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Classes & Workshops

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The Staunton Recreation Administration Offices are located in Montgomery Hall Park.



World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2014
“One World…One Breath” Join us at Gypsy Hill Park for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day the last Saturday in April. We will be joining 1000s from over 80 nations who will begin performing Tai Chi and Qigong simultaneously at 10am. After group Tai Chi and Qigong, we will have demonstrations, talks and “sit-down” time with Sifu Jennifer S. Hensley. Follow the signs for this outdoor event. Event will be held at the Garden Center at Gypsy Hill Park. Everyone welcome!



Coming Soon for a Bicyclist Near You….
Over the winter, a group of dedicated citizens and city employees took first steps toward making Staunton a more bike-friendly city.

The establishment of the Staunton Ad Hoc Bicycle Advisory Committee to advise the city followed last spring’s enthusiastic presentation by Ride Staunton to City Council. The advisory committee was appointed in July by City Manager Steve Owen and met every three weeks through February to consider ways in which the city can better accommodate bicyclists.

To guide its efforts, the advisory committee adopted a structure developed by the League of American Cyclists—known as the “5 E’s”— which brings a focus on the subject areas of Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Engineering and Evaluation and Planning. (Further details at
The Advisory Committee issued its report and recommendations to the City Manager in March, and expects a presentation to City Council in May.

Enjoy Bicycle Ownership:
Basic Maintenance and Handling Course

The bicycle is one powerful tool, generating the most “work” of any human powered device. Like most things, how a bicycle is used plays a part in how long it lasts and how well it is enjoyed. Become more comfortable using and maintaining your bicycle. Gain confidence at home, out on the road, the trail, and at the bike shop. Topics: Basic Bike Maintenance, Handling, Shop Navigation and Part Selection. #5001 MHP, 6:30pm-8pm four Thursdays beginning May 15. Price: $30. Register by: April 25

City of Staunton – Bicycle Registry
Receive a registration sticker and a complimentary bicycle lock for every bicycle you register with the Police
Department. For more information, please contact Officer Jennifer Stevens at (540)332-3852

Confident City Cycling
This class is led by League of American Bicyclists certified instructors and gives cyclists the confidence they need to ride safely and legally in traffic and on the trail. This course covers bicycle safety checks, fixing a flat, on-bike skills and crash avoidance techniques, and includes a student manual. Ages 14 & up. Students ages 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult who is taking the course. Students of all skill levels are welcome and will find the course beneficial. A bicycle in good working order and a bicycle helmet are required for the Saturday session. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a League Traffic Skills 101 certificate of completion. Instructors: Brian Bauer and Angela Crow. #5002 MHPA, 6pm-10pm on May 9 and 9am-3pm on May 10 (must attend both sessions). Price: $15 (An optional printed cycling manual costs $8 if a person prefers print to an electronic copy of course materials.) Register by: May 2


From Lawn to Lush: How to Start, Maintain, and Enjoy a Garden
Join us at the new Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind Educational Farm and learn how to turn your yard into a beautiful and productive vegetable garden! Whether you want to feed yourself and your family or simply enjoy working with plants outside, this workshop series is right for you. Garden Educators, Emily Melvin and Ben Samuelson, from the Allegheny Mountain School, along with guest instructors, Holly Parker and Sue McKown, will teach the basics of cultivating a garden amidst the new and growing VSDB Educational Farm. This will be a hands-on workshop, where you can get your hands dirty and actually build a garden. Children are welcome. Register with Staunton Parks & Recreation by a week prior to class.

Starting a Garden: Learn about the requirements for a successful garden site with topics such as soil preparation, sheet mulching to turn your lawn into a garden, garden layout, raised bed construction, starting from seed, transplanting, and growing vegetables to obtain an abundant harvest. #5003 May 3 from 10am – 12:30pm. Price: $5

Maintaining Your Garden: Managing weeds, thwarting pests, backyard composting, mulching, harvesting.
#5004 July 19 from 10am – 12:30pm. Price: $5

Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor: Putting the garden to sleep for next year, season extension, food storage and a harvest potluck--along with Q&A sharing with the instructors and staff! #5005 September 20 from 11am–1:30pm. Price: $5

Fun with Fish of the Shenandoah Valley
Prepare to be splashed and slimed as you learn the ins and outs of the fish that live in your local rivers. Jason Hallacher, Assistant Aquatic Biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, will talk about his role with VDGIF and how they manage game fish in Virginia. #5006 Outside at Gypsy Hill Park, 6:30pm-8pm on August 5. Please call for location, to register refer to page 24. Price: Free.

