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Classes & Workshops

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The Staunton Recreation Administration Offices are located in Montgomery Hall Park.

Fall 2015 Classes and Programs



Therapeutic Qi Gong
Qigong exercises generally involve simple-looking
movements performed in repetitions, but are a powerful
means of building inner strength, mental calm, and
replenishing the body’s natural state of wellness. Master Helen Wu’s Therapeutic Qigong, devised in the 1950s, is based on ancient movements. The 24 postures help enhance posture, balance, strength and flexibility; all 24 will be taught during the fall season. No previous experience necessary. Flexible shoes and comfortable clothes recommended. Instructor: Karen Becker. GHPGC Mondays 1–2pm, 8 weeks this fall beginning September 21. Price: $60. Drop-in price: $12

Sun Style Taiji 10 Form
Recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, the Sun style
of Taiji (Tai Chi) is characterized by natural, upright,
and relaxed postures, easily flowing from one to another.
Evidence-based research bears out Taiji’s effectiveness in
dealing with hypertension, stress, balance and postural
issues, nervous system disorders, and Parkinson’s disease.
This short form is a good introduction to Taiji in general, and
Sun style in particular. No previous experience necessary.
Flexible shoes and comfortable clothes recommended. About
the instructor: Karen Becker has been practicing Taiji and
Qigong for 11 years, and teaching for three years. These
disciplines have helped her overcome many challenges, and
she enjoys helping others on their journey to better health.
GHPGC Mondays 2-3pm or Wednesdays 6-7pm, 12 weeks
this fall beginning September 21. Price: $80. Drop-in price:
$12. Four classes: $40.

Vinyasa Yoga
A flowing style yoga class, linking yoga poses together to bring balance and harmony as we move our bodies with our breath. This type of Yoga flow features cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength and relaxation. Leave with an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation. Multi-level class, please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat & water. Start any time! Instructor: Zoe Berg. MHPA 6–7pm, Mondays. Ongoing Class. Price: $40 per 8 weeks. Drop-in Price: $8

Hatha Flow Yoga
A fun mix of traditional & modern styles of Yoga, with
a variety of approaches to the postures and breath.
Focusing on peace of mind is emphasized, while
stretching and holding poses within your comfort
level. All levels are welcome. Wear comfortable
clothes, bring a yoga mat if possible; some props are
provided. Instructor: Tarenne Robertson. MHPA 6–7pm,
Wednesdays. Ongoing class, start any time! Price: $40
per 8 weeks. Drop-in price: $8

Morning Warm-ups with Jolene
This class is great for seniors with tired muscles and as
a follow-up for physical therapy. Bring hand weights,
exercise mats and resistant bands. Learn chair exercises,
healthy eating and diet tips. Men and women invited!
Jolene has been offering her classes with our department
for more than 25 years! Ages 50+. Instructor: Jolene
Dewey. GHPG 9–10am on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
Price: $32 per 12 classes. Ongoing class

Gypsy Hill Walking Club
This club is sponsored by Staunton Parks and Recreation
and Subway on North Augusta Street Get out and move!
Club meets Friday mornings at 9am in Gypsy Hill Park at the bandstand. Participants may walk and record their miles any time and at their convenience. No obligation to come Friday mornings, however it can be more fun to walk and burn calories with a friend. Using the honor system, walkers will record their laps on a formatted slip of paper that can be found at the green drop box located behind the Little Free Library just past the Lewis Creek Watershed information sign. One lap around Gypsy Hill Park equals 1.3 miles. Participants and miles will be updated weekly and can be viewed online. Midway through the year and at the end of the year we will hold a ceremony acknowledging participants’ milestones and accomplishments. For 2015, our sponsor, Subway on North Augusta Street, has provided us with weekly $10 gift cards to help us stay healthy and eat fresh! Club members who reach the predetermined weekly lap goal
are entered into the drawing for that week’s $10 gift card. All ages welcome. #5400 Price: $10 for annual club membership. Membership includes walking club shirt. If you would like to establish an evening/weekend “group walk” please email Steven Taetzsch at

Aikido is the gentle martial art of harmonious movement. Learn to redirect aggression through circular movements designed to destabilize an attacker or restrict an attacker’s movements in a way that protects the defender as well as the aggressor. Increase mental and physical flexibility through a series of partner exercises designed more than 80 years ago by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. His students brought the art to America and passed it on to many students in Aikido dojo (martial arts studios). Aikido will increase range of motion in the joints, improve hand-eye coordination, and increase wellbeing through breathing exercises. Instructor James Jacenich has studied the art for more than 30 years. Age: 7+. 6:30-7:30pm Thursdays and 8-9am Mondays. GHPGC Class option 1: Attend class one time per week. Price: $48/month. Class option 2: Attend class twice per week. Price: $58/month.

Are you tired of exercising and not seeing results? If
you need a change, Booty Barre may be just what you
need. With dedication to the practice and the workout,
one may see a more toned, strengthened, lengthened,
and balanced body. If you want to work your booty and
body in a new way, come to the barre to see what you
have been missing. Instructor: Sheree Kiser. Classes are
held at Be Well Fitness behind Terry Court. Ages 15+.
#5401, 6–7pm Wednesday evenings, and 9:30am
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Price: $60
for 6 punches. Please register with Staunton Parks and

bootybarre® Sculpt
Bootybarre Sculpt is bootybarre with an added touch
of fun! Resistance bands and cuffs are used throughout
the entire class to work your body in a new way. It’s
low impact but extremely effective in giving you a safe
but challenging workout. Ages 15+. #5402, 6-7pm
Wednesday evenings. Price: $60 for 6 punches. Please
register with Staunton Parks and Recreation.

