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Service Programs

Adult Services - This program provides services to maximize self-sufficiency, prevent abuse, neglect, exploitation, inappropriate institutionalization, and assist with appropriate placements when needed.

Adult Protective Services - Investigates complaints of abuse and the provision of services for adults who are abused, neglected, or exploited.

Child Protective and Prevention Services - Investigates complaints and provides services to abused or neglected children and their families.

Child Care Services - These services assist families who are either working and/or are attending school and whose children have child care needs.

Employment Services Program - Aids in employment, education and training, childcare, transportation, and other supportive services to low income working families and families receiving public assistance. The Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW) is a grant program designed to encourage self-sufficiency through employment.

Foster Care and Adoption - Services are provided on behalf of children in the custody of Staunton-Augusta DSS. Assistance is provided for families who adopt children. This program also performs court-ordered custody investigations. Visit for Resource information on "Foster, Adoptive or Kinship Family".

Volunteer Payee Services - Coordinated volunteer services providing financial management to mentally or physically disabled and/or elderly individuals.


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