Virginia Game & Inland Fisheries Hunter Education Course
Virginia now requires all first time hunters and hunters who are between 12 and 15 years of age to complete this FREE 12 hour course. Course will cover: firearm safety, archery, modern & black powder firearms, tree stand safety, outdoor survival, map & compass use, basic first aid, turkey & waterfowl hunting, ethics and more. GHPGC 6pm–10pm on August 9. Price: Free, but pre-registration required by visiting

Geocaching: What is it?
Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world. Learn the history of geocaching, how to use a GPS and how to locate geocaches. It’s a High Tech Treasure Hunt! Instructor: Lou Armentrout. #5007 MHPA, 9am-12pm on August 2. Price: $5. Register by: July 25


First Time Homebuyers
An hour long seminar providing tips and insight into
navigating the home buying process. This class is designed
for those who have never bought a home or have
not purchased in quite some time. Pat Biggs an experienced
local realtor and a local mortgage consultant will
educate participants on how to find the right home and
prepare for the purchase. Knowing what to expect and
what the terms, fees, and costs means allowing buyers
to be confident when they begin this process. Instructor:
Pat Biggs. Please choose from one of the following dates:
#5008 MHPC, 6pm-7pm May 8. #5009 Staunton Library,
6pm-7pm August 26. Price: Free, but to register, please
refer to page 24.

How to Sell on Ebay
This will be an introductory class on all aspects of getting
started as a seller on Ebay. Learn how to set up an
account, take post pictures, and get the most money out
of each item you sell on the world’s largest auction site.
Instructor: Bryan Flavin Staunton City IT consultant and
Ebay guru. #5010 MHPC, 6pm-7pm on May 6. Price: $5.
Register by: May 2.

Social Security:Your Questions Answered
If you are 55 and older and have the following social
security questions then this class is for you! When should
I start taking my social security? Why should I wait? Am
I able to still work and take my social security? Sarah
Fowler a retired school teacher and current Edward Jones
financial advisor discusses how social security fits into
your retirement income plan including when to take it and
important tax considerations. Staunton Library, 7pm-
8:30pm Please choose from one of the following dates:
#5011 May 13. #5012 June 10. Price: Free, but please let
us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Green Real Estate
Know what to look for as a Buyer interested in energy efficiency. As a Seller, learn how to best market the green
features of your home. In this one hour seminar, National
Association of REALTORS® Green designee, Courtney
Cranor, will talk about representation for both buyers and
sellers from a sustainability standpoint. Mortgage loan
officer, Randy Metje, will discuss and answer questions on
Energy Efficient Mortgages and Joe Moore of AltEnergy
will talk about energy audits for your home. #5013 MHPC,
6pm-7pm on June 17. Price: Free, but to register, please
refer to page 24.

Business Plan Basics
Putting together a solid business plan is one of the best
things you can do to ensure a strong foundation and lasting
success for your start-up or existing business. As part
of this class you will walk through all of the elements that
should be included in a strong business plan, including
your business concept, a description of your products and
services, management structure, marketing plan, financial
projections, and more!!! Instructor: Staunton Creative
Community Fund. #5014 MHPC, 6pm-7:30pm on July 14.
Price: Free, but to register, please refer to page 24.

Starting a Business
If you had to pitch your business idea in 30 seconds to win
over an important customer, could you do it? If you went
in to apply for your business license, would they tell you
to go back a few steps first? Are you ready to turn your
awesome idea into a successful business? SCCF’s Director
of Business Development, Tracey Coltrain, will give you
the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do all of this and
more... and have some fun in the process! #5015 MHPC,
6pm-7:30pm on June 16. Price: Free, but to register,
please refer to page 24.

Use of Social Media to Promote Your Business
It is important to market your business wisely and thoughtfully and social media is a very useful tool for doing that in an inexpensive and effective way. Who is your business’s target market and what forms of social media does that particular group or groups use? Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, Google Plus? You may be surprised! Come learn
more about the best ways to go about reaching your
clients with social media! Instructor: Staunton Creative
Community Fund #5016 MHPC, 6pm-7:30pm on August
18. Price: Free, but to register, please refer to page 24.