Childcare and Youth

HEART: Healthy Environmental Afterschool Recreation Time
The HEART afterschool program is a latchkey program
that provides a home away from home to children of
working parents. Concerns about safety and being home
alone or under-supervised is a good reason to enroll your
child in this program. We have very little staff turnover
from year to year giving us confidence that your child’s
caregiver is both qualified and trustworthy. We have
known each member of our child care staff for at least five
years and they have extensive training and experience.
They understand that parents want their children to be
kept safe and feel acceptance and belonging. Most of our
staff are parents and grandparents themselves, which can
be very reassuring given staff maturity and experience
are the common denominators when establishing
security and trust in a caregiver relationship. The HEART
program has quite a tradition with its roots beginning
more than 30 years ago with the first pilot program at
McSwain Elementary School. We have since branched
out to each elementary school in Staunton and have
developed a credible and professional reputation. This
year we are continuing with our enrichment to enhance
what is already provided by the Staunton City Schools
bookmobile activities, contracted creation artist Sandra
Carter and our favorite animated storytellers Brenda
and Diana from the Staunton Public Library. Registration
is now being taken. Afternoon HEART is $126 per
month. Morning HEART is $27 per month, both together
are $140 per month. For any questions regarding the
HEART program, please contact Claire Richardson at or (540) 332-3945.

The Explorers Club
Parents, are you ready for new activities and adventures
with your little ones? Join us once a month as we explore
new places in and around Staunton, such as the hiking
trails at Montgomery Hall Park, and visiting the Staunton
Fire Station and local farms. Clues and information can
be found on our Staunton Parks and Recreation Facebook
page. Parent/guardian must remain present with children.
Ages 5 and under. Trips held in the morning on the third
Friday of the month. Price: $10 membership fee (includes
an Explorers Club t–shirt). There may be an additional fee
per trip estimated at $5, but most trips will not have an
extra cost. For more information, please call the Parks and
Recreation office at (540) 332–3945.

Toddler/Pre-K Open Gym
As the weather cools down and the snow begins to fall
we find ourselves cooped up in the house with not many
options for running and play. Join us on Wednesday
mornings at the Gypsy Hill Park Gymnasium. Balls, toys,
and games available for the little ones to play with as
well as plenty of open space for running and being
silly. Parent/ guardian must remain present with their
children. Ages 5 and under. GHPG, 9:30–11:30am,
Wednesdays starting in November through March. Price:
$3/child each visit. *Please note: this program will be
unavailable on the fourth Wednesday of every month

Toddler/Pre-K Art
Parents, bring your little ones over to Montgomery
Hall Park for fun simple art activities. This creative
atmosphere will include easy art projects and materials
for your little ones to draw, color, paint, glue, and
get messy. Parent/guardian must remain present with
children. Ages 5 and under. MHPA 10–11:30am.
Workshops held on 1st Thursday of the month beginning
September 3 through December 3. Price: $5/child each
visit. Please call for more information and to let us know
that you are coming, (540) 332-3945.

ADD/ADHD- Understanding the “weakest link”
For parents whose child has been labeled ADD or
ADHD, it seems like there are few options available to
help with this disorder other than ignoring the symptoms
or going straight to medication. So what is a parent
to do? Join us and better understand the “weakest
link” that prompts these labels, and learn the different
types of exercises that can be practiced at home to
improve attention skills. Class led by Studley Robson of
LearningRx Staunton. #5403 MHPC 7-8pm, September
22. Price: $8. Register by: ASAP

3D Plaster Sculptures
Don’t miss the chance to create molds of your hands,
feet, toys, or ordinary objects! Kids will experiment
using plaster of paris and bandages to make casts to be
decorated with acrylic paints, raffia, jewels, & stones.
Supplies included. This class will focus on understanding
how texture/technique greatly affects artistic
appearances. Ages 6-12. Instructor: Cherice Davis of Drawn Together Fine Arts enrichment. #5404 MHPA 2-3:30pm, two Saturdays October 24 and 31. Price: $18.50. Register by: October 9

Holiday Abstract Printmaking
Learn all about unique printing possibilities through
mono-printing, designing stamp blocks, & self-portrait
relief prints! Kids will utilize brayers & non-toxic waterbased
screen printing ink. Ages 6-12. Instructor: Cherice
Davis of Drawn Together Fine Arts enrichment. #5405
MHPA 12-1:30pm, December 19. Price: $10. Register
by: December 7

Multicultural Art World
Kids will become familiar with the functional purposes
and intriguing art styles from around the globe & create
their own pieces worthy of framing! Art from varied time
periods alongside the visual elements of line, space,
shape, and form are the focus of this class. Come explore
with us; no passports needed! Ages 5-12. Instructor:
Cherice Davis of Drawn Together Fine Arts enrichment.
#5406 MHPA 12-1:30pm, two Saturdays October 24
and 31. Price: $18.50. Register by: October 9

Mixed Media Canvas Art
You will have fun exploring the world of visual arts
by coloring your imagination! Each week we draw,
gesso, paint, and decoupage on canvas with a focus
on expressed emotions and creative literature. Pick a
character from your favorite book and let’s get started!
Meet new fine-art friends & nurture your developing art
skills today. At each session end we celebrate with a
party and art t-shirts. Ages 5-12. Instructor: Cherice Davis
of Drawn Together Fine Arts enrichment. #5407 MHPA
2-3:30pm, three Saturdays beginning November 14.
Price: $27. Register by: November 2

