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Classes & Workshops

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Winter/Spring 2016 Brochure, click HERE.


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The Staunton Recreation Administration Offices are located in Montgomery Hall Park.

Winter/Spring 2016 Classes and Programs



Spring Break: BRAIN CAMP
Want to give your child a fun and “smart” camp
experience over Spring Break? Brain Camp is a
cognitive enrichment program for kids aged 8 to 14.
Brain Camp is filled with entertaining activities that work
on brain skills like memory, attention, and logic; all the
core skills the brain uses to learn and think. At Brain
Camp, your child will also learn and practice simple
techniques for easy memorization, problem-solving skills,
the power of attitude, work ethic, self-motivation, and
more. Brain Camp creates an engaging environment in
which your child can discover tools for thriving in school
and life. Space limited. Instructor: Studley Robson of
LearningRx Staunton. #5500 MHPA 9-11am, March 29,
30, 31. Price: $99. Register by: March 18

Study Skills: Reduce Homework Stress!
Ever sit down to do homework with your child and
think, “I have no idea how to do this!” Learn study skill
strategies that will help even the toughest homework
assignments. Discover how to better study for tests; learn
comprehension skills; and even how to better get thoughts
down on paper. Participants are encouraged to bring
in their children’s homework (or even your children!)
allowing for practical applications for the strategies being
taught. Instructor: Studley Robson of LearningRx Staunton.
MHPC 6-8pm, third Tuesday of the month January-April.
Price: $8/class or $24 for all four classes. Please register
a week in advance. Space limited!

Yoga for Children
Kids and pre-teens will learn fun yoga movements to
better manage stress and improve their focus. Great for
children who like to move or have trouble settling down.
For kids ages 7-12. Yoga moves for relaxation, stress
reduction, improving concentration and self-regulation
skills. Parents will be able to watch during the class
Bring yoga mat or towel. Instructor: Lisa Rochford, PhD, LCP.
#5501 MHPA 6:30-8pm, April 28. Price: $20. Register
by: April 15

All Girl Conference
The ALL GIRL CONFERENCE wants to invite YOU
to VOLUNTEER in our community! We are looking
for middle and high school girls who can meet once
a month during the school year for fun volunteer
opportunities. These activities look great on college
admissions and scholarship applications!
For more info, visit our FACEBOOK page: or contact us
by email:

Toddler/Pre-K Open Gym
As the weather cools down and the snow begins to
fall we find ourselves cooped up in the house with not
many options to run and play. Join us on Wednesday
mornings at the Gypsy Hill Park Gymnasium. We will
have balls, toys, and games available for little ones,
as well as plenty of open space for running and being
silly. Parent/ guardian must remain present with their
children. Ages 5 and under. GHPG 9:30–11:30am,
Wednesdays starting in November and runs through
the month of March. Price: $3/child each visit. *Please
note: this program will be unavailable on the fourth
Wednesday of every month.

The Explorers Club
Parents, are you ready for new activities and
adventures with your kiddos? Join us once a month as
we explore new places in and around Staunton, such
as the hiking trails at Montgomery Hall Park, visiting
the Staunton Fire Station and local farms. Clues and
information can be found on our Staunton Parks and
Recreation Facebook page. Parent/guardian must
remain present with children. Ages 5 and under. Trips
held 10am-noon on the third Friday of the month. Price:
$10 membership fee (includes an Explorers Club t-shirt).
There may be an additional fee per trip estimated at $5,
however most trips will not have an extra cost. For more
information, please call the Parks and Recreation office
at (540) 332-3945.

Toddler/Pre-K Art
Parents, bring your children to Montgomery Hall Park
to get creative! Class will include easy art projects
and materials for your little ones to draw, color, paint,
glue, and get messy. Great social opportunity for
development. Parent/guardian must remain present
with children. Ages 5 and under. MHPA 10–11:30am.
Workshops held on 1st Thursday of the month through
the month of April. Instructor: Eleanor Rixey Price: $5/
child each visit. Please call (540) 332-3945 for more
information and to let us know that you are coming.