How to Take the Fear out Of Color Selections: Interior design
The use of Color in an interior environment has the ability to transform an ordinary space into a beautiful expression of you. This class is designed to help participants make educated decisions when choosing color for interior environments such as your home or office. Kathy Thomas of Thomas Designs will teach participants about what type of paint to use; how to choose colors, and instill confidence in undertaking this process. Please choose from one of the following dates: #5017 Staunton Library, 10-11am May 24 and May 31. #5018 Staunton Library, 10am-11am June 7 and June 14. Price: Free, but to register, please refer to page 24.

Paper Bowls: The Joys of Creative Recycling
Looking for something creative to do with all those old magazines lying around the house? Why not learn how to turn them into paper bowls that are both beautiful and useful. This workshop will show you how it’s done with just two magazines, some folding, a little tape, and some Mod Podge -- and will suggest what is possible beyond the basics. Please bring two magazines, preferably center stapled not perfect bound. Instructor: Anne Armentrout. #5019 MHPC, 1pm-5pm on May 18. Price: $20. Register by: May 13.

Knitting 101
As those of us who have been knitting a while know, if you want a project done for winter it is best to start early. So why not join us this summer for Knitting 101 and start the scarf you could be sporting once the next polar vortex hits. In this class we will be learning the basics of knitting and perhaps a decorative stitch or two. Supply list will be provided upon registration. Instructor: Caroline Cook. #5020 MHPA, 7pm-9pm on July 21 and 28. Price: $31. Register by: July 16.

Introduction to Letterpress Printing: Vandercook No. 1 Proof Press and Kelsey Excelsior
In these, hands on workshops, you will learn the basics of letter press printing on a Vandercook No. 1 Proof Press and a Kelsey Excelsior that are nearly 100 years old. Charles Walker of Print Good Press will go over the
operation of the press and how to print from metal type, wood type, photo polymer plates, and hand cut linoleum blocks. Supplies will be on hand for you to experiment in printing. If you have your own press you are encouraged to bring it. Ages 14+. #5021 Kelsey Excelsior GHPGC, 6pm-8pm on May 8. Register by: May 2. #5022 Vandercook No. 1 Proof Press GHPGC, 6:30pm-8:30pm on June 26. Register by: June 20. Price: $35.

Hand Dipping Candles
Learn how to do this age old craft using minimal equipment, and various waxes. The technique is simple, and the results beautiful. Instructor: DeDe Stroup. #5023 MHPA, 6pm-8:30pm on July 15. Price: $26. Register by: July 8.

Intro to Calligraphy
Explore the art of beautiful writing with a master calligrapher as your guide. In this class, students will discover the many ways calligraphy can be used as well as the wide range of styles, and will get to try their hand at some of them. The workshop will be an inquirer’s class - no previous experience required. The instructor is Russell Armentrout, former chief White House calligrapher, who has been doing hand lettering for more than fifty years. #5024 MHPC, 6pm-7:30pm, four Wednesdays starting June 4. Price: $26. Register by: May 26.

Artful Abodes
Professional interior designer JoAnne Kice can help you make your dwelling a haven. Turn your home or dwelling into a functional, comfortable and artful space. There will be an emphasis on individual style and original art. Bring your lunch! #5025 MHPA, 10am-2pm. May 7. Price: $34. Register by: May 2.


“Closet Pickers” Open Bluegrass Jam for Beginner and Intermediate Players

Have you ever wanted to play bluegrass with other people?
Tired of practicing alone? Looking to meet other musicians
to play with? This class will focus on “Jam Etiquette”. Learn
the most commonly played Bluegrass songs, history of the
Bluegrass tradition, and listen to the “Masters of Bluegrass.”
Participants should be able to play a few chords and bring
their own instrument. CD’s and Songbook provided. Emphasis
placed on group playing, with the instructor providing as
much individual attention to each student as time will allow.
Talk and play with working bluegrass musicians from local
Bluegrass band “Hound Dog Hill” and professional players
from the area. Instructor: Cutch Tuttle. #5026 NSTC, 1:30pm-3pm, four Sundays starting May 18. Price: $75. Register by: May 9