Creative Café
Edible Art? Yes please! Come on… show off your “sweet”
skills in this fun food decoration class! Learn techniques to
paint on cookie squares utilizing fondant, food coloring
gels, edible glitter & royal icing. Make a neat treat that is
worth wrapping & gifting. Use your great imagination for
2 hours of decorative fun! Ages 7-12. Instructor: Cherice
Davis of Drawn Together Fine Arts enrichment. #5408
GHPGC 2-4pm December 12. Price: $18.50. Register
by: December 1


Business Plan Basics
Putting together a solid business plan is one of the best things you can do to ensure a strong foundation and lasting success for your start-up or existing business. As part of this class you will walk through all of the elements that should be included in a strong business plan, including your business concept, a description of your products and services, management structure, marketing plan, financial projections, and more!!! Instructor: Staunton Creative Community Fund. #5409 MHPC 6–7:30pm, November 9. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945

Getting Your Business Funded
We will cover not only traditional business loans, but other exciting funding options, including Virginia Individual Development Accounts, which offer a matched-savings
program for up to $6,000; crowdfunding, via platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, which allows you to raise money online from friends, families, and the community at large, and more!! Instructor: Staunton Creative Community Fund.
Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945

#5410 MHPC 6-7:30pm, September 14

#5411 MHPC 6-7:30pm, December 7

Starting a Small Business
If you had to pitch your business idea in 30 seconds to win over an important customer, could you do it? If you went to apply for your business license, would they tell you to go back a few steps first? Are you ready to turn your awesome
idea into a successful business? This class will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do all of this and more… and have some fun in the process! Instructor: Staunton Creative Community Fund. #5412 MHPC 6–7:30pm, October
12. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945

First Time Homebuyers
Join us for an hour long seminar providing tips and insight into navigating the home buying process. This class is designed for those who have never bought a home or have not purchased in quite some time. Alan Stamp an experienced local realtor, Michelle Fix, local mortgage consultant, and Renee Fulks, titling /settlement agent, will educate participants on how to find the right home and prepare for the purchase. Knowing what to expect and what the terms, fees, and costs mean allow buyers to feel confident when they begin this process. #5413 MHPC 7-8pm,
October 5. Price: Free, but please let us know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.


AMI Urban Farm
The AMI Urban Farm is located on the campus of Virginia
School for the Deaf and the Blind in downtown Staunton.
Our mission is to connect people to the joys and benefits
of gardening. We provide fresh produce to local school
cafeterias and teach students about food production,
nutrition, and health. We also host free public workshops
and events at our farm throughout the growing season.
Please join us for our weekly ‘Community Work Days’
every Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm continuing through the
end of September. This is a fun, hands-on opportunity to
learn gardening skills and help our farm grow. Work days
are open to the public and all ages are welcome. For
more information, including directions to the farm, visit our
website at or follow
us on Facebook. The AMI Urban Farm address is 100
Old New Hope Rd. Staunton, VA. For directions, you can
find us on Google maps.

Staunton by Bike
Confident City Cycling is led by League of American
Bicyclists certified instructors and gives cyclists the
confidence they need to ride safely and legally in traffic
and on the trail. This course covers bicycle safety checks,
fixing a flat, on-bike skills and crash avoidance techniques
(optional student manual). Ages 14+. Students ages
14-17 must be accompanied by an adult who is taking
the course. Students of all skill levels are welcome and
will find the course beneficial. A bicycle in good working
order and a bicycle helmet are required. Students who
successfully complete the course will receive a League
Traffic Skills 101 certificate of completion. Large parking
lot next to Lake Tams and the gymnasium in Gypsy Hill
Park. Price: $15.
Please choose from the following class dates:
#5414 Friday, September 25, 1-5pm
#5415 Saturday, October 10, 9am-1pm
#5416 Saturday, October 17, 9am-1pm
#5417 Sunday, October 25, 1-5pm

Connecting to Nature through Journaling
Today’s nature journaling has its roots in the descriptive
writing and data collection of the early explorers and
naturalists such as Lewis and Clark, Henry David
Thoreau, John James Audubon and John Muir. A
nature journal can be satisfying, powerful, rewarding,
plus it will create a record for the future. Learn how
to document your observations and experiences in
the natural world by using easy and enjoyable nature
journaling techniques which will be demonstrated and
applied during this workshop. All ages, any children
under 18 needs to be accompanied by parent. Instructor:
Betty Gatewood. #5418 MHPA 9:30am – 3:30pm,
October 10. Price: $55. Register by: October 1

The symbiotic relationship between pollinating insects
and flowers is an amazingly complex evolutionary
adaptation. Working with honeybees is a fascinating
experience that will enlighten your perception of bees,
flowers, the weather, and the environment in which
you live. Join us for information packed sessions
about the honeybee and how to start keeping bees
sustainably. Leave this class with a basic understanding
of beekeeping and enough to know how to begin
keeping bees successfully with a minimum of expense.
Topics will include: apiary site selection, hive types, hive
construction, honeybee biology, physiology, behavior;
disease identification, prevention and treatment;
queen rearing, swarms, hive extraction from buildings,
beeswax and honey collection, and more. All registered
students will receive a free 98 page “Beekeeping Basics”
booklet published by the Pennsylvania State College of
Agricultural Sciences Department and a free one year
membership to the Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers
Association (SVBA), both compliments of the SVBA.
Instructor: Bill Theiss. #5419 MHPA 6:30–8:30pm, two
consecutive Tuesdays and Thursdays September 15, 17,
22, and 24. Price: $39. Register by: ASAP