Mommy and Me Handprint Plates
Create lasting memories and enjoy creating art at the
same time. Join us in making different themed ceramic
dinner plates using your child’s hands and/or feet.
Everything is non-toxic and washable. Ages: Parent and
child. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox Cville.
Price: $34. MHPA 10-11am or 4-5pm, please indicate which time slot you would like when registering. Third Tuesday of the month Jan-Apr.
#5502 Cardinal in a Tree, January 19. Reg by: ASAP
#5503 Be Mine, February 16. Reg by: February 5
#5504 Owl Always Love You, March 15. Reg by: March 7
#5505 April Showers, April 19. Reg by: April 8

Beginning Cheerleading
The Stretch-n-Grow cheerleading program is designed
to teach the fundamental skills needed for cheerleading
routines. This beginner’s class teaches cheerleading
skills like arm motions, jumps, and fun cheers. The class
will also emphasize the importance of regular exercise
as a lifetime habit, as well as teaching stretching and
exercises to increase flexibility. Each child will receive
a set of pompoms and a routine booklet during the
first class. Children should be dressed appropriately
for exercise. Instructor: Stephanie Taylor. GHPGC six
Tuesdays beginning March 22. Price: $54. Register: March 11
#5506 5:30-6pm, for ages 3.5 to 4
#5507 6:15-6:45pm, for ages 5 to 9

Fun on the Goat Farm!
Join us for a kid-friendly adventure on the farm! Children
will spend time meeting and petting the goats and
feeding the chickens. Then we will head down to the
creek for a rubber ducky race! Guests are welcome to
stay for a picnic lunch (please bring a packed lunch).
Ages: Parents and children. A Better Way Farm,
839 E Side Hwy, Waynesboro, VA 22980, 11am-1pm.
April 23. Price: $5/child

Cardboard Car Building Workshop
Create a cardboard car to bring to our Drive-In Movie for Kids! Decorate and prepare your car for the movie. Bring a box if you have one, but we will have some of various sizes. We’ll also provide all the fun decorations for your car! Guardians and parents must remain present and assist children. #5508, GHPGC 4pm-5:30pm, February 17. Price: $3 per child. Must register by: February 12
*The Drive-In Movie for Kids is a special indoor edition of Family Nite Flix, shown on our 20ft screen. The event will take place on Friday, March 4 at 6:30pm. Bring your car to sit in during the movie. See Event section for more details.

Storytelling Workshop: From Read-Alouds to Porchside Yarns
Have you ever wished you could be that person who
tells a great story? Storytelling is among the oldest and
most powerful of human art forms, capable of moving,
inspiring, and motivating us. Now’s your chance to hone
your performance skills through a play-based, intensive one
day workshop. We will delve into the “how” and “why”
of storytelling, in addition to the “what.” Discover how to
play with language, tailor your story to various settings and
audiences, and make full use of your voice. Topics covered
will include storytelling for children, the relationship
between oral and print stories, and genres of storytelling.
Instructor: Diana Black. #5509 MHPA 10am-4pm, March 5.
Price: $37. Register by: February 24



Gypsy Hill Walking Club
This club is sponsored by Staunton Parks and
Recreation and Subway on North Augusta Street
Get out and move! Club meets Friday mornings at
9am at the Gypsy Hill Park Bandstand Participants
may walk and record their miles any time and at their
convenience. No obligation to come Friday mornings,
however it can be more fun to walk and burn calories
with a friend. Using the honor system, walkers will
record their laps on a formatted slip of paper that can
be found at the green drop box located behind the
Little Free Library just past the Lewis Creek Watershed
information sign. One lap around Gypsy Hill Park
equals 1.3 miles. Participants and miles will be updated
weekly and can be viewed online. Midway through
the year and at the end of the year we will hold a
ceremony acknowledging participants’ milestones and
accomplishments. Our sponsor, Subway on North
Augusta Street, has provided us with weekly $10
gift cards to help us stay healthy and eat fresh! Club
members who reach the predetermined weekly lap
goal are entered into the drawing for that week’s $10
gift card. All ages welcome. #5510 Price: $10 for
annual club membership. Membership includes walking
club shirt. If you would like to establish an evening/
weekend “group walk” please email Steven Taetzsch at

Full Body Fitness
Are you looking for a workout that is exciting and fun?
Want to meet new people with similar fitness goals
and challenge yourself to become a better you? Full
Body Fitness offers that and more. Get started on a new
journey! Learn breathing techniques and how to properly
work each muscle in order to see faster results. Optional:
bring 3, 5, 10 pound weights and a weight mat for floor
exercises. Instructor: Shunda Smith. GHPGC Tuesdays
10-10:30am and Thursdays 9-9:30am. Ongoing class.
Price: $30 for 6 classes. Drop-in Price: $7

Tired of exercising and not seeing results? If you need
a change, Booty Barre may be just what you need.
With dedication to the practice and the workout, one
may see a more toned, strengthened, lengthened, and
balanced body. If you want to work your booty and
body in a new way, come to the barre to see what you
have been missing. Instructor: Sheree Kiser. Classes are
held at Be Well Fitness behind Terry Court. Ages 15+.
#5511, 6pm Wednesday evenings, 9am on M/W/F, and 9:30am on Saturday mornings. Price: $60 for 6 punches. Please register with Staunton Parks and Recreation.