Pop Singing Boot Camp
Discover the soloist in you! Fun and engaging group training
sessions which will lead up to recording your favorite song.
Everyone can sing beautifully, you can too! Show off your
amazing voice to all of your friends with your very own CD.
Justin Bowes, master’s candidate and graduate assistant
at JMU, will instruct this exciting class. Justin has managed
five different university choirs in his career, and has experience as a vocal coach, choral conductor, and composer.
Age group is middle school and up. #5027 GHPGC, 6pm-
7:15pm, four Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 27.
Price: $50. Register by: May 20

Songwriting: How to Make Your Music as Unique as You Are
How could someone possibly teach a course on songwriting?
I certainly couldn’t. But what I will teach is how you, as
a person who is as unique as the fingerprint on your thumb,
can dig inside yourself to find your own voice. There will be a
focus on avoiding cliché, finding a fresh perspective,
chasing the perfect melody, and honing a song. Bring a
guitar or keyboard and we will share a few songs at the end
of the program. Instructor: Kyle Woolard of Charlottesville based band The Anatomy of Frank. #5028 MHPC, 7pm-9pm
on May 15. Price: $10. Register by: May 13

Get Your Music Career off the Ground
Whether you are nurturing a hobby or trying to start a full-fledged career in music, the tactics of how to get booked,
gain fans, sound amazing, and create buzz are incredibly
confusing. Taught by Kyle Woolard of Charlottesville-based
band The Anatomy of Frank, this course is designed to cut
through the noise and get you started on fulfilling your musical dreams. #5029 MHPC, 7pm-9pm on May 22. Price: $10. Register by: May 20

Want to Know the Banjo?
This class will cover all of the bases when it comes to the
banjo. What to do when beginning to play, the history and
origins of this great instrument, and the innovators of the
banjo. Learn banjo styles and how they relate to different
areas in history and their respective region in the US. Instructor: Cutch Tuttle. #5030 MHPC, 6pm-8pm on May 20. Price: $6. Register by: May 16


Queen City Brewing: Brewer’s Apprentice

About: Queen City Brewing (QCB) is a Staunton brewery
located on Springhill Road. Originally a brewery focused
on helping customers make their OWN beer, QCB has
transitioned into a neighborhood hotspot with live entertainment, bar, and plenty of pints to go around. Event:
Brewer’s Apprentice: Help the Brew master of Queen City
brewing make beer! This hands-on workshop is a unique
opportunity to learn and assist in beer making at the brewery.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor with a 5 sample flight and
bottle your own 6-pack. #5031 1pm-4pm, Saturday June
7 at Queen City Brewing, 834 Springhill Road. Must be 21
and older and provide proper identification. Please call
Recreation and Parks department so that we can let them
know that you are coming. Price: $35 (includes hands on
brewing, 5 sample flight, and bottled 6-pack).

The Beverley Cigar Store
About: The Beverley Cigar Store is a downtown business
centered on quality cigars and accessories. The store also
serves as a “smoke shop” and appeals to a nostalgia of
the early 20th century. Event: Come and enjoy this community gathering while learning about cigars and pipe
tobacco. The Beverley Cigar Store will also feature a shoe
shine services, seated or drop off. If it’s leather they can
treat it! For questions please email (BeverleyCigarStore@ #5032 noon, Saturday May 17 at 2 E Beverley
Street. Free, but please call to let us know you are coming

Fluffy Fannies: Cloth Diapers 101
About: Fluffy Fannies is a cloth diaper/natural parenting
boutique and an ecommerce store. Inside the store, you
will find cloth diapers, baby carriers, natural detergents
and shampoos, body washes, lotions, and much more!
Class: Are you curious about cloth diapers? Come join us
at Fluffy Fannies for a Cloth 101 Class! In this class, we will
go over all of the basics of cloth diapering: The different
styles and brands, benefits of using cloth, how to care for
your diapers, and more! #5033 6:30pm, May 29 at 106 E.
Beverley Street. Free, but please call to let us know you
are coming, as space is very limited (540) 332-3945.

Coffee on the Corner: Monday Night: Movies under the Stars
About: Coffee on the Corner is a local downtown coffee
shop/café on the corner of Beverley and Market Street
next to Blackfriars Playhouse Event: Watch movies under
the stars in Coffee on the Corner’s outdoor Beer Garden!
Join us on May 5 for our summer kickoff with a classic film
outside on a big screen. New movie theme each month!
#5034 8:30 pm, Monday May 5 at 140 E Beverley Street.
Free admission and free popcorn with menu purchase.
Rain cancels, and please call to let us know you are
coming (540) 332-3945.


