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Classes & Workshops

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The Staunton Recreation Administration Offices are located in Montgomery Hall Park.


Childcare and Youth


The Explorers Club
Parents are you ready for new activities and adventures
with your little ones? Join us once a month as we explore
new places in and around Staunton such as the hiking trails
at Montgomery Hall Park, and visiting the Staunton Fire
Station and local farms. Look out for clues on our Staunton
Parks and Recreation Facebook page. Parent/guardian
must remain present with children. Ages 5 and under. Trips
held on the third Friday of the month in the morning. Price:
$10 membership fee (includes an Explorers Club t–shirt).
Additional fee per trip estimated at $5 but could cost more
depending on the activity. Please call Parks and Recreation
office at (540) 332–3945 for more information.

Youth Skate Camp
This week–long skate camp will host daily lessons
designed for any skill level. Instruction provided by
Wonder skate shop in Harrisonburg and their sponsored
skaters. Learn how to cruise on flat ground and transitions,
learn how to drop–in, or step it up and learn everything
from lip tricks to flip tricks. Pizza skate jam provided on
the final day of camp. Participants are required to supply
their own skateboard, helmet, and pads. Ages 7–15.
Gypsy Hill Action Skate Park, 9am–noon. Price: $55/
week. Choose from one of the following weeks or sign up
for both:
#5300 June 22–26. Register by: June 17
#5301 July 20–24. Register by: July 15

Paint with Diane: Children’s Fuzzy Spider
Unleash your inner artist and paint a fuzzy spider with
Diane. This 2–hour workshop will include all materials and
children will take home a 12x12 canvas painting. This
introductory painting course will allow children to learn and
practice painting techniques by re-creating this fuzzy spider
painting. Please wear clothes that can get messy. Instructor:
Diane Ricketson of Paint 4fun. Ages 6+. #5302 GHPGC
10am–noon, June 13. Price: $18.50. Register by: June 1

Felted Creature Puppet
We will use the wool from sheep to make an incredible
creature straight out of your imagination. The fibers of
wool will be combined with soap and water and lots of
rubbing to make them stick together into a fabric. It’s so
much fun and we get to make a mess without getting in
trouble! Ages 3+ parents remain with Children ages 5
and under. Instructor: Lisa Jacenich owner of Artful Gifts.
MHPA 1–3:30pm. Price: $18.50.
Please choose from the following dates:
#5303 May 11. Register by: May 6
#5304 May 25. Register by: May 18
#5305 August 17. Register by: August 10
#5306 August 31. Register by: August 24

American Sign Language for Youth
This course teaches the basic communication skills in
American Sign Language. Along with an array
of vocabulary, you will also learn specific etiquettes of
deaf culture, such as facial expressions and
classifiers. Be able to develop an expressive language
and improve on receptive abilities. Ages 8-13. Instructor:
Amy Tussing. #5307 MHPC 3:30–4:30pm, four Thursdays
beginning July 23. Price: $44. Register by: July 9



Not Your Average… Jewelry Making
At last! An opportunity to make jewelry no one else can.
This introduction to wire wrapped jewelry, will give your
artistic soul a voice! Not only will you be introduced to wire
wrapping, you’ll also make your own beads from cloth,
paper and high fired stoneware clay. Start your jewelry
journey today! Instructor: Mary Tuttle, whose jewelry and
pottery can be purchased at Virginia Made. Participants
will need to bring their own round–nosed and needle–
nosed jewelry pliers (pliers are at Michael’s or Walmart).
#5308 GHPGC 6:30–8:30pm, four Mondays starting
June 15. Price: $37. Register by: June 5. Additional $5
supply fee for beads and findings due at the first class.

Pressed Petal Designs
Learn how to press botanicals from your garden
and create colorful designs using these pressed
petals. Create symmetrical art resembling kaleidoscope
designs, mandalas and quilt squares. Your original designs
will be framed. Unleash your creative side using affordable
materials found in your backyard! Petals, paper, and other
tools will be supplied. Students please bring a pair of
small scissors to class. Instructor: Barbara Hodgen.
#5309 MHPA 9:30am–noon, June 6. Price: $46.
Register by: May 29

How to Take the Fear out of Color Selections: Interior Design
The use of Color in an interior environment has the ability to
transform an ordinary space into a beautiful expression of
you. This class is designed to help participants make educated decisions when choosing color for interior environments such as your home or office. Kathy Thomas of Thomas Designs will teach participants about what types of paints to use, and how to choose colors. Painting a room or a home can be an intimidating project and this class is designed to instill confidence in undertaking this process. #5310 GHPGC 10–11am, July 25. Price: $29. Register by: July 17