Enjoy a fun workout and bring the party
to your fitness! Core work for the body with dance
involvement that makes you feel good without counting
down the minutes until your work out is over. In only 30
minutes to an hour you will enjoy a workout with moves
that’ll have you dancing all the way home. Instructor:
Joaquinna Sorrell. GHPGC Fridays 9-10am. Ongoing class.
Price: $24 for 6 classes. Drop-in Price: $6

Morning Warm-ups with Jolene
This class is great for seniors with tired muscles and
as a follow-up for physical therapy. Bring hand
weights, exercise mats, and resistance bands. Learn
chair exercises, healthy eating, and diet tips. Men
and women invited! Jolene has been offering her
classes with our department for more than 25 years!
Ages 50+. Instructor: Jolene Dewey. GHPG 9-10am,
Tuesdays & Thursdays. Price: $32 per 12 classes.
Ongoing class.

Vinyasa Yoga
A flowing style yoga class, linking yoga poses together to
bring balance and harmony as we move our bodies with
our breath. This type of yoga flow features cardiovascular
conditioning, flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Leave with
an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation. Multi-level
class, please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat &
water. Start any time! Instructor: Tarenne Robertson. MHPA
5:45-6:30pm, Mondays. Ongoing class. Price: $40 per 8
weeks. Drop-in Price: $8. *Drop-ins please call ahead to make sure the session is taking place that day.

Gentle Hatha Yoga
A fun mix of traditional & modern styles of Yoga, with a
variety of approaches to the postures and breath. Focusing
on peace of mind is emphasized, while stretching and
holding poses within your comfort level. All levels are
welcome. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat;
some props are provided. Instructor: Tarenne Robertson.
MHPA 5:45-6:30pm, Wednesdays. Ongoing class. Price: $40
per 8 weeks. Drop-in price: $8. *Drop-ins please call ahead to make sure the session is taking place that day.

Sun Style Taiji 10 Form
Recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, the Sun style
of Taiji (Tai Chi) is characterized by natural, upright, and
relaxed postures, easily flowing from one to another.
Evidence-based research bears out Taiji’s effectiveness in
dealing with hypertension, stress, balance and postural
issues, nervous system disorders, and Parkinson’s disease.
This short form is a good introduction to Taiji in general, and
Sun style in particular. No previous experience necessary.
Flexible shoes and comfortable clothes recommended. About
the instructor: Karen Becker has been practicing Taiji and
Qigong for 11 years, and teaching for three years. These
disciplines have helped her overcome many challenges, and
she enjoys helping others on their journey to better health.
GHPGC 6-7pm, Wednesdays beginning March 2. Price:
$68 for 10 weeks. Drop-in price: $12. Four classes: $40

Aikido is the gentle martial art of harmonious movement.
Learn to redirect aggression through circular movements
designed to destabilize an attacker or restrict an attacker’s
movements in a way that protects the defender as well
as the aggressor. Increase mental and physical flexibility
through a series of partner exercises designed more than
80 years ago by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido.
His students brought the art to America and passed it on to
many students in Aikido dojo (martial arts studios). Aikido
will increase range of motion in the joints, improve handeye
coordination, and increase wellbeing through breathing
exercises. Instructor James Jacenich has studied the art for
more than 30 years. Age: 7+. GHPGC Mondays 8-9am and on Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm. Ongoing class.
Class option 1: Attend class one time per week.
Price: $48/month
Class option 2: Attend class twice per week.
Price: $58/month

Therapeutic Qi Gong
Qigong exercises generally involve simple-looking
movements performed in repetitions, but are a powerful
means of building inner strength, mental calm, and
replenishing the body’s natural state of wellness. Master
Helen Wu’s Therapeutic Qigong, devised in the 1950s,
is based on ancient movements. The 24 postures help
enhance posture, balance, strength and flexibility; all
24 will be taught during the fall season. No previous
experience necessary. Flexible shoes and comfortable
clothes recommended. Instructor: Karen Becker. GHPGC
2-5pm, three Saturdays in April. Go to one or all three.
Price: $25/class or $60 for all three. Register by: March 25.
#5512 April 2. Register by: March 25
#5513 April 23. Register by: April 15
#5514 April 30. Register by: April 22