Potomac Appalachian Trail Club- Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter
The SSVC is a chapter of PATC based in the Southern
Shenandoah Valley. Many of their members are from
Harrisonburg, Staunton, Waynesboro areas and
the surrounding counties in Virginia. Club members
hike every 2-3 weeks on weekends in the George
Washington National Forest or the southern and central
districts of the Shenandoah National Park. Anyone is
welcome to join them for a hike or work trip. The chapter
maintains a 5-mile section of the Appalachian Trail in
the southern section of Shenandoah National Park. If
interested in learning more and joining please contact
Malcolm Cameron at or
at (540) 234-6273.
Saturday, October 17, 2015. Join the PATC’s Southern
Shenandoah Valley Chapter for an easy 6 mile hike
along the crest of Shenandoah Mountain in the George
Washington National Forest. The Shenandoah Mountain
Trail offers excellent views and gets you into the
Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness. Bring sturdy hiking shoes, a
raincoat, lunch, plenty of water and any first aid items
you may need. We will carpool to the trailhead. You
may either ride over with parks and recreation in one of
our rec vans or drive yourself and meet at Churchville
Tastee Freeze at 9am. Those who wish to ride out with
Parks and Rec, we will depart at 8:30am from the large
parking lot in Gypsy Hill Park next to the gymnasium.
Please call the recreation office at (540) 332-3945 to
reserve a space on the van.

Home of the Braves
These collegiate souls come together from all over to
swing their way through the summertime. An atmosphere
of bright lights, cheers, peanuts, and popcorn. It’s
baseball at the home of the braves.
Coordinates: N 38° 09.444 W 079° 05.119

Self Development

Learn American Sign Language
This course teaches the basic communication skills in American Sign Language. Included in this course are many hands-on activities and games, discussions, vocabulary development, and conversational skills. Any individual who has had basic, intermediate or no experience at all may benefit from this course. This is a fun opportunity to learn a new language in a stress free environment outside of a classroom! A special ceremony will be provided at the end of the 8 weeks. Instructor: Amy Tussing. #5420 MHPC 6 7:30pm, eight Thursdays beginning October 1. Price: $79. Register by: September 25

Introduction to Self Defense
Personal Defense Readiness is based on the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™, which is the first genetically, and behaviorally inspired self-defense course. It is the only self-defense method that fully integrates the body’s reflexive responses and instinctive survival mechanisms making S.P.E.A.R. the easiest, most natural way to protect yourself. This seminar will challenge and enlighten everyone who attends. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer & Personal Defense Readiness Instructor, Caitlin Jahnke, will teach you to translate the body’s natural
fear reaction into a useful tool against your opponent. Age: 18+ #5421 MHPA 7-8:30pm, six Tuesdays beginning September 29. Price: $85. Register by: ASAP

Now Why Did I Walk Into this Room?
Have you lost your car keys lately? Or forgotten
the name of your daughter’s soccer coach again?
Memory is just one of the cognitive skills that can be
strengthened and enhanced with the right type of
mental exercises. Learn exercises that can be performed
at home to improve memory and better understand
how improving memory NOW can prevent potential
problems as we age. Class led by Studley Robson of
LearningRx. #5422 MHPC 6-7pm, October 6. Price:
$5. Register by: September 28

Stress Reduction and Learning Enhancement
Many of us struggle today with increased stress
and mental fatigue. Simple easy-to-learn intentional
movements can quickly decrease your stress levels
and allow you to perform at your best within minutes
of their use. These movements will support natural
development. They are used for stress reduction and
learning enhancement. You will experience the power
of these movements for yourself during the session.
They can be used to quickly calm and center yourself,
improve memory and focus, learn easier, enable you to
think more clearly, communicate more effectively and
organize yourself better. Sound too easy? Come see for
yourself! Instructor: Don E. Wetsel, MA, Lac, BCTMB.
#5423 MHPC 7:00–8:30pm, September 15. Price:
Free, but please call the recreation office to let us know
you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
Have you been dragging that ball and chain around
for too long? Are you suffering from symptoms such as
these: lack of energy, foggy thinking, not enjoying life,
stress, mood swings, digestive concerns, weight gain
or loss, depression, chronic pain, or many others? It is
possible to live a life of energy, vitality and vigor. Learn
about some of the hidden causes of these symptoms
and discover natural ways to restore, maintain and
enhance your health while reducing stress. Instructor:
Don E. Wetsel, MA, LAc, BCTMB. #5424 Staunton
Library 2nd floor meeting room 7-9pm, October 29.
Price: Free, but please call the recreation office to let us
know you are coming: (540) 332-3945.

Ducks in a Row
The best gift you can leave your loved ones is an organized estate at your journey’s end. Learn how to address important matters that can save you and your family lots of time, money, and extra work. Prior planning can also save family from discord and disagreements. This course includes options for preparing a will, organizing family memorabilia, burial/cremation preferences, distribution of belongings, financial planning, and much more! Price includes book, planner, and instruction. Instructor: Mary Ann Stripling. #5425 MHPC 6:30–8:30pm, Three Wednesdays beginning November 4. Price: $50. Register by: October 23.