Beginner Stained Glass
Learn the beautiful art of stained glass! In these workshops
you will learn the basics of stained glass construction:
pattern designs, glass cutting, fitting, copper foiling,
soldering techniques & finishing details. Tools provided by
instructor. Instructor: Lisa Morrison of L&L Custom Picture
framing and Stained Glass Supply. #5311, class held at
L&L Stained Glass Supply at 1728 West Beverley Street,
6–8pm, four Tuesdays beginning May 19. Price: $89
(includes class materials & instruction). Register by: May 15

Paint w/ Diane Summer Chickadee
Join Diane for a fun day of learning how to paint! Paint
this little chickadee on an 11x14 canvas with oil paints.
This painting class is for beginners or the fun at heart. All
supplies included. Instructor: Diane Ricketson of Paint 4fun.
Age: Adults. #5312 GHPGC 9:30am–3:30pm, May 9.
Price $54. Register by: ASAP

Paint w/ Diane Yellow Golden Finch
Join Diane for a fun day of learning how to paint! Create
this beautiful golden finch on an 11x14 canvas with oil
paints. This painting class is for beginners or the fun at
heart. All supplies included. Instructor: Diane Ricketson of
Paint 4fun. Age: Adults. #5313 GHPGC 9:30am–3:30pm,
June 6. Price $54. Register by: June 1

Felt Your Way into Retirement
Internationally recognized textile artist and felt maker, Lisa
Jacenich will guide you through the process of creating an
intentional cloth. Your hands, intuition, hopes and dreams
will come in touch with the finest wool, warm water, and
soap. You will, with Lisa’s assistance, shape the various
colors of wool into a design that expresses your intentions
for happiness and wholeness. Age: Adults and Retirees.
MHPA 6:30-8:30pm. Price: $55.
Choose from the following dates:
#5314 June 9. Register by: June 2
#5315 June 23. Register by: June 16
#5316 July 7. Register by: June 29
#5317 July 21. Register by: July 13



Tai Chi and Qigong for Good–ness Sake!
Tai Chi and/or Qigong can boost immune function by 50%,
increase brain size, reduce depression and anxiety, and
reduce stress by providing powerful stress management
tools. These arts also improve respiratory function, reduce
or eliminate chronic pain issues, dramatically improve
balance and dexterity, and much more. It is used in hospitals, businesses, prisons, schools, and other health
aware institutions. Our classes encompass all levels and
we specialize in working with those with health issues,
improving overall health and recovering health! Tai Chi
and Qigong is a wonderful natural health/healing platform!
GHPGC. Available during the month of May, off June
through August, and will resume in September.
Tai chi/Qigong Classes: Mondays 1–2pm, Wednesdays
6–7pm (both can be attended as drop–in class)
Advanced Tai chi/Qigong Classes: Mondays 2–3pm

Class option 1: Attend class one time per week.
Price: $48/month
Class option 2: Attend class twice per week.
Price: $58/month
Class option 3: Drop–in Mondays at 1pm or
Wednesdays at 6pm. Drop–in price: $15 per class,
payable at time of class

Vinyasa Yoga
A flowing style yoga class, linking yoga poses together to
bring balance and harmony as we move our bodies with
our breath. This type of Yoga flow features cardiovascular
conditioning, flexibility, strength and relaxation. Leave with
an overall feeling of well–being and relaxation. Multi–level
class, please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat
and water. Start any time! Instructor: Zoe Berg. MHPA
6–7pm, Mondays. Ongoing Class. Price: $38 per 8
weeks. Drop–in Price: $7

Hatha Flow Yoga
A fun mix of traditional and modern styles of Yoga, with a
variety of approaches to the postures and breath. Focusing
on peace of mind is emphasized, while stretching and
holding poses within your comfort level. All levels are
welcome. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat
if possible; some props are provided. Start any time!
Instructor: Elle d’Orado. MHPA 6–7pm, Wednesdays.
Ongoing class. Price: $38 per 8 weeks. Drop–in price: $7

Introduction to Yoga
A fun introduction to the ancient practice of Yoga. This class
is a great starting point, if you are an absolute beginner
who has been curious about Yoga but haven’t yet felt
comfortable joining a group class. Also, those who already
have some experience will enjoy this easeful, simple
approach. Learn the basic postures and how to modify them
for your individual needs and comfort. Dress for movement,
bring water, and a mat or large towel. Other props will be
provided. Contact the instructor if you have more questions: All ages. Children should be
accompanied by parent/guardian. #5360 MHPA 2–3pm,
June 7. Price: $10. Register by: June 3