Love Your Heart Qigong/ Chinese Yoga For Valentines!
What a great gift for you and your loved one for
Valentine’s Day! This is a healing movement form
designed to create a healing environment for the heart
and circulatory system. The easy to learn movements can
be done sitting or standing and is therefore appropriate
for most people. Because this is a moving form, those with
severe heart issues should check with their doctors before
taking this class. This form is also great fun with names
like White Ape Presents Fruit, Golden Elephant Curls Trunk
and Willow Tree with Twisted Root. Included in this class is
an explanation of the Five Element System, The Meridian
System, and how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
uses Qigong/Chinese Yoga not just for healing, but also to
prevent heart issues. FYI: TCM is the oldest holistic medical
system in the world and is still in use after thousands of
years! Instructor: Sifu Jennifer S. Hensley. #5515 GHPGC
10am-noon, February 13. Price: $48. Register by:
February 12


Self Development

Learn American Sign Language
This course teaches the basic communication skills in American Sign Language. There will be many hands-on activities and games, discussions, vocabulary development, and conversational skills. Any individual who has had basic, intermediate or no experience at all may benefit from this course. A fun opportunity to learn a new language in a stress free environment outside of a classroom! A special ceremony will take place at the end of the 8 weeks. Instructor: Amy Tussing. #5520 MHPC 6-7:30pm, eight Thursdays beginning March 3. Price: $79. Register by: February 24

Introduction to Self Defense
Personal Defense Readiness is based on the
S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™, which is the first genetically,
and behaviorally inspired self-defense course. It is
the only self-defense method that fully integrates the
body’s reflexive responses and instinctive survival
mechanisms making S.P.E.A.R. the easiest, most natural
way to protect yourself. This seminar will challenge
and enlighten everyone who attends. CrossFit Level 1
Trainer & Personal Defense Readiness Instructor, Caitlin
Jahnke, will teach you to translate the body’s natural fear
reaction into a useful tool against your opponent.
Age: 18+. #5521 MHPA 6-7:30pm six Tuesdays
beginning March 22. Price: $85. Register by: March 11

Introduction to Self Defense Morning Workshop
This is a brief introduction, 4 hour overview of the
personal defense readiness S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™, which is
the first genetically, and behaviorally inspired self-defense
course. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer & Personal Defense
Readiness Instructor, Caitlin Jahnke, will teach you to
translate the body’s natural fear reaction into a useful
tool against your opponent. Age: 18+. #5522 MHPA
9am-1pm, January 30. Price: $ 40. Register by: ASAP

Ducks in a Row
The best gift you can leave your loved ones is an
organized estate at your journey’s end. Learn how
to address important matters that can save you and
your family lots of time, money, and extra work.
Prior planning can also save family from discord
and disagreements. This course includes options for
preparing a will, organizing family memorabilia, burial/
cremation preferences, distribution of belongings,
financial planning, and much more! Price includes book,
planner, and instruction. Instructor: Mary Ann Stripling.
#5523 MHPC 6-8pm, three Wednesdays beginning
April 6. Price: $50. Register by: March 30

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
Are you suffering from the seemingly unending symptoms
of any of these syndromes? Your lifestyle habits may
unknowingly be contributing to the severity of these
illnesses. Learn about simple changes you can make
that could significantly decrease the severity of your
symptoms. Discover natural ways to find the hidden
causes and help restore, maintain and enhance your
health. Instructor: Don E. Wetsel, MA, LAc, BCTMB.
#5524 Staunton Public Library 7pm–8:30pm, March 31.
Price: Free but please call 332-3945 to let us know
that you are coming.