Storytelling Workshop: From Read-Alouds to Porchside Yarns
Have you ever wished you could be that person who
tells a great story? Storytelling is among the oldest and
most powerful of human art forms, capable of moving,
inspiring, and motivating us. Now’s your chance to
hone your performance skills through a play-based,
improvisatory workshop. We will delve into the “how”
and “why” of storytelling, in addition to the “what.”
Discover how to play with language, tailor your story
to various settings and audiences, and make full use of
your voice. Learn to make the most of an author’s story
through elevated read-alouds. Topics covered will include
storytelling for children, the relationship between oral and
print stories, and genres of storytelling. Instructor: Diana
Black. #5426 MHPA 7-9pm, four Thursdays beginning
October 29. Price: $37. Register by: October 16

Introduction to Improvisational Theater
How would you like a creative outlet that exercises your brain, develops confidence, and is a lot of fun? Introduction to Improvisational Theater will allow you to learn the basics of improv, such as scene building and becoming a character, all while developing valuable communication skills. Age: 18+. Instructors: Bethany and Ryan Popelish. #5427 MHPA 5:30 – 7pm, six Tuesdays beginning October 13. Price: $39. Register by: October 2


Beginner Stained Glass
Learn the beautiful art of stained glass! In these workshops
you will discover the basics of stained glass construction: pattern designs, glass cutting, fitting, copper foiling, soldering techniques & finishing details. Tools provided by instructor. Instructor: Lisa Morrison of L&L Custom Picture framing and Stained Glass Supply. #5428, class held at L&L Stained Glass Supply at 1728 West Beverley Street, 6–8pm, four Thursdays beginning October 8. Price: $89 (includes class materials & instruction). Register by: September 28

Interior Design: Where to Begin?
“An interior is the natural projection of the soul” -Coco
Chanel. Where do we begin when trying to create a
perfect living environment for ourselves and our families?
This introduction to interior design will help you get over
that hurdle of “where to begin?” Learn interior design
basics and start planning for your home. Bring photos
and together we will work on resolving and overcoming
any of your design fears from paint selection to starting
a large design project. Instructor: Kathy Thomas,
Thomas Design. #5429 MHPA 10-11am, October 3.
Price: $29. Register by: September 25

Introduction to Traditional Scrapbooking
Scrapbooking is the perfect hobby for those who enjoy
creative crafting while taking a trip down memory
lane. Join us and get started in scrapbooking and
preserve those special moments. Jessica Sawyers, a
proud scrapping mom, will teach you the ins and outs
of this hobby as well as cropping pictures, choosing
a color palette and how to lay out your page. If you
cherish life’s moments and want to remember them
forever and pass those memories along to family and
friends then this class is for you. A what to bring list is
available upon registration, please call the recreation
office for more information at 332-3945. #5430
MHPA 6-8pm, three Thursdays beginning October
1. Price: $55. Register by: September 25

Mosaic Address Plaque
Make your own mosaic address plaque. The base
will be ceramic so it can be displayed outside. Learn a little of the history of mosaics and embark on making your own useful masterpiece out of little squares of color. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox Cville. Ages: Youth and adults. #5431 GHPGC 4-5pm, November 12. Price: $44. Register by: November 4

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments
Get your trees ready for the holidays by creating new ceramic ornaments. These make great gifts to others and to yourself as they are one of a kind and made by you. Experience the fun of layering color on a round surface with not only solid colored glazes but specialty and raised glazes. Includes two round ornaments and metal caps or three flat ornaments. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox Cville. Ages: Adults. #5432 GHPGC 5-7pm, December 16. Price: $29. Register by: December 9

Pillowcase Batik
Come learn the art of batik by creating a beautiful decorative throw pillow. You will learn the traditional and ancient art of batik, or wax resist and dye. In this multi-part class, you will see your white squares develop into colorful works of art. The bonus is this does not take fancy tools and is completely repeatable at home. Please bring an 18”x18” pillow to the last class. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox Cville. Ages: Adults. #5433 MHPA 6-8pm, four Tuesdays beginning November 24. Price: $84. Register by: November 13

Mommy/Daddy and Me Handprint Plates
Come create lasting memories with your little one and enjoy creating art at the same time. Join us in making different themed ceramic dinner plates using your child’s hands and/or feet. Not only do you get to paint but flip the plate over and let the kiddos decorate the back. Everything is non-toxic and washable. Ages: Parent and child. MHPA 10-11am or 4-5pm, please indicate which time slot you would like when registering. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox. Price: $34
#5434 Fall Trees, September 22. Register by: September 14
#5435 Pumpkin Patch or Itsy Bitsy Spider, October 6. Register by: September 28
#5436 Thanksgiving Turkey, November 17. Register by: November 9
#5437 Mistletoes, Christmas Trees or Hanukkah (Menorah), December 8. Register by: December 1

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees
Do you remember seeing your Grandmother’s Ceramic Tree displayed every year? Now you have a chance to make your very own to pass down through your family. Make it funky or keep it traditional. We even have the fake snow glaze! The tree comes with the base, lights, and power cord. Instructor: Rebecca Razul of The Crafty Fox Cville. Ages: Adults. #5438 MHPA 3-5pm, December 9. Price: $84. Register by: November 30

Paint w/Diane “For the Birds”
Join Diane for a fun day of learning how to paint “For The Birds,” a Brenda Harris design. Two birdhouses surrounded by beautiful flowering shrubs in a garden on an 11 x 14 canvas using water based oils. For beginners or the fun at heart. All supplies included. Instructor: Diane Ricketson of Paint 4fun. Age: Adults. #5439 GHPGC 9:30am–3:30pm (bring lunch and drink), November 21. Price $54. Register by: November 9