Morning Warm–ups with Jolene
This class is great for seniors with tired muscles and as a follow–up for physical therapy. Bring hand weights, exercise mats and resistant bands. Learn chair exercises, healthy eating and diet tips. Men and women invited! Jolene has been teaching classes with our department for more than 25 years! Ages 50+. Instructor: Jolene Dewey. Location: TBD, 9–10am on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Ongoing class. Price: $32 per 12 classes

Booty Barre
Are you tired of exercising and not seeing results? If you need a change, Booty Barre may be just what you need. With dedication to the practice and the workout, one may see a more toned, strengthened body. So if you want to work your booty and body in a new way, then come to the barre to see what you have been missing. Instructor: Sheree Kiser. Classes are held at Be Well Fitness behind Terry Court. Ages 15+. #5361, 6–7pm Wednesday evenings, and 9:30am Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Price: $60 for 6 punches. Please register with Staunton Parks and Recreation

Gypsy Hill Walking Club
This club is sponsored by Staunton Parks and Recreation and Subway on North Augusta Street It’s a walk in the park! It’s so easy to join our Gypsy Hill Walking Club. Club meets Friday mornings at 9am in Gypsy Hill Park at the bandstand. Participants may walk and record their miles any time and at their convenience. No obligation to come Friday mornings, however it can be more fun to walk and burn calories with a friend. Using the honor system, walkers will record their laps on a formatted slip of paper that can be found at the green drop box located behind the Little Free Library just past the Lewis Creek Watershed information sign by the small gazebo. One lap around Gypsy Hill Park equals 1.3 miles. Participants and miles will be updated weekly and can be viewed online by visiting the Parks & Rec page on the city website and clicking on the Gypsy Hill Walking Club link on the left–hand side. Recorded miles are not only limited to those walked in Gypsy Hill Park. If you are walking anywhere for exercise and it is not a part of your daily routine, then record those as well. At the end of the season we will hold a ceremony for both walkers and runners and t–shirts will be awarded acknowledging participants’ milestones and accomplishments. The first club walk will be Friday morning May 8 at 9am, and final ceremony held at the end of August at the Gypsy Hill Park Bandstand. If you would like to establish an evening group, please email Steven Taetzsch at All ages welcome. #5362 Price: $10. Please register with Staunton Parks and Recreation

Gypsy Hill Running Club
Calling all Gypsy Hill Park Runners! Log your laps around Gypsy Hill Park by filling out a formatted slip of paper, found at the green drop box located behind the Little Free Library, just past the Lewis Creek Watershed information sign by the small white gazebo.Participants and their miles will be updated weekly and can be viewed on the Parks and Rec city website. Go online and see who else is closing in on 1,000 miles this spring. At the end of the season we will hold a
ceremony for both walkers and runners, and t–shirts will be awarded acknowledging participants’ milestones and accomplishments. The final ceremony will be held at the end of August at the Gypsy Hill Park Bandstand.#5363 Price: $10. Please register with Staunton Parks and Recreation

Aikido is the gentle martial art of harmonious movement. Learn to redirect aggression through circular movements designed to destabilize an attacker or restrict an attacker’s movements in a way that protects the defender as well as the aggressor. Increase mental and physical flexibility through a series of partner exercises designed more than 80 years ago by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. His students brought the art to America and passed on to many students in Aikido dojo (martial arts studios). Aikido will increase range of motion in the joints, improve hand–eye coordination, and increase wellbeing through breathing exercises. Instructor James Jacenich has studied the art for more than 30 years. Age: 7+. GHPGC 6:30–7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning in May.

Class option 1: Attend class one time per week.
Price: $48/month
Class option 2: Attend class twice per week.
Price: $58/month

Reiki Level One: Living in Balance
Living a Life of Balance starts with YOU. Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, taught this effortless technique and practice for stress reduction and relaxation which may also promote healing. You will learn this soft practice style for use on yourself as well as others after you receive the Reiki Level One attunements. Please read the book: “Reiki for Life” by Penelope Quest prior to class.  Instructor: Gerry Stowers of Meditation in Motion Massage. #5364 10am-2pm,  August 15. Price: $115. Register by: August 7