Vinyasa Yoga
A flowing style yoga class linking yoga poses together to bring balance and harmony to our bodies as we move our bodies with our breath. This type of Yoga flow features cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength and relaxation. Leave feeling relaxed and with an overall feeling of well-being. Multi-level class, please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat & water. Instructor: Zoe Berg. MHPA 6pm-7pm, eight Mondays starting May 19 *ongoing class. Price: $38 per 8 weeks. Register by: ASAP

Hatha Flow Yoga
A fun mix of traditional & modern styles of Yoga, with a variety of approaches to the postures and breath. Focusing on peace of mind is emphasized, while stretching and holding poses within your comfort level. All levels are welcome. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat if possible; some props are provided. Start any time! Instructor: Elle D’Orado. MHPA 6pm-7:15pm, eight Wednesdays starting June 4 *ongoing class. Price: $38 per 8 weeks Drop-in fee: $7. Register by: ASAP

Morning Warm-ups with Jolene
This on-going class is great for seniors with tired muscles and as a follow-up for physical therapy. Bring hand weights, exercise mats and resistant bands. Healthy eating and diet tips are also shared. Men and women invited! 50+ Instructor: Jolene Dewey. Bessie Weller Elementary School. 9am-10am on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Price: $32 per 12 classes. Ongoing class. Register ASAP

Ticknor’s English Country Dance
Learn dances from the 17th & 18th centuries. Coordinator: Becky McGovern, 886-9729. GHPGC, 7:30pm-9pm, 2nd/4th Fridays. Price: $2 per class

Bimbi Line Dancers
Partners are not needed to join this informal, social and friendly dance group. Ages 55 and up: 11am-12pm, Mondays at Bessie Weller Elementary. Advanced Bimbi: 11am-12pm, Thursdays at Bessie Weller Elementary. Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent. Price: $10 per brochure

Beginner Clogging Lessons for Youth and Adults
Clogging is for the young and young at heart. Learn the basics of clogging, a high energy form of dance similar to tap, Irish and Canadian Step Dancing. Dance to traditional music as well as pop music. Whether you are doing this for fun, exercise, or to eventually perform, this is where it all begins. For ages 7+. Instructor: Lisa Johnson. #5035 GHPGC, 5pm-5:45pm, six Wednesdays starting August 13 *option to continue. Price: $36. Register by: August 4

Contact Improv
Contact improv is a dance technique in which physical contact with other dancers is used to explore movement. It is an improvised dance form in which two or more people attempt to keep a point of contact with their bodies while moving freely. The dancing may be slow or fast and usually involves weight sharing, rolling, and dynamic movement from the floor to standing. Instructor: Emily Hedberg.#5036 GHPGC, 6:30-8:30pm six Wednesdays starting June 18. Price: $60 or $10/class drop-in. Register by: June 13


Basic Home Brewing

Home Brewing, the process of making beer for personal use, is a rewarding hobby which offers the home brewer the opportunity to expand and diversify. Beginning in the brewing hobby, the brewer can produce the majority of beer types with small investments in equipment and supplies. As the brewer grows in the hobby, a wide range of facets become available from which the brewer may choose to enhance the art of brewing. This course will provide the participant with the knowledge needed to make the right choices when embarking in the home brewing hobby. Participants will receive course materials and get a first-hand look at ingredients and the brewery’s equipment. Must be 21 and over. Instructor: Mike Chapple. #5037 Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company, 9am-12pm on June 7 and 14. Price: $35. Register by: May 30

Princess Tea Party
Attention little princesses! Don’t miss the chance to join the Queen and other little princesses for a special princess tea party. Learn princess etiquette, make a princess craft, and enjoy preparing special snacks fit for a princess. Come in your favorite princess dress!
Instructor: Ashley Foster. #5038 MHPA, 10am-noon on August 9. Price: $15. Register by: August 1

Mommy/Daddy & Me: Let’s cook!
In this fun cooking class, kids learn and play with tastes and textures as they get their hands dirty mixing, measuring, and rolling to create their own homemade treats with mom, dad, or caregiver. These classes are a great way to spend quality time with your child and introduce them to cooking in an exciting way! #5039 MHPK, 10am-noon on July 12. Price: $15. Register by: July 1