Paint w/Diane “Winter Cover”
Join Diane for a fun day of learning how to paint “Winter Cover,” a design by Dorothy Dent. Create this beautiful snow covered farmland with a frozen pond and distant barns on an 11 x 14 canvas using water based oils. This painting class is for beginners or the fun at heart. All supplies included. Instructor: Diane Ricketson of Paint 4fun. Age: Adults. #5440 MHPA 9:30am–3:30pm (bring lunch and drink), December 5th. Price $54. Register by: November 23

Kitchen Kickstart

Chef Camille
Throwing a Dinner Party 101 – Unlocking Your Inner June Cleaver

If you’d love to have friends and family over for dinner,
but feel overwhelmed by the idea of cooking and
entertaining, this class is for you!! This course will
highlight etiquette, menu planning, production schedule,
cooking, and tablescapes. Learn the secrets to effortless
entertaining by an experienced event planner and chef.
#5441 MHPK 6-8pm, October 22. Price: $35 Register
by: October 9

Homemade Pasta Making from Scratch
Make fresh pasta from scratch! We will make several
different varieties using ingredients readily available
like flour and eggs. Let us show you how to make
a wonderful meal from Linguine to Ravioli. A pasta
machine will be on hand for demonstration. If you have
your own pasta machine and aren’t quite sure how
to use it then bring it to class and learn more about it.
Fresh pasta can’t be beat. Instructor: Sharon Munyak
of Hobby Hill Farm. Ages: Adult. #5442 GHPGC
10:30am-12:30pm, October 3. Price: $27. Register by:
September 25

Artisan Bread Making
Artisan Bread making at home has never been easier.
Discover the secrets of our trade to making preservative
free bread for pennies. Instructor: Sharon Munyak of
Hobby Hill Farm. Ages: Adult. #5443 GHPGC 1-3pm,
October 3. Price: $28. Bring additional $10 for food
supplies/ingredients to class. Register by: September 25

Mozzarella and Ricotta in 30 minutes or less
Learn to make your own fresh mozzarella and ricotta
cheeses in a flash with this fun and interactive class!
You will also learn how to incorporate fresh herbs and
breads to your table. Enjoy the benefit of being able to
make cheese free from preservatives. Be sure to wear
old clothing and/or an apron since things can get
messy. Please indicate upon registration if you have
food allergies. Please bring your own fresh herbs and a
container to take food home in. Ages: 14+. Instructor:
Sharon Munyak of Hobby Hill Farm. #5444 MHPK
10:30am -12:30pm, December 12. Price: $29. Register
by: December 1

Soft Cheeses- Intermediate Class
This class is a follow-up to the Mozzarella and Ricotta
cheese class. Make cream cheese, sour cream, your
own cultured buttermilk and yogurt at home. Care for
direct set cultures and learn how to manufacture mother
cultures. Dairy cow products and cultures will be used,
however, no preservatives which is better for you. Be
sure to wear old clothing and/or an apron since things
can get messy. Please bring your own fresh herbs and
a container to take food home in. Instructor: Sharon
Munyak of Hobby Hill Farm. Ages: Adult. #5445
MHPK 1-3pm, December 12. Price: $37. Register by:
December 1

The Doghouse

Savvy Sniffers Scent Detection School
The nose knows! Michelle Carter of Leader of the Pack
Dog Training will help develop your dog’s natural
scenting abilities through fun and games. By practicing
basic search dog skills, the class builds confidence,
burns off physical and mental energy, and enhances the
bond between owner and dog. No obedience required!
Learn at your own pace. Age 18+. #5446 2-3pm, five
Sundays beginning October 4. Price: $114. Register by:
September 30

“Awesome Dog” Canine Good Citizen School
Advance your dog’s training skills and learn how to use
them around the high level distractions of real life. This
course practices known obedience & attention behaviors
around distractions without the use of treats and other
training aids, with the goal of earning the Canine
Good Citizen title for your dog. This course requires
you to have already been through Dog Obedience and
Manners with your dog. Training location provided upon
registration. Instructor: Michelle Carter of Leader of the
Pack Training. #5447 2-3pm, six Sundays beginning
November 8. Price: $125. Register by: October 30

Good Dog Manners School
Your dog CAN be a good dog! Training makes dogs
happy, and will prevent or solve most every behavior
problem. You’ll learn to solve problems such as jumping,
pulling on leash, housetraining, destructive chewing,
etc... Let’s improve your dog’s communication skills
using obedience commands for loose leash walking, sit,
stay, down, come, leave it, drop it, and more. Training
location provided upon registration. Instructor: Michelle
Carter of Leader of the Pack Dog Training. All ages, all
breeds. Price: $125/6 class session
Please choose from one of the following class dates:
#5448 6:30-7:30pm, six Mondays beginning
September 21. Register by: ASAP
#5449 6:30-7:30pm, six Thursdays beginning October 1
Register by: September 25
#5450 6:30-7:30pm, six Mondays beginning
November 9. Register by: November 1

Music and Dance

Ticknor’s English Country Dance
Learn dances from the 17th & 18th centuries. All
experience levels are welcome to attend! Wear
low heel shoes. For details, call coordinator Becky
McGovern at 886-9729. GHPGC 7:30–9pm, 2nd/4th
Fridays. Price: $2 per class

Line Dance with Sharon “Bimbi Line Dancers”
“Alice Bimbi started this group 23 years ago. It is
important to keep moving and staying active. Most
of us love to dance but hate to exercise.” – Sharon
Sturdivent. Partners are not needed to join this informal,
social and friendly dance group for adults 55 and
wiser! Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent, Mondays
11am–12pm, GHPGC. Price: $10 per brochure