Health and Self


Aromatherapy Blending Series
So you love Essential Oils, but what on earth can you
do with them besides just enjoying the smell? Join us for
a few evenings of Aromatherapy Blending and find out!
We will begin each workshop by learning about the oil
profiles for each Essential Oil that we are working with,
and then you get to create your own blends & products to
take home and enjoy. *Please note* We will be smelling a
lot of essential oils and working to create our own blends,
so please do not wear any perfumes or other scented
products as they may interfere with the process. Instructor:
Hope Staton with Integrative Health Therapies. Age 18+.
#5318 MHPA 6:30–8:30pm. Price: $30/session or $75
for all three(all supplies included).
Part 1 Aromatherapy Blending for Cleaning
#5319 August 6. Register by: August 3
Part 2 Aromatherapy Blending for Skin and Beauty
#5320 August 13. Register by: August 3
Part 3 Aromatherapy Blending for Health and Wellness
#5321 August 20. Register by: August 3

Eat a Bug…
Almost the entire world eats bugs. Why would they do
such a thing? We’ll cover the nutrients in bugs, the impact
of entomophagy (bug–eating) on the environment, the
hazards of eating bugs and methods of preparation. Gain
a broader understanding of world–wide nutrition sources
and the nutritional value of insects. Optional sampling of
crickets, meal worms, termites, plus cookies and brownies
made with cricket flour. Instructor: Anne Buzzelli #5322 MHPA 6–7:30pm, June 16. Price: $7. Register by: June 12

Learn American Sign Language: Intermediate
This course teaches the basic communication skills in American Sign Language. Along with an array of vocabulary, you will also learn specific etiquettes of deaf culture, such as facial expressions and classifiers. Develop an expressive language and improve on receptive abilities. Age 16+. Instructor: Amy Tussing. #5323 MHPC 6–7:30pm, eight Thursdays beginning June 4. Price: $89. Register by: May 29

Do You Have a Food Allergy?
If you’re tired of feeling sick and tired, this 6 week course
will help you determine if you have any food allergies
or symptoms that may be causing you to not function
at your best. Learn how to detoxify your system with
whole foods in a simple and cost effective way. Class led
by chiropractor Dr. Rachel Heneberry and assisted by
local nutritionist Anne Buzzelli. Age 18+. #5324 MHPC
6–7:30pm, six Wednesdays beginning May 13. Price: $5.
Register by: ASAP

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?
Do the numbers on your scale continue to remain too high
despite significant efforts to lose weight by reducing your
food intake or exercising? Many of our beliefs about how
to achieve weight loss are actually myths that confuse
and thwart our efforts to lose weight. Lessons learned
from exploring these myths will give you practical tools
to change habits and behaviors that undermine your
weight loss efforts and health goals. Learn effective ways
to lose weight and increase your vitality and energy even
in difficult cases. Increase your years of good health and
delay the onset of illnesses in old age. Instructors: Don
Wetsel, MA, LAc, and Susanna Wetsel, DC, DABCN of
Health TLC. #5325 MHPA 7–8:45pm, June 11. Price:
Free. Please call the Recreation office at 332–3945 to let
us know you are coming

GERD, Heartburn, Irritable Bowel
and other Digestive Disorders

Do you love to eat, but also dread it? Digestive problems
often become uncomfortable, painful facts of life. What
most don’t know is that there are additional hidden,
far–reaching concerns, which over time will significantly
decrease your health, well–being and even your life span.
(Digestive problems mean nutritional deficiencies and poor
nutrition equals poor health.) Learn common causes of
many digestive problems as well as safe and natural ways
of preventing and eliminating them, while restoring your
overall health and improving your longevity. Instructors:
Don Wetsel, MA, LAc, and Susanna Wetsel, DC, DABCN
of Health TLC. #5326 MHPC 7–8:45pm, August 25. Price:
Free. Please call the Recreation office at 332–3945 to let
us know you are coming



Mozzarella and Ricotta in 30 Minutes or Less
Summer is here and what better place to bring your friends
then to a cheese making class. Learn to make your own
fresh mozzarella and ricotta cheeses in a flash with this fun
and interactive class! You will also learn how to incorporate
fresh herbs and breads in your meals. Enjoy the benefit of
being able to make cheese free from preservatives. Be sure
to wear old clothing and/or an apron since things can get
messy. Please indicate upon registration if you have food
allergies. Ages: 14+. Instructor: Sharon Munyak of Hobby
Hill Farm. Price: $29
Choose from the following class dates:
#5327 GHPGC 10:30am–12:30pm, May 30.
Register by: May 22
#5328 MHPK 6:30–8:30pm, August 25.
Register by: August 14

Soft Cheeses: Intermediate Class
This class is a follow–up to the Mozzarella and Ricotta
cheese class. Learn to make cream cheese, sour cream,
your own cultured buttermilk and yogurt at home. Learn
how to care for direct set cultures and how to manufacture
mother cultures. This class will use dairy cow products and
cultures, and no preservatives which are better for you. Be
sure to wear old clothing and/or an apron since things can
get messy. Instructor: Sharon Munyak of Hobby Hill Farm.
Ages: Adult. #5329 GHPGC 10:30am–12:30pm, July 18.
Price: $37. Register by: July 8