Sausage Making
Sausage making - it’s easier than you think! With just a few simple ingredients, you can make sausages to suit you - for special diets, recipes and just for fun. Even vegan and vegetarian! No special equipment or exotic ingredients needed. Great for summer grilling. We will eat what we make. Instructor: DeDe Stroup. #5040 MHPA, 6pm-8:30pm on July 17. Price: $26. Register by: July 10


Domino/Board Game Interest Group

Interested in starting an ongoing club of people who like to play dominos and board games? Look no further. Meet others and potentially start a group which could meet at Staunton Parks & Recreation. Join us at 5:15pm on May 29. Please let us know you are coming: (540)332-3945

Skin Care: Anti-Aging/Age Management
Are you seeing signs of aging when you look in the mirror? Are you looking for a “quick fix” to reverse or rid those fine lines and wrinkles? Fact - we cannot stop the aging process, BUT we can manage the effects of aging on our skin. Discover how to better care for your skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Simple life style changes than can result in healthy skin. Cynthia Sterret, licensed Esthetician of Cynthia Sterret Skin Care, will provide tips on masques you can make at home to give your skin the boost it needs. #5050 Staunton Library, 7pm-8:30pm on May 22. Price: Free, but to register, please refer to page 24.

Family History: A Virginia Genealogy Workshop
The best resources for researching your family history are free! Learn what these resources are and how to use them. Get to know your ancestors through the use of primary documents. Participants are encouraged to bring any information they have relating to a particular individual or branch of their family tree they would like to learn more about. A laptop or I-pad is helpful but not required. Get to know your ancestors! Instructor: Jane Gray Avery of #5051 MHPC, 1pm-4pm on May 24. Price: $29. Register by: May 14

Party Bridge Club
For experienced bridge players who are interested in socialization as well as brushing up on their game. Party on! Not an instructional club. MHPC, 1pm-4pm on Thursdays. Price: $10 per brochure.

GIFT: Gain Independence From Tobacco
What could you do with an extra $1,825 at $5 a pack? Smokeless users: At nearly $3 a can, using two cans per week costs $300 a year and can per day usage cost $1,100 a year. A pouch of chewing tobacco a day at $2 each costs over $700 per year! This is a 6 week, FREE course. It will meet Tuesday evenings beginning July 8 from 6:45pm to 8:30pm. Classes held at the Gypsy Hill Park Gym. Sponsored by Staunton Parks & Recreation and Augusta Health. Activity Number #5056
To register, click here and complete step 1. After hitting submit on this page you will be registered.


HEE HEE HOO: Labor Support Massage
Bring massage and relaxation to your child birth! Learn
how massage can help reduce the need for pain medications,
soothe your contractions, and become more centered.
A great supportive class to bring you closer through
your birthing experience. For moms and dads “to be” and
please bring pillows and mats. Perfect for those in their
3rd trimester. Expectant mothers should consult with their
OBGYN or mid wife before taking this class. Instructor: Tai
Blakey NCTMB of Refreshing Effects Massage Therapy in
Harrisonburg. #5052 MHPA, 6pm-8pm June 10. Price: $35.
Register by: June 6

Fall Instructional Youth Baseball
Instructional Baseball is sponsored by Staunton Parks and
Recreation for youth ages 6-12 (as of May 1, 2014). Six
year olds must have played one year of t-ball. There will
be an approximate 12 game schedule with no playoffs.
Signups begin June 2; no late registrations will be permitted.
Price: $25 per child. Register by: July 3

Baby Spa (Infant Massage)
Infant massage is a wonderful way to experience the way
your baby communicates with you. Learn nurturing touch
techniques to help relieve discomfort from colic, gas, and
constipation. Join us for this four week class and help ease
your stress by relaxing and unwinding. Please bring blankets
and appropriate baby items. Limited space, so please
register quickly! Instructor: Tai Blakey NCTMB of Refreshing
Effects Massage Therapy in Harrisonburg. #5053
MHPA, 10am-11:30am four Tuesdays beginning May 13.
Price: $110. Register by: May 9

Fluffy Fannies: Cloth Diapers 101
Are you curious about cloth diapers? Come join us at Fluffy
Fannies for a Cloth 101 Class! In this class, we will go over
all of the basics of cloth diapering: The different styles
and brands, benefits of using cloth, how to care for your
diapers, accessories that will make cloth diapering easier,
and more #5033 6:30pm, May 29 at 106 E. Beverley Street.
Free, but please call to let us know you are coming, as
space is very limited (540) 332-394