Advanced Line Dance with Sharon
Take those next steps! Class geared for those 45
and wiser! Some line dance experience necessary.
Coordinator: Sharon Sturdivent, Thursdays 11am–
12pm, GHPGC. Price: $10 per brochure

“Closet Pickers” Open Bluegrass Jam for Beginner
and Intermediate Players
Have you ever wanted to play bluegrass with other
people? Tired of practicing alone? Looking to meet
other musicians to play with? This class will focus on
learning to play music as part of a group, with an
emphasis on the music of the Appalachia’s and “Jam
Etiquette”. Learn the most commonly played Bluegrass
songs, history of the Bluegrass and Appalachian
musical tradition, and learn about some of the “Masters
of Bluegrass”- Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, and Doc
Watson. Participants should be able to play a few
chords and provide their own instrument. Songbooks
and written material will be provided. Emphasis will be
placed on group playing, with the instructor providing
as much individual attention to each student concerning
technique, tips, and tuning as time will allow. All
acoustic instruments are encouraged. Talk and play
with working bluegrass musicians from local Bluegrass
band “Hound Dog Hill” and other professional players
from the area. Instructor: Cutch Tuttle. #5451 GHPGC
1:30–3pm, four Sundays starting November 1.
Price: $75. Register by: October 23

Intro to Scottish Country Dance
Please join the dance! Scottish Country dancing, that
is. Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals
of the social dancing of Scotland. It’s the most fun
you can have on 2 feet! No partner or previous
dance experience necessary. Soft-soled, flexible shoes
recommended. Instructor: Karen Becker. Age 14+.
#5452 GHPGC, 7:00pm-9:00pm, 10 Mondays starting
September 28. Price: $25/person or $40/couple.

Beginner Clogging Lessons for Youth and Adults
Clogging is for the young and young at heart. In this
class you will learn the basics of clogging, a high
energy form of dance similar to tap, Irish and Canadian
Step Dancing. You will learn to dance to traditional
music as well as pop music. Whether you are doing
this for fun, exercise, or to eventually perform. This is
where it all begins. Clogging has been known to help
lower blood pressure, increase flexibility, increase lung
capacity as well as to help lose weight. For ages 7+
Instructor: Lisa Johnson. #5453 GHPGC, 5pm-5:45pm,
six Wednesdays starting October 7.
Price: $36. Register by: ASAP.

Ceilidh Dance
Because we had so much fun with the ceilidh (kay-lee)
dance this summer we decide we must host another
one! Come enjoy modern social dances of Scotland
that are easy to learn. If you can walk, skip, hop - you
can do this. Dances are in a large circle, in couples,
and in sets (groups of 4, 6, 8 people). There will be an
introduction and walk through of every dance. Ages
10 and up are welcome. #5454 GHPGC 2-5pm,
October 11. Price: $5/person.

Tec Rec

eBay- How to Become a Top Seller
Introductory course on how to sell effectively on eBay.
Learn how buying and selling have changed over the
past decade and how to protect your buyer/seller
account from scammers and negative feedback. This
class will provide tips on reaching top seller status,
maximizing profits, how to utilize smart phone buyers,
and taking good digital photos of your products.
Make extra income from home and at your own pace.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops
or smartphones to class. Instructor: Allen Ortiz. Ages:
18+. MHPC 6:30-8:30pm. Price: $18.50.
Please choose from the following class dates:
#5455 Mondays September 21 and 28. Register by:
#5456 Mondays October 19 and 26. Register by:
October 9
#5457 Mondays December 14 and 21. Register by:
December 4

iPhone Tutorial
Learn everything you need to know about your iPhone
including how to add and use applications, iTunes,
Siri, texting, FaceTime, photos, photo albums, filters,
reminders, internet and more! No matter what model
iPhone you own, we can teach you how to better use
your device to help benefit your life! #5458 MHPA
10am-12pm, September 21. Price: $55. Register by:
September 16

Android Tutorial
Have an android phone and want to learn how to
better utilize everything your phone has to offer? This
class teaches you everything you need to know about
your Android phone and how to use all of the features
offered on your device. Learn everything about the
camera, photo options, texting, applications, calendar,
reminders, video calling, voice-based features, email,
web browsing and more! #5459 MHPA 10am-12pm,
September 25. Price: $55. Register by: September 18

Online Banking
Banks are now making checking and savings accounts
available online with transactions being recorded
simultaneously with purchases and account activity. We
teach you how to utilize banking information online
through your current bank or financial institution by
checking balances, tracking expenses, viewing deposits,
paying bills online and finding important contact
information. #5460 MHPA 10am-12pm, September 28.
Price: $55. Register by: September 23

iPad Tutorial
Apple products are very popular and have many
benefits. We teach how to use the iPad camera,
applications, internet/Safari and FaceTime features to
fully maximize the potential of your iPad. Organize
your settings, contacts and reminders in our basic class
and become an iPad pro! #5461 MHPA 10am-12pm,
October 2. Price: $55. Register by: September 25

Photo Sharing and Email
Sharing digital photos of precious memories through
email is a wonderful way to show loved ones, near or
far, the moments of life. We help you transfer photos
from a camera or other device to a computer then attach
them to a personalized email. Internet and email can be
intimidating - we teach you the safe and easy way to set
up an account and start sharing your photos! #5462
MHPA 10am-12pm, October 5. Price: $55. Register by:
September 30