Paint w/Diane “Keeping Warm”
Join Diane for a fun day of learning how to paint “Keeping Warm,” a Wilson Bickford design. Using water based oils on an 11 x 14 canvas; students will create a winter scene of an outside lamppost glow that warms the redbird as he perches on the handle in the light snow falling around him. This painting class is for beginners or the fun at heart. All supplies included. Instructor: Diane Ricketson of Paint 4fun. Age: 14+ #5525 GHPGC 9:30am – 3:30pm (bring lunch and drink), March 19th. Price $54. Register by: March 7

Paint w/Diane “Getting Late”
Join Diane for a fun day of learning how to paint “Getting Late,” a design by Wilson Bickford. Using water based oils on an 11 x 14 canvas; students will create a scene of a horse grazing in a field of color and sunlight beaming down across the field before the night falls. Class is for beginners or the fun at heart. All supplies included. Instructor: Diane Ricketson of Paint 4fun. Age: Adults. #5526 GHPGC 9:30am-3:30pm (bring lunch and drink), April 9th. Price $54. Register by: March 28

Beginner Stained Glass
Learn the beautiful art of stained glass! In these workshops you will discover the basics of stained glass construction: pattern designs, glass cutting, fitting, copper foiling, soldering techniques & finishing details. Tools provided by instructor, Lisa Morrison of L&L Custom Picture framing and Stained Glass Supply. #5527, class held at L&L Stained Glass Supply at 1728 West Beverley Street. 10am-noon, four
Saturdays beginning March 19. Price: $89 (includes class materials & instruction). Register by: March 9

Introduction to Traditional Scrapbooking
Scrapbooking is the perfect hobby for those who enjoy creative crafting while taking a trip down memory lane. Get started in scrapbooking and preserve those special moments. Jessica Sawyers, a proud scrapping mom, will teach you the ins and outs of this hobby as well as cropping pictures, choosing a color palette and how to lay out your page. If you cherish life’s moments and want to remember them forever and pass those memories along to family and friends then this class is for you. A what to bring list is available upon registration, please call the recreation office for more information at (540) 332-3945. #5528 MHPA 6-8pm, three Thursdays beginning April 7. Price: $55. Register by: April 1

Pottery for Beginners
Explore your own creativity in 3D! Each person will make several high-fired, functional pieces that can be used or just enjoyed as art. The basic properties of clay will be covered as well as the historical uses and significance of pottery. Hand built technique will be used. Beware: once you start pottery you may not be able to stop! Families, singles, pairs, all welcome. Instructor: Mary Tuttle whose jewelry can
be purchased at the Smith center and Virginia Made. Age 14+. #5529 NSTC 6–8pm, four Mondays beginning March 7. Price: $35. Register by: February 26

Troubleshoot Sewing
Bring your problem sewing here for help. No project problem too big or too small to ask for guidance. Sometimes just a small correction is all you need on the road to a completed garment, quilt, or pillow. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox Cville. Please bring your own personal sewing machine, pins, item you are having difficulty with. MHPA 6-8pm, third Tuesday of the month January-March. Price: One hour $15/person/class, two hours $25/person/class. Please register before attending class.


The Doghouse

Dog Park Ambassadors Club
Be a part of helping to make our city’s dog park a great one! Learn about canine body language, safe socialization, and ways you can help protect and promote a healthy dog park community. Led by Michelle Carter, Leader of the Pack. Dogs must come on leash prior to entering the dog park for this seminar. Saturday, April 23. Price: Free

Training for Life Fieldtrips
For dogs with prior obedience training we offer focused, goal oriented seminars for training your dog for life. This includes free Canine Good Citizen testing as your dog is ready. Location: TBD, will provide upon registration. Please register by one week prior to the class date. Price: $50/session. Please choose from the following sessions
#5530 January 17: 2-3pm, Loose leash Walking
#5531 January 18: 5-6pm, Sit…Don’t Jump!
#5532 February 6: 11am-12pm, Come when called
#5533 February 21: 2-3pm, Loose leash Walking
#5534 March 8: 5-6pm, Sit…Don’t Jump!
#5535 March 13: 2-3pm, Come when Called
#5536 April 3: 2-3pm, Loose Leash Walking
#5537 April 17: 2-3pm, Loose Leash Walking

Good Dog Manners School
Your dog CAN be a good dog! Training makes dogs happy, and will prevent or solve most every behavior problem. You’ll learn to solve problems such as jumping, pulling on leash, housetraining, destructive chewing, etc... Let’s improve your dog’s communication skills using obedience commands for loose leash walking, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, drop it, and more. Training location provided upon registration. Instructor: Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack Dog Training. All ages, all breeds. Price: $125/6 class session
Please choose from one of the following class dates:
#5538 2-3pm, six Sundays beginning February 7.
Register by: February 1
#5539 6:30-7:30pm, six Tuesdays beginning March 1.
Register by: February 22
#5540 6:30-7:30pm, six Mondays beginning April 4.
Register by: March 28