Children’s Farmers Market at Staunton Jams
Saturday, May 17 from 1pm-5pm Join us at the Spring
Staunton Jams! Staunton Parks and Recreation and the
VSDB Educational Farm will be co-sponsoring an interactive
Children’s Farmers Market of sorts while the adults
enjoy the musical entertainment. Children can enjoy a
gardening experience, paint with natural vegetable dyes,
“sell” their goods at the market and learn about worm
farms. Staunton Jams will be rockin’ from 12noon to 10pm.
FREE EVENT. For more information about the Children’s
Market, call (540) 332-3945. For information about
Staunton Jams, call: (540) 885-9988

Kid’s Night Out
Friday, July 11 from 6pm-9pm. Children and families enjoy
free activities through the District at Downtown businesses
on Beverley Street and in the Wharf. Celebrate the Summer
with crafts, giveaways, wagon rides, games and more!
For more information visit www.

Learn to Skateboard
If you have a youngster who is interested in learning the
basics of skateboarding then join us this summer at the
Action Skate Park in Gypsy Hill. This class is for ages 5-14
and participants will be split into two age groups. The
skate park will be closed off so that the participants can
ride freely and learn. Helmets required, elbow/knee pads
recommended - participants responsible for bringing their
own equipment. #5054 GHP Skate Park, 10am-12pm, four
Tuesdays beginning June 24. Price: $25. Register by: June


What is the (h)OUR Economy?
hOUR Economy is a local economy of friends — those we’ve met and those we haven’t yet. Instead of money, we exchange time. Our online timebank allows members to share their talents with others in the community, and thereby earn “hOURs” that are recorded in the online timebank. In exchange, they can use their hOURs to purchase gardening assistance, cooking classes, business services, wellness and medical care, pet sitting, bicycle repair, and many other local services. In hOUR Economy, everyone’s hOURs are treated equally, and everyone’s contribution is valued. In this section, in lieu of cash payment for the class, you would sign up as a timebank member here: and pay your instructor directly, in hOURs. This could be your starting point and introduction into the timebank process, and how it works. *Upon registering as a new participant of the timebank, you will receive a complimentary 3 hours to get you started. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll be recommending this system to all your friends. Come on, give it a shot. The h(OUR) Economy was initially catalyzed by the Staunton Creative Community Fund, a group of local volunteers have now taken the reigns. These classes are a collaboration between the h(OUR) Economy and Staunton Parks & Recreation. For class information, please call Claire at (540) 332-3945. For more information on the (h)OUR Economy and the timebank, please call the Staunton Creative Community Fund at (540) 241-0333.

Iodine and Robust Health
Iodine is usually associated with sterilizing wounds. But it plays an integral part in the functioning of every single cell of the body, especially the thyroid! If we don’t get enough, things fall apart...Come learn about why iodized salt is not enough, how a scientific scandal stole iodine away as a powerful medicine and how to supplement with iodine safely. Instructor: Anne Buzzelli of Buzz Nutrition. Staunton Public Library, 6pm-8pm on June 4. Price: FREE or 2 hOURS. Please let us know if you are paying in hOURS: (540)332-3945. Register by: May 30

Simple, Sustainable, Savings:
An Introduction to Using Solar Energy in Your Home or Business

What if you could choose energy that was greener, cleaner, reliable, more affordable, and American-made? Would you? Solar energy has gone through many iterations as it’s grown into a viable power source for everyday homes and small businesses, and this class will help shed light on how you can utilize it effectively today. We’ll cover how to evaluate on-grid and off-grid options, the difference between photovoltaic and thermal systems, calculating the over-time cost savings of switching to solar, options for financing a system, and common questions and concerns of homeowners thinking about solar. We’ll also include a creative overview of the many homemade-to-professionally installed options for capturing the sun’s energy, showing how simple it can be to introduce basic forms of solar energy into your home or business. Instructor: Jeff Nicholson of Sigora Solar. MHPC, 6pm-8:30pm on June 19. Price: 2.5 hOURS. Please let us know if you are paying in hOURS: (540)332-3945. Register by: June 10