Facebook Class
A great and easy way to learn how to keep in contact
with family, friends and loved ones. Learn how to
share photos, write messages and use all the features
Facebook has to offer. Facebook is by far the most
popular social media in today’s world and we safely
teach all the ways this networking site can benefit you!
#5463 MHPA 10am-12pm, October 9. Price: $55.
Register by: October 2

Instagram Class
Learn everything about this social media application
and why Instagram is becoming so popular with
teenagers and young adults. We teach everything about
Instagram and how this picture based application can
be an amazing way to view pictures of family, friends
and loved ones all on your cell phone. Follow and
view pictures of your favorite celebrities and create an
account of your own to start safely sharing your life
with the people you love! #5464 MHPA 10am-12pm,
October 12. Price: $55. Register by: October 7

Snapchat Class
This social application is by far one of the fastest
growing and allows users to share pictures and videos
for a certain period of time. Learn all features of
Snapchat and how to keep safe while sharing on this
fun application. Find out why kids and teenagers are
using Snapchat and how to help them have a more
positive experience while using this cell phone based
app. #5465 MHPA 10am-12pm, October 16. Price:
$55. Register by: October 9

Microsoft Office Class
Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are great tools
to stay organized and keep your professional and
personal lives coordinated. We teach all the features
of the programs and can help formulate shortcuts and
access benefits that will enable you to be a Microsoft
Office pro! These programs are the most popular among
businesses and schools and we can help you learn all
you need to know! #5466 MHPA 10am-12pm, October
19. Price: $55. Register by: October 14

This class teaches everything about Craigslist, including
how to use and better use the features of classified
advertisements, posting and finding jobs, housing,
personals, for sale, items wanted, services, community,
gigs, resumes and discussion forums. Learn how to buy,
sell, contact and use Craigslist to benefit your life today!
#5467 MHPA 10am-12pm, October 23. Price: $55.
Register by: October 16

This class teaches you how to make and receive
payments online as this electronic website is a safe
alternative to paper methods like money or checks.
PayPal offers its users a fast and hassle free method of
making and receiving electronic funds online - learn how
your favorite online shopping websites utilize PayPal
and how to receive money more quickly from people
who owe you. #5468 MHPA 10am-12pm, October 26.
Price: $55. Register by: October 21

This class teaches everything about the world’s largest
online shopping platform and how you can search for and
buy almost anything you desire. The Kindle store allows you
to buy and rent books on your favorite electronic devices and Amazon offers exclusive shipping discounts that can have your favorite products to your door as fast as the next day. Learn why Amazon has the best consumer reviews of any business and how this online retailer can start benefiting your life! #5469 MHPA 10am-12pm, October 30. Price: $55. Register by: October 23

Pinterest Tutorial
Curious about Pinterest and want to learn more about
this photo and information sharing website? This class
teaches you how to create an account and start ‘pinning’
your favorite things to learn and share recipes, fashion,
arts and crafts, health, fitness and anything you can think
of! Find your most creative favorites and learn how this
website can teach you how to bring all your passions
into your everyday life! #5470 MHPA 10am-12pm,
November 2. Price: $55. Register by: October 28

Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime
The future of television and entertainment is moving
away from basic cable and towards these subscription based
networks. Find out how to set up and account and start viewing your favorite TV shows and movies your family and friends keep raving about! #5471 MHPA 10am-12pm, November 6. Price: $55. Register by: October 30



Nelson Street Teen Center
Boys & Girls Club, (540) 213-6559

Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Monday: Women’s Open Gym 6:30-8:30pm
Wednesday: Men’s 30+ Open Gym Basketball 7-9pm
Monday through Thursday: After School Open Gym TBA
Friday & Saturday: When posted or available
Sunday: B-Division Volleyball Open Gym (18+) 6:30-9:30pm
Dates and times are subject to change when recreation leagues and school sports begin. Other times are subject to change by request and reservation. Gym hours may also be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Booker T. Washington

Yarn, Hook, Thimble Circle
Do you want to learn how to sew, knit, or crochet? Discover new techniques and materials or practice your craft in this laid back environment. Free, No Registration Required. 12:30pm-3pm, Tuesdays at BTWCC. For more information: (540) 332-3991

Panther Wrestling
6:15pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays at BTWCC.
For information, call Coach Jessie West at (540) 849-9017

Rhythm and Blues from 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s
Join us for this monthly class where we listen to oldie records as well as discuss artists, record labels, and the history of Rhythm & Blues from early to mid-1900’s. Instructor: Al Leichter Free- No Registration Required. 5:30pm-6:30pm, 1st Tuesdays of the Month at BTWCC. For more information: (540) 332-3945

The Big Squeeze
Did you know that 1 out of every 3 adults have high blood pressure? High blood pressure can permanently damage your heart and can lead to heart attacks and heart failure. Come have your blood pressure checked! Free blood pressure screenings and health education. 6–7pm. 1st Tuesday of the month in February, April, June, August, and October in 2015. This program is in partnership with Augusta Health.

Montgomery Hall

Party Bridge Club
For experienced bridge players who are interested in
socialization as well as brushing up on their game. Party
on! Not an instructional club. MHPC, 1-4pm on Thursdays.
Price: $10 per brochure.






MHP- Montgomery Hall Park
Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room
Montgomery Hall Park Activity Room
Gypsy Hill Park Gym
Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center
Nelson Street Teen Center
Booker T. Washington Community Center

Would you like to teach a class or see a certain program offered?

Staunton Parks & Recreation is always looking for responsible new program instructors with innovative and creative ideas.

To submit a Program Proposal, go HERE.

For more information, or to discuss an idea, please contact Steve Taetzsch at or (540)332-3945

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