Homemade Pasta from Scratch
Fresh pasta can’t be beat. Come learn how to make fresh
pasta from scratch. We will make several different varieties
using ingredients readily available like flour and eggs.
Let us show you how to make a wonderful meal from
Linguine to Ravioli. A pasta machine will be on hand for
demonstration. If you have your own pasta machine and
aren’t quite sure how to use it, bring it to class and learn
more about it. Instructor: Sharon Munyak of Hobby Hill
Farm. Ages: 18+. #5330 GHPGC 1–3pm, July 18. Price:
$27. Register by: July 8

Bread Making
Artisan bread making at home has never been easier.
Come learn the secrets to making preservative-free bread
for pennies. Instructor: Sharon Munyak of Hobby Hill Farm.
Ages: Adult. #5331 GHPGC 1–3pm, May 30. Price: $28
(bring additional $10 for food supplies/ingredients to
class). Register by: May 22

Real Food for Real Wellness
Are you tired of health claims taking away your
enjoyment of delicious foods like butter, beef, and eggs?
Are you confining yourself to oatmeal, salmon, and
spinach and still not losing weight? The truth is, different
foods work for different people. Regardless of your
individual body chemistry, there is one constant we all
share; we all need to eat REAL FOOD to achieve REAL
WELLNESS. Delicious food and health are not mutually
exclusive they walk hand in hand! Come join us for a fun
and fascinating evening about food and wellness. The
discussion and cooking demonstration/tasting with Chef
Camille Dierksheide and Anne Buzzelli, M.S. R.D. will
focus on how food truly affects our body functions and
just how easy it is to make REAL FOOD taste delicious.
#5332 GHPGC 6:30-8:30pm, June 3. Price: $38.
Register by: May 27

Farmers Market Tour and Cooking Demonstration
You’ve watched in awe as the contestants on Top Chef
transform a market basket full of randomly selected
produce into an amazing meal and fantasized about
doing the same thing. Well, you can!! The key to every
great culinary success is not fancy stagecraft, but, rather,
solid cooking technique and fresh ingredients. Living
in Staunton, we are fortunate to be in a local food
paradise where so many wonderful farmers are growing
incredible produce just a few miles away. With access
to such great locally grown ingredients, one needs to do
very little in order to prepare a great meal. Come join
Chef Camille on a tour of the Staunton Farmers Market,
where you’ll get to choose the food you’ve always
wanted to learn to cook, and we’ll show you how to
transform our bountiful market basket into an incredible
meal. #5333 MHPA 9am-1pm, August 1. Price: $49.
Register by: July 24



Ticknor’s English Country Dance
Learn dances from the 17th & 18th centuries. All experience levels are welcome to attend! Wear low heel shoes. For details, call coordinator Becky McGovern at 886–9729. GHPGC, 7:30–9pm, 2nd/4th Fridays. Price: $2 per class

Line Dance with Sharon “Bimbi Line Dancers”
“Alice Bimbi started this group 23 years ago. It is important to keep moving and staying active. Most of us love to dance but hate to exercise.” – Sharon Sturdivent. Partners are not needed to join this informal, social and friendly dance group for adults 55 and wiser! Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent, 11am–12pm, Mondays, Location TBD. Price: $10 per brochure

Advanced Line Dance with Sharon
Take those next steps! Class geared for those 45 and wiser! Some line dance experience necessary. Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent, 11am–12pm, Thursdays, Location TBD. Price: $10 per brochure

“Closet Pickers” Open Bluegrass Jam for Beginner and Intermediate Players
Have you ever wanted to play bluegrass with other people? Tired of practicing alone? Looking to meet other musicians to play with? This class will focus on learning to play music as part of a group, with an emphasis on the music of the Appalachia’s and “Jam Etiquette”. Learn the most commonly played Bluegrass songs, history of the Bluegrass and Appalachian musical tradition, and learn about some of the “Masters of Bluegrass”- Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, and Doc Watson. Participants should be able to play a few chords and provide their own instrument. Songbooks and written material will be provided. Emphasis placed on group playing, with the instructor providing as much individual attention to each student concerning technique, tips, and tuning as time will allow. All acoustic instruments are encouraged. Talk and play with working bluegrass musicians from local Bluegrass band “Hound Dog Hill” and other professional players from the area. Instructor: Cutch Tuttle. #5352 NSTC 1:30–3pm, four Sundays starting May 10. Price: $75. Register by: May 8