Music and Dance

First Fridays Open Music Session at Montgomery Hall
Grab your instrument and come to Montgomery Hall
Park on the first Friday of the month this winter. Play
with others in the community in this non-threatening,
informal setting. This is designed for folks who often find
themselves playing at home, ALONE, or those who have
not had the confidence to play in front of or with others.
If you like to play but have not picked up your instrument
in a while, are rusty, or still learning (as we all are) then
come out to First Fridays at Montgomery Hall. Bring your
own instrument. Acoustic instruments only. Facilitator:
Dianne Byrer. MHPA 7-8:30pm, First Friday of the month beginning January 8. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Beginner Clogging Lessons for Youth and Adults
Clogging is for the young and young at heart. Discover
the basics of clogging, a high energy form of dance
similar to tap, Irish and Canadian Step Dancing. You
will learn to dance to traditional music as well as pop
music. Whether you are doing this for fun, exercise, or to
eventually perform, this is where it all begins. Clogging
has been known to help lower blood pressure, increase
flexibility, increase lung capacity as well as to help lose
weight. For ages 7+. Instructor: Lisa Johnson. #5541
GHPGC, 5-5:45pm, six Wednesdays beginning March
2. Price: $36. Register by: February 19

Intro to Scottish Country Dance
Please join the dance! Scottish Country dancing, that is.
Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of the
social dancing of Scotland. It’s the most fun you can have
on 2 feet! No partner or previous dance experience
necessary. Soft-soled, flexible shoes recommended.
Instructor: Karen Becker. Age 14+ #5542 GHPGC,
7-9pm, ten Mondays beginning February 29. Price: $25
per person or $40 per couple. Register by: February 26

Line Dance with Sharon “Bimbi Line Dancers”
“Alice Bimbi started this group 24 years ago. It is
important to keep moving and staying active. Most
of us love to dance but hate to exercise.” – Sharon
Sturdivent. Partners are not needed to join this informal,
social and friendly dance group for adults 55 and wiser!
Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent,11am–12pm, Mondays
GHPGC. Price: $10 per brochure

Advanced Line Dance with Sharon
Take those next steps! Class geared for those 45 and
wiser! Some line dance experience necessary.
Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent, 11am–12pm,
Thursdays. GHPGC. Price: $10 per brochure

Ticknor’s English Country Dance
Learn dances from the 17th & 18th centuries. All
experience levels are welcome to attend! Wear low heel
shoes. For details, call coordinator Becky McGovern
at 886-9729. GHPGC, 7:30–9pm, 2nd/4th Fridays.
Price: $2 per class

Just a Swingin’- East Coast Single Swing (jitterbug)
This beginner class will get you Swingin’ and havin’ fun
this winter! Beginner class will give you confidence to
get out on the floor and dance. New song each week,
thirty minute instruction with ten minutes for questions.
Instructor: Donald Dollins. #5543 GHPGC 6-6:45pm,
six Tuesdays beginning February 2. Price: $44. Register
by: January 27

American Style Foxtrot
Learn the dance that made Fred and Ginger famous!
This beginner class will teach you a ballroom favorite.
The foxtrot is a smooth dance that will have you gliding
across the floor. Thirty minute instruction with 10 minutes
for questions. Instructor: Donald Dollins. #5544 GHPGC
7-7:45pm, six Tuesdays beginning February 2. Price: $44.
Register by: January 27



First Time Homebuyers
Join us for an hour long seminar providing tips and insight into navigating the home buying process. This class is designed for those who have never bought a home or have not purchased in quite some time. Alan Stamp an experienced local realtor, Michelle Fix, local mortgage consultant, and Renee Fulks, titling/settlement agent, will educate participants on how to find the right home and prepare for the purchase. Knowing what to expect and what the terms, fees, and costs mean allow buyers to feel confident when they begin this process. #5545 MHPC 6-7pm, March 22. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