Stress and the Brain
Stress is at the heart of every disorder. Just like rust, stress corrodes whatever container it’s in. Each person’s body responds differently to stress, whether it’s anxiety/depression, digestive problems, heart disease, autoimmunity, or weight gain. So let’s talk about how the brain reacts to stress and what we can do about it! When the brain is regulated, choices become less impulsive (especially food choices) and we can mesh with the world instead of busily react to it. Instructor: Anne Buzzelli of Buzz Nutrition, Staunton Public Library, 6pm-8pm on July 29. Price: FREE or 2 hOURS. Please let us know if you are paying in hOURS: (540)332-3945. Register by: July 25

Introduction to Permaculture Design:
A Garden-inspired Workshop

What if you could plant a garden that would feed your family, provide entertainment and engagement for your community, educate yourself and your children, and nourish the soil in a way that left the earth MORE productive and sustainable than when you started? This is the idea of permaculture, an ecological design theory that seeks to build agricultural and cultural systems that not only sustain, but create greater health and vibrancy. This two-evening workshop will focus on the theory of permaculture design the first night and on more specific garden applications the second evening. Whether you are a new gardener just beginning, or a green thumb seeking to reimagine your garden design, this workshop will be a fun, creative exploration of the possibilities of permaculture in the garden. Instructor: Meghan Williamson and Holly Parker. MHPA, 6pm-8:30pm on May 8 and May 15. Price: 2.5 hOURS. Please call to let us know you are coming:
(540)332-3945. Register by: April 29

Breath Café ~ An East/West Fusion of Mind, Body and Spirit Intuitive Breathwork
Explore gentle yet powerful ways to deepen relaxation, liberate your breathing mechanism and expand your capacity for taking in vital components of the breath such as oxygen and energy to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. From Breath Awareness to Intuitive Energy Breathing, Breath Cafe offers an enjoyable and enlightening experience. Instructor: Peace Arnold, MHPC, 6:30pm-8pm on August 7. Price: 1.5 hOURs, or $20. Please let us know if you are paying in hOURS: (540) 332-3945. Register by: August 1

You can do it! Create a Life You Love Through Collage
Tap into your subconscious and achieve your goals through collage art therapy. Using magazines we will explore goals you have for your life as well as issues of self-esteem, & self-acceptance. All materials provided. Students encouraged to bring snacks and magazines to share. Please bring $5 to class for supplies. Instructor: Joy Boardman of Planet Joy. MHPA, 6:30pm-8:30pm, four Thursdays starting June 5. Price: 2 hOURs per class, or $40. Please let us know if you are paying in hOURS: (540) 332-3945. Register by: May 28


Nelson Street Teen Center
Boys & Girls Club, (540) 213-6559

Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Until June 9
Mon-Thur: After School Open Gym 4pm-6pm
Mondays: Women’s open gym 6:30pm-8:30pm
Sundays: B Division Volleyball Open Gym 6:30pm-9:30pm
After June 9
Mondays: Women’s open gym 6:30pm-8:30pm
Sundays: B Division Volleyball Open Gym 6:30pm-9:30pm
Gym dates and times are subject to change when recreation leagues and school sports begin. Other times are subject to change by request and reservation. Gym Hours may be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Booker T. Washington

Yarn, Hook, Thimble Circle
Do you want to learn how to sew, knit, or crochet? Discover new techniques and materials or practice your craft in this laid back environment. Free, No Registration Required. 12:30pm-3pm, Tuesdays at BTWCC. For more information: (540) 332-3991

Mat Pack Wrestling
6:15pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays at BTWCC.
For information, call Coach Jessie West at (540) 849-9017

Rhythm and Blues from 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s
Join us for this monthly class where we listen to oldie records as well as discuss artists, record labels, and the history of Rhythm & Blues from early to mid-1900’s. Instructor: Al Leichter Free- No Registration Required. 5:30pm-6:30pm, 1st Tuesdays of the Month at BTWCC. For more information: (540) 332-3991








MHP- Montgomery Hall Park
Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room
Montgomery Hall Park Activity Room
Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center
Nelson Street Teen Center
Booker T. Washington Community Center

Would you like to teach a class or see a certain program offered?

Staunton Parks & Recreation is always looking for responsible new program instructors with innovative and creative ideas.

To submit a Program Proposal, go HERE.

For more information, or to discuss an idea, please contact Steve Taetzsch at or (540)332-3945

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