Ceilidh Dance
Come enjoy modern social dances of Scotland. Ceilidh (pronounced KAY-lee) dancing is easy to learn. If you can walk, skip, hop - you can do this. Dances are in a large circle, in couples, and in sets (groups of 4, 6, or 8 people). There will be an introduction and walk through of every dance. Dances will include Gay Gordons, Canadian Barn Dance, Boston Two Step, Virginia Reel, St Bernard’s Waltz, and many more. No partner needed, but you are invited to bring a friend. Wear shoes with non-slip soles. Ages 10 and up are welcome. #5353 GHPGC 6–9pm, June 6. Price: $5/person

Outdoor and Gardening


Confident City Cycling
Confident City Cycling is led by League of American
Bicyclists certified instructors and gives cyclists the
confidence they need to ride safely and legally in traffic
and on the trail. This course covers bicycle safety checks,
fixing a flat, on–bike skills and crash avoidance techniques,
and includes a student manual. Ages 14+. Students ages
14–17 must be accompanied by an adult who is taking the
course. Students of all skill levels are welcome and will find
the course beneficial. A bicycle in good working order and
a bicycle helmet are required. Students who successfully
complete the course will receive a League Traffic Skills 101
certificate of completion. Instructors: Brian Bauer & Angela
Crow. #5354 MHP please call (540) 332-3945 for location,
9am–1pm, May 23. Price: $15. Register by: May 20

City Garden Tour w/City Horticulturist Matt Sensabaugh
Ever wonder what all those wonderful plants are in the
City annual beds & display gardens? Curious about the
challenges and solutions to growing in a public & urban
environment? Join City Horticulturist Matt Sensabaugh for
an informal tour of our most popular and beautiful gardens.
Van transportation will be provided and we will stop off at
the Library, underpass, Wharf, and parks to talk about the
current flowers, how they are performing, and some of the
challenges we face working in an urban environment. Late
July is usually when flower colors are at their peak so join
us for this relaxed tour. Dress appropriately for the weather
and a bit of walking. #5355 Staunton Public Library Parking
Lot 9–11am, July 25. Price: $12. Register by: July 20

Flower Arrangement Workshop
A fun workshop teaching tips and techniques for creating
beautiful flower arrangements for your home and special
occasions. Also learn about the symbolism of flowers during
the Victorian Age that still holds true today. Please bring
plenty of your own flowers from the garden. Instructor:
Mary Tuttle. #5356 GHPGC 11am–3pm, June 27. Price:
$10. Register by: June 17

Edible Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation Workshop
In this free workshop discover easy, low-cost methods for
growing delicious gourmet mushrooms such as shiitake,
garden giant, and oyster. Learn how to inoculate logs and wood chip beds so that you can harvest mushrooms right from your garden year after year! Rain or shine! In association with the Allegheny Mountain Institute, visit the
AMI Projects page for detailed directions to the farm at Instructor: Charlie
Aller. #5357 AMI Urban Farm, Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind, 100 Old New Hope Rd. Staunton, 9am–noon, May 2. Price: Free. Please call the Recreation office at 332–3945, to let us know that you are coming

Fermentation Made Easy: Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles, and more!
Join us for an inspiring workshop on how to become a
fermentation artist at home! Chelsea Wakstein will lead
a discussion on the history, culture, and health benefits
of lactic acid fermentation. The class will focus on the practical application of vegetable fermentation techniques including the skills needed to turn your garden’s bounty
into sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles. Class attendees will
have the opportunity to make sauerkraut to take home
and will leave with the knowledge of how to experiment further in a home kitchen. Please bring a vessel of some kind to put your ferment in. Ideal containers: wide mouth quart size mason jars, perfect picklers, crocks, wide mouth pint size mason jars. In association with the Allegheny Mountain Institute, visit the AMI Projects page on our website for detailed directions to the farm at Rain or shine! #5358 AMI Urban Farm Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind, 100 Old New Hope Rd. Staunton, 6–8pm, July 16. Price: Free. Please call the Recreation office at 332–3945 to let us know that you are coming

Healing Herbs, Weeds, and Wild Flowers
Have you ever wondered which local backyard and
woodland “weeds” have healing power? Want to learn
how to identify, harvest and then make an herbal tincture
(herbal remedy) to take home with you? Join us for this
fun and informative workshop. There will be a morning
class room lecture on local healing plants. After a break
for lunch, the afternoon will be spent identifying and
gathering herbs, weeds, and wildflowers in the woods
and making herbal remedies. Please wear comfortable
clothes and shoes. Instructor: Jen Hensley, Certified Herbalist and author of Wholistically Speaking and Herbal Simpling. #5359 Trayfoot Mountain Studio, foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Grottoes VA 9am– 5pm, May 23. All materials supplied, lunch on your own. Price: $78. Register by: May 20

