP- Montgomery Hall Park
Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room
Montgomery Hall Park Activity Room
Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center
Nelson Street Teen Center
Booker T. Washington Community Center

Would you like to teach a class or see a certain program offered?

Staunton Parks & Recreation is always looking for responsible new program instructors with innovative and creative ideas.

To submit a Program Proposal, go HERE.

For more information, or to discuss an idea, please contact Steve Taetzsch at or (540)332-3945

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