SCCF 101
This informal introduction meeting is the first step in the Staunton Creative Community Fund (SCCF). The staff get to know you while you learn how SCCF can help your business. Whether you are just at the germination of an idea or are deeply entrenched in a third generation family enterprise, we invite you to come and learn about our resources and meet us face to face. Instructor: Staunton Creative Community Fund. #5546 MHPC 6-7:30pm, May 9. Price: Free, but please call to let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Starting a Small Business
If you had to pitch your business idea in 30 seconds to win over an important customer, could you do it? If you went to apply for your business license, would they tell you to go back a few steps first? Are you ready to turn your awesome idea into a successful business? SCCF’s Director of Business Support, Betsy Suchanic will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do all of this and more… and have some fun in the process! #5547 MHPC 6-7:30pm, February 8. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Business Plan Basics
Putting together a solid business plan is one of the best things you can do to ensure a strong foundation and lasting success for your start-up or existing business. As part of this class, SCCF’s Director of Business Support, Betsy Suchanic, will walk through all of the elements that should be included in a strong business plan, including your business concept, a description of your products and services, management structure, marketing plan, financial projections, and more! #5548 MHPC 6-7:30pm, March 14. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Getting Your Business Funded
SCCF’s Betsy Suchanic will cover not only traditional business loans, but other exciting funding options, including Virginia Individual Development Accounts, which offer a matched-savings program for up to $6,000; crowdfunding, via platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, which allows you to raise money online from friends, families, and the community at large. #5549 MHPC 6-7:30pm, April 11. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

eBay: How to Become a Top Seller
Introductory course on how to sell effectively on eBay. Learn how buying and selling have changed over the past decade and how to protect your buyer/seller account from scammers and negative feedback. This class will provide tips on reaching top seller status, maximizing profits, how to utilize smart phone buyers, and taking good digital photos of your products. Make extra income from home and at your own pace. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops or smartphones to class. Instructor: Allen Ortiz. Ages: 18+. #5550 MHPC 6:30-8:30pm, April 4. Price: $18.50. Register by: March 25


Felting with Lisa Jacenich

Introduction to Nuno Felting
Learn the exciting art of Nuno Felting. You are in for a treat..
with the help of water, soap and agitation the raw fibers
of the sheep’s wool find their way through the weave of the
fabric and come through the other side. The result is a texture unlike any other. Lisa will share the secrets taught to her by the inventor of this technique, Polly Stirling of Australia. The finished sample can be used to embellish an existing garment or can be sculpted into a coat pin. No experience necessary. Class held at Artful Gifts at 6 Byers Street downtown Staunton. 6-8:30pm. Price: $90.
Please choose from one of the following class offerings:
#5551 Tuesday, January 28. Register by: January 25
#5552 Thursday, April 7. Register by: April 4

Jewelry Making with Fibers
Do you avoid wearing jewelry because it is too heavy? If so, this is the class for you!! The techniques of wet and dry felting will be used to create unique pieces of jewelry (earrings, pendant or pin). Lessons learned from Radmilla Kus of Croatia are incorporated into this fun experience. Beautiful colors of wool and findings will be provided. Bring some beads and bits to incorporate if you like. No experience necessary. Class held at Artful Gifts at 6 Byers Street downtown Staunton 6-8pm. Price:$55. Please choose from the following class offerings:
#5553 Tuesday, February 9. Register by: February 5
#5554 Thursday, April 21. Register by: April 17

3D Felted Vessel Class
Who knew that the raw fibers of the sheep’s wool can be formed into any shape, almost like clay? Learn the technique of dimensional felting using a resist to create a tissue holder, pin cushion, jewelry dish or coin holder. A fabulous array of colors and textures will be provided. No experience necessary. Class held at Artful Gifts at 6 Byers Street downtown Staunton 6-8pm. Price: $55.
Please choose from the following class offerings:
#5555 Tuesday, February 23. Register by: February 19
#5556 Thursday, March 24. Register by: March 21



Staunton by Bike
Confident City Cycling is led by League of American
Bicyclists certified instructors and gives cyclists the
confidence they need to ride safely and legally in
traffic and on the trail. This course covers bicycle
safety checks, fixing a flat, on-bike skills and crash
avoidance techniques (optional student manual). Ages
14+. Students ages 14-17 must be accompanied by
an adult who is taking the course. All skill levels are
welcome and will find the course beneficial. A bicycle
in good working order and a bicycle helmet are
required. Large parking lot next to Lake Tams and the
gymnasium in Gypsy Hill Park. #5557 9am-1pm, April
23. Price: $15. Register by: April 15

Art Outside
Today’s nature journaling has its roots in the descriptive
writing and data collection of the early explorers and
naturalists such as Lewis and Clark, Henry David
Thoreau, John James Audubon and John Muir. A nature
journal can be satisfying, powerful, rewarding, plus it
will create a record for the future. Learn how to document
your observations and experiences in the natural world
by using easy and enjoyable nature journaling and art
techniques which will be demonstrated and applied
during this workshop. All ages, any children under 18
needs to be accompanied by parent. Instructor: Betty
Gatewood. #5558 MHPA 9:30am-3:30pm, April 23.
Price: $55. Register by: April 8