Virginia Game & Inland Fisheries Hunter Education Course
Virginia now requires all first time hunters and hunters who
are between 12 and 15 years of age to complete this FREE
12 hour course. Course will cover: firearm safety, archery,
modern and black powder firearms, tree stand safety,
outdoor survival, map and compass use, basic first aid,
turkey and waterfowl hunting, ethics and more. GHPGC
8:30am-4:30pm, August 8. Price: Free, but pre-registration
required by visiting

Canine Corner


Canine Scent Detection
The nose knows! Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack
Dog Training will help develop your dog’s natural scenting
abilities through fun and games. By practicing basic search
dog skills, the class builds confidence, burns off physical
and mental energy, and enhances the bond between owner
and dog. No obedience required! Learn at your own pace.
Age 18+. #5342 2–3pm, five Sundays beginning June 7.
Price: $114. Register by: May 29

Dog Obedience and Manners
Your dog CAN be a good dog! Training makes dogs
happy, and will prevent or solve most every behavior
problem. You’ll learn to solve problems such as jumping,
pulling on leash, housetraining, destructive chewing,
etc... Let’s improve your dog’s communication skills using
obedience commands for loose leash walking, sit, stay,
down, come, leave it, drop it, and more. Training location
provided upon registration. Instructor: Michelle Carter
of Leader of the Pack Dog Training. All ages, all breeds.
Price: $125/6 class session
Please choose from one of the following class dates:
#5343 6:30–7:30pm, six Wednesdays beginning May 6.
Register by: ASAP
#5344 6:30–7:30pm, six Thursdays beginning June 4.
Register by: May 29
#5345 6:30–7:30pm, six Wednesdays beginning July 1.
Register by: June 26
#5346 6:30–7:30pm, six Thursdays beginning August 6.
Register by: July 31

Canine Good Citizen
Advance your dog’s training skills and learn how to use
them around the high level distractions of real life. This
course practices known obedience and attention behaviors
around distractions, without the use of treats and other
training aids, with the goal of earning the Canine Good
Citizen title for your dog. This course requires you to have
already been through Dog Obedience and Manners with
your dog. Training location provided upon registration.
Instructor: Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack Training.
#5347 6:30–7:30pm, six Mondays beginning July 6.
Price: $125. Register by: July 1

Lyme Disease– Information for You and Your Pet
Learn what Lyme disease is, what it affects, how it is
transmitted and spread. Also, learn about a Tick’s life cycle,
what to look for in dogs, and the likelihood that a dog will
get Lyme disease. Finally, learn about diagnosis, treatment,
and prevention of this disease. Also talk about whether or not cats can get Lyme disease and Human information. Instructor: Dr Duane Landry of Animal Clinic of Verona. #5348 MHPC 3–4pm, May 14. Price: free. Please call the Recreation office at 332–3945 to let us know you are coming

Flea Prevention and Treatment
Come learn about the flea life cycle, fleas in your
environment and home, and prevention and treatment of this
parasite. Also learn about what parasites come from fleas.
Instructor: Dr. Duane Landry of Animal Clinic of Verona. #5349 MHPC 3–4pm, June 4. Price: Free. Please call the Recreation office at 332–3945 to let us know you are coming

Learn about heartworm disease, how they are transmitted,
and whether or not cats can get heartworm. Also learn
prevention, treatment, and diagnosis. Instructor: Dr. Duane Landry of Animal Clinic of Verona. #5350 MHPC 3–4pm, July 2. Price: Free. Please call the Recreation office at 332–3945, to let us know you are coming

Dental Disease and Your Pet
Learn about dental disease and how it can affect your
four legged family member. Does their breath stink? Find
out how dental health can affect vital organs, and learn
about treatment and prevention as well as healthy dental
food and treats. Instructor: Dr. Duane Landry of Animal Clinic of Verona. #5351 MHPC 3–4pm, August 13. Price: Free. Please call the Recreation office at 332–3945, to let us
know you are coming



Business Plan Basics
Putting together a solid business plan is one of the best
things you can do to ensure a strong foundation and lasting
success for your start–up or existing business. As part of
this class you will walk through all of the elements that
should be included in a strong business plan, including
your business concept, a description of your products and
services, management structure, marketing plan, financial
projections, and more! Instructor: Staunton Creative Community Fund
#5334 MHPC 6–7:30pm, May 11
#5335 MHPC 6–7:30pm, August 10
Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming:
(540) 332–3945

Getting Your Business Funded
We will cover not only traditional business loans, but other
exciting funding options, including Virginia Individual
Development Accounts, which offer a matched–savings
program for up to $6,000; crowdfunding via platforms like
Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, which allow you to raise money
online from friends, families, and the community at large,
and more!! Instructor: Staunton Creative Community Fund.
#5336 MHPC 6–7:30pm, June 8. Price: Free, but please
let us know you are coming; (540) 332–3945

Starting a Small Business
If you had to pitch your business idea in 30 seconds to win
over an important customer, could you do it? If you went
in to apply for your business license, would they tell you
to go back a few steps first? Are you ready to turn your
awesome idea into a successful business? This class will
give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do all of
this and more– and have some fun in the process! Instructor: Staunton Creative Community Fund. #5337 MHPC
6–7:30pm, July 13. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming; (540) 332–3945

Investing 101
Not sure about the difference between a stock and a bond? Do the terms and various investment options sound confusing? Spend an hour with Sarah Fowler of Edward Jones and learn the basics of investing and how it all works. #5338 MHPC 7–8pm, May 26. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming; (540) 332–3945

First Time Homebuyers
Join us for an hour long seminar providing tips and insight
into navigating the home buying process. This class is
designed for those who have never bought a home or
have not purchased in quite some time. Alan Stamp, an
experienced local realtor and a local mortgage consultant
and titling/settlement agent will educate participants on
how to find the right home and prepare for a purchase.
Knowing what to expect and what the terms, fees, and costs
mean allow buyers to be confident when they begin the
process. #5339 MHPC 7–8pm, May 28. Price: Free, but
please let us know you are coming; (540) 332-3945

Building Your Assets
Learn about building your retirement assets. Tips on effective
retirement accumulation for folks 1-20 years away from
retirement, organizing retirement planning strategies,
and preparing for a more comfortable financial future.
Instructor: Chris Branham of State Farm. #5340 MHPC
6:30–7:30pm, July 14. Price: Free, but please let us know
you are coming; (540) 332-3945

Making Your Money Last
Learn about having a continued income after you retire.
This class will provide information about retirement
concepts. Instructor: Chris Branham of State Farm. #5341
MHPC 6:30-7:30pm, August 24. Price: Free, but please let
us know you are coming; (540) 332-3945


Nelson Street Teen Center
Boys & Girls Club, (540) 213-6559

Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Monday: Women’s Open Gym 6:30-8:30pm
Wednesday: Men’s 30+ Open Gym Basketball 7-9pm
Monday through Thursday: After School Open Gym TBA
Friday & Saturday: When posted or available
Sunday: B-Division Volleyball Open Gym (18+) 6:30-9:30pm
Dates and times are subject to change when recreation leagues and school sports begin. Other times are subject to change by request and reservation. Gym hours may also be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Booker T. Washington

Yarn, Hook, Thimble Circle
Do you want to learn how to sew, knit, or crochet? Discover new techniques and materials or practice your craft in this laid back environment. Free, No Registration Required. 12:30pm-3pm, Tuesdays at BTWCC. For more information: (540) 332-3991

Panther Wrestling
6:15pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays at BTWCC.
For information, call Coach Jessie West at (540) 849-9017

Rhythm and Blues from 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s
Join us for this monthly class where we listen to oldie records as well as discuss artists, record labels, and the history of Rhythm & Blues from early to mid-1900’s. Instructor: Al Leichter Free- No Registration Required. 5:30pm-6:30pm, 1st Tuesdays of the Month at BTWCC. For more information: (540) 332-3991

The Big Squeeze
Did you know that 1 out of every 3 adults have high blood pressure? High blood pressure can permanently damage your heart and can lead to heart attacks and heart failure. Come have your blood pressure checked! Free blood pressure screenings and health education. 6–7pm. 1st Tuesday of the month in February, April, June, August, and October in 2015. This program is in partnership with Augusta Health.

Montgomery Hall

Party Bridge Club
For experienced bridge players who are interested in
socialization as well as brushing up on their game. Party
on! Not an instructional club. MHPC, 1-4pm on Thursdays.
Price: $10 per brochure.






MHP- Montgomery Hall Park
Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room
Montgomery Hall Park Activity Room
Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center
Nelson Street Teen Center
Booker T. Washington Community Center

Would you like to teach a class or see a certain program offered?

Staunton Parks & Recreation is always looking for responsible new program instructors with innovative and creative ideas.

To submit a Program Proposal, go HERE.

For more information, or to discuss an idea, please contact Steve Taetzsch at or (540)332-3945

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