Healing Herbs, Weeds & Wildflowers, An introduction
to Making and Using Natural Remedies

In this workshop, you will discover which plants have
been traditionally used for specific health issues and
then make an herbal remedy of your choice. After
lunch, learn how to make a lotion bar and a hydrosol/
spritzer. At the end of the day, you will have a tincture,
a lotion bar and a hydrosol or spritzer to take home, but
most importantly, you will have the knowledge to make
all of the above for yourself, your family and for gifts!
Additional supplies/materials/books may be bought
at workshop. Lunch on your own. Instructor: Jennifer
S. Hensley, Certified Herbalist, Natural Health Coach,
Natural Health Writer/Author. #5559 GHPGC 10am-
4pm, March 12. Price: $62 (materials and refreshments
included). Register by: March 4

Identifying, Gathering, Drying and Using Healing Herbs, Weeds, and Wildflowers
Want to try your hand at making natural remedies for
what ails you? We will start with an informative talk about
native plants and their historical uses for health issues of
today. Then, we will visit the herb beds, the fields and the
woods to gather some of the plants we have discussed.
Back at the studio, while the herbs are drying, you will
learn how to make an herbal tincture or poultice, then put
that knowledge to work creating your own powerful herbal
remedy. A fun and rewarding day! Additional supplies/
materials/books may be bought at workshop. This is an
outdoor workshop so dress appropriately for the weather
and for field and woodland walk. Instructor: Jennifer
S. Hensley, Certified Herbalist, Natural Health Coach,
Natural Health Writer/Author. #5560 Location: Trayfoot
Mountain Studio 9am-12:30pm, April 23. Price: $48
(materials and refreshments included). Register by: April 13

Goat Keeping 101
Acquire all the knowledge needed to delve into the
world of goat keeping! In this workshop we will be
outside, on the farm and hands on with the goats. We
will discuss breeds, basic goat biology & terminology,
housing needed, feeding/nutrition, goat behavior and
basics needed to get started with goats. This is a casual,
interactive workshop where questions and discussion is
welcome! Come experience these sweet little creatures!
Instructor: Instructor: Kathy Mullins. #5561 class held at ‘A
Better Way’ Farm, 839 E Side Hwy, Waynesboro 12-2pm,
March 26. Price: $10. Register with Parks and Recreation
by: March 18

Astronomy at Stokesville Observatory
In observance of Astronomy Day, we are headed to the
Stokesville Observatory on Saturday, May 14. There will
be a scope clinic before dark for anyone wanting help
with their personal telescope. Club members will have
their telescopes set up and the observatory telescope will
be in operation. Donations welcome at the observatory.
#5519 Depart GHPG at 7pm, return around 10:30pm.
Price: Free. Space limited, please call 332-3945 to let us
know if you would like a ride.



Nelson Street Teen Center
Boys & Girls Club, (540) 213-6559

Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Sunday: B-Division Volleyball Open Gym (18+) 6:30-9:30pm
Dates and times are subject to change when recreation leagues and school sports begin. Other times are subject to change by request and reservation. Gym hours may also be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Booker T. Washington

Boys & Girls Club, (540) 213-6559

Yarn, Hook, Thimble Circle
Do you want to learn how to sew, knit, or crochet? Discover new techniques and materials or practice your craft in this laid back environment. Free, No Registration Required. 12:30pm-3pm, Tuesdays at BTWCC. For more information: (540) 332-3945

Panther Wrestling
6:15pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays at BTWCC.
For information, call Coach Jessie West at (540) 849-9017

Montgomery Hall

Party Bridge Club
For experienced bridge players who are interested in
socialization as well as brushing up on their game. Party
on! Not an instructional club. MHPA, 1-4pm on Thursdays.
Price: $10 per brochure.



James Corbett -  



MHP- Montgomery Hall Park
Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room
Montgomery Hall Park Activity Room
Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center
Nelson Street Teen Center
Booker T. Washington Community Center

Would you like to teach a class or see a certain program offered?

Staunton Parks & Recreation is always looking for responsible new program instructors with innovative and creative ideas.

To submit a Program Proposal, go HERE.

For more information, or to discuss an idea, please contact Steve Taetzsch at or (540)332